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Wk 63 Weigh In - Tired but Good

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another week is in the books and boy am I tired! I logged 305 fitness minutes this week, which for me is a lot considering I am usually at 165 minutes. I only log time I actually spend exercising, I don't log all of the little things (yard work, shopping, etc.). So this week has seen me spending more time sweating in the gym. I wonder if my last blog, about wasted time, had anything to do with that??

Anyway, I sweated a lot this week and I ate pretty decently but all week the weight was just sticking to me, I hate when that happens! But sometimes it does happen and all you can do is to keep up the work knowing that IT IS WORKING. It might not show this week or next week, but in the long run, all of this hard work is doing it's job on the inside. Just have to keep going even when it seems like there is no payoff. As the 80's rock band Journey would say, "Don't stop believin' ".

Enough of this talking business, I know why you're here, to see the numbers. So here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Weight : 229.8
Lost : 1.0
Total : 87.4

Hooray for me, I broke out of the 230's this week. It was only a 1 lb loss, but according to my little handheld body fat tester I've gained 1.1 lbs of lean mass in the last 2 weeks. This could be true since I changed my weight training routine 2 weeks ago and have been feeling much more good muscle soreness.

I leave for vacation in 6 or 7 weeks and I really want to hit 100 lbs lost before I leave. I have approximately 13 lbs to drop to accomplish this and I really need to push myself if I'm going to make it. Wish me luck!!

"Try not. Do or do not. There is no try." Yoda

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

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NADJAZZ 6/25/2012 8:23PM

    I love your attitude and your consistency! Congratulations on the increase in lean mass as well as the weight loss. I'm confident you will meet you 100 lb goal.

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CLPURNELL 6/25/2012 12:10PM

    Awesome Job Ken!!!! If you are building Muscle like that it's why your number on the scale isn't lower. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!! On hitting the 220's Man that is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are knocking on your goal weights door!!!!!!!! So proud of you brother!!!!!! Your success makes me push harder!!!!!!!!!!!

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MARYDSAN 6/23/2012 8:14PM

    Congratulations! You are doing a great job!

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 6/23/2012 7:53PM

    WOW!!!! thats SO rock!!!

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ALWYS-LKN-UP 6/23/2012 7:51PM

    SUPER CONGRATS!! I'm happy that this week has been better for you & that by switching things up you're seeing progress!!

Vacation?! What's that?!! Any place fun?! I guess it doesn't really matter, vacation is vacation & good for you that your attacking your goal before you head out!

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NARNIAROSE2003 6/23/2012 4:45PM

    Congratulations! And you are absolutely right - there will often be weeks where the scale won't budge. That's why I like the NSV's (non-scale victories) - things like how you feel, longer stamina when exercising, looser clothes, etc. Those are better measures of your progress anyway. Keep up the good work!! emoticon

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Wk 62 Weigh In - woohoo?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another week has come and gone, 7 days that we can not get back to do over again. That's 168 hours or 10080 minutes if you're playing along at home. If I subtract 8 hours per day for sleep I still have 112 hours or 6720 minutes per week of awake time. Now, since I am not currently working I don't have a pesky job to take up my time, however I do have school work that I spend about 3 hours per day on. That leaves me 91 hours or 5460 minutes per day left to do something good with.

Wow, that's a lot of time I have on hand to spend working on me! How much of that 5,460 minutes did I use up at the gym this week??? 35 Yes, you read that right, 35 minutes. Now, I have been averaging around 185 minutes per week up til now, but that still seems rather paltry when compared to the amount of minutes available. I think I need to be more diligent about getting in good quality gym time from here on out.

Really, this was all for my own benefit. As I sat down to write today's blog without knowing what to write, I thought about how much time I waste in a week. Question answered!

Anyway, my back hurts sitting here so let's get to the numbers and get this wrapped up so I can stand up and walk around a little.

Weight : 230.8
Lost : 0
Total : 86.4

I was completely shocked to see no gain this week. Honestly, on Wednesday I was 5lbs above last Saturday's weight. My back wasn't cooperating with me and I wasn't able to spend time in the gym, so I tried like crazy to eat clean, cut back my calories a little, made sure to avoid sodium and drank at least 18 cups of water a day. I am so pleased to have broken even this week, I really did not want to have a gain.

Have a good week ahead people. And to all of the fathers out there, Happy Father's Day!

"Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating...too often fathers neglect it because they get so caught up in making a living they forget to make a life" - John Wooden

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 6/24/2012 10:06AM

    Hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day!!

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CLPURNELL 6/18/2012 5:28PM

    Hope you had a great Father's day ken!!!! Awesome job with no gain recovering from your back going out!!! Yeah we waste a lot of time sometimes. Just have to take advantage of those minutes next week!!!

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ALWYS-LKN-UP 6/17/2012 11:13AM

    Happy Father's Day - I hope it is an enjoyable one! Also, even though it was a rough week & hopefully your back starts to cooperate in the near future, great job on clean eating & no gain this week - you're definitely doing something right!! Actually, ALOTTA things right!

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THEFABMZFIT 6/17/2012 9:00AM

    I've been analyzing how much time I waste a week too...UGH! It really does add up. I've been trying to work on developing a time management schedule. Hopefully that'll work.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I hope yours is GREAT!

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PINKIEPARADISE 6/16/2012 10:17PM

    I hear ya. With my salt addiction a gain is always likely for me. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new week according to SP. "Keep smilin'. Keep shinin'." And be happy to be alive another day.

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BOSS61 6/16/2012 9:12PM

    Sometimes weeks without gains are victories in and of themselves, even without losses.

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MARYDSAN 6/16/2012 7:56PM

    Happy Father's Day! Here's to next week!

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Wk 61 Weigh In - WooHoo

Saturday, June 09, 2012

This last week was pretty good. Honestly, I could have eaten cleaner and pushed myself harder in the gym, but I avoided lots of bad snacks and left a decent amount of sweat behind during my workouts. So overall I feel pretty good about how the week went.

The home front has been a little off kilter this week. My best friend (who is going to school and working 12 hour days as an apprentice) lives at his mom's house with his 2 kids; a son, 16 and a daughter, 15. Well, early this week his son was able to really tick off his grandmother (it started over some laundry) and after a while of stewing she decided to throw him out of the house! This happened at 11 o'clock at night while my son was there so they decided to walk the 2 miles back to my house; they made it just fine.

So now, since Tuesday I have had another teenage boy at my house. My friend's mom does not think she is in the wrong at all... sending 2 teenagers out in shorts and t-shirts after curfew with the temp below 60 and windy. She hasn't said if or when she would allow him to go back home, so I may be stuck with him for a while while my friend tries to find a new place to live. On the plus side I have been able to get the 2 boys to do a bunch of clean up in the side yards and back yard, ahhh sweet child labor :)

But enough with the long winded speeches, let us get to what is really important, the numbers!

Weight : 230.8
Lost : 3.0
Total : 86.4

Yay me! Down 3 lbs this week! There really is nothing I can complain about this week as far as weight loss goes. This truly was a good week.

"Perception is reality" - ME (at least I never heard it before I started using this quote last year)

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

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2DANCEAGAIN 6/15/2012 2:05PM

    Do the boys cook LOL???? So glad to hear of your successes. Your honesty has always been an inspiration. I wish only the best for you date buddy!
Colleen emoticon
thank you also for the kind comment on my new pic!!

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CLPURNELL 6/14/2012 3:57PM

    You continue to Amaze Ken!!! I hope I break through my plateau with the same force you have!!!!

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GRANDEFILLE 6/11/2012 12:11PM

    Very good ! You are doing great! actually you are doing amazingly!

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ALWYS-LKN-UP 6/9/2012 10:14PM

    :) !! I'd take 3 lbs. & helpful child labor any day of the week - a job well done!!

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NADJAZZ 6/9/2012 7:34PM

    Whoo hoo is right! Congratulations on a great week despite the added stress! I love this week's quote!

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MARYDSAN 6/9/2012 7:16PM

    Way to go-3# loss while increasing the teen population in your home is amazing!

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SANTOREONE 6/9/2012 7:15PM


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GSUGRADCRIS 6/9/2012 6:00PM

  Sounds like you had a busy week but kept on track with taking care of yourself and the 2 boys. Congrats on keeping it together!!!

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DRTNJJ 6/9/2012 5:49PM


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Wk 60 Weigh In - Time to turn it around

Saturday, June 02, 2012

This was a pretty good week for me, not spectacular, but pretty good still. I ate fairly decently, and got a decent amount of gym time in this week. I always feel like I could do more in the gym, but these torn up old joints sometimes make life difficult, especially when I'm really trying to push myself. Weight lifting has always been enjoyable for me, but now it's more painful for me. My muscles are willing to do more work, to lift heavier, but the joints just yell "NO!". So I do what I can do, making much slower gains than I am used to (from previous gym experience). I knew it would be terrible to get old, I just didn't think it would this bad at 42!!

Diet wise, I still have not achieved a 100% clean week. I don't know if I've ever had a 75% clean week come to think about it. But what I've done these past 60 weeks has worked much more than it hasn't worked so I'm not going to try and reinvent the wheel here. I will however keep trying to be a little cleaner with my diet and avoid gorging myself when I come across cookies :)

That's about enough jawing for now, let's get to the reason why you are all here, to see the numbers.

Weight : 233.8
Lost : 1.6
Total : 83.4

Yay! down 1.6lbs for the week. However I don't feel like this is that much of a victory after gaining 1lb last week. If this had been 2+ lbs lost for the week, I would feel better. But I guess if I ate better and worked a little harder, it could have been 2+ lbs! So it's my fault and I need to increase my fortitude if I'm going to continue to lose this weight.

On to the next week!

"There are brave men knocking at our door, let's go out there and kill them" - Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones. Season 2, Episode 9 "Blackwater"

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SANTOREONE 6/6/2012 8:05PM

    Amazing Work, pain can be difficult. Getting old isn't any fun, but it beats the alternative. I love Game of Thrones. emoticon

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CLPURNELL 6/4/2012 4:12PM

    Awesome Job Ken... You have erased last weeks gain and are down from there!!! That is something to be happy about it. Yeah getting old sucks!!! But what we have to hold on to is we are in better shape now then when we were younger and heavier!

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MARYDSAN 6/2/2012 5:57PM

    Congrats on the weight loss this week-keep up the great work!

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Wk 59 Weigh In- The wheels come off

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I had a bad feeling about this week almost from the beginning. I felt kind of bloated most of the week and I know that I ate too much bad stuff. A large package of chocolate chip cookies made its way into my house and, well, I think you know what happened to them. Needless to say, those cookies will not be getting in my way next week! I also had pizza on thursday night, I wasn't going to have any, but it smelled sooo good, so I had just a few slices (doggone it anyway).

Oh well, I can't change what I have done, I can only plan on doing better this week. I plan on avoiding chocolate chip cookies and pizza, that's for darn sure!

I had good gym time this week, lifted hard and sweated hard. Good thing too, if I had half assed it in the gym I would probably be worse off than I am now!

On to the bad news.

Weight : 235.4
GAIN : 1.0
Total : 81.8

So I gained 1 lb this week. Could have been a lot worse honestly. It might not even have been the cookies and pizza (although I'm sure those didn't help). My body just didn't feel right this week, like I said earlier, I felt bloated for some reason and my, ahem, 'movements' weren't up to par (probably why I felt bloated). Anyway, this week is behind me so I shall begin to look forward to next week.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and don't forget to remember the fallen service members while you are enjoying your bbq.

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

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CLPURNELL 5/31/2012 11:38AM

    I know you will make up for it this week Ken!!! You have been killing it!!! This is just a blip!!!!

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 5/28/2012 9:39AM

    Good for you for a couple things!!
1. you realized your body needed something different.
2. you are now back on track
3. you only gained a pound, which in my book says alot!! it could have been much, much KNOW you will lose that right off.

Bravo, my friend!!!

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MARYDSAN 5/26/2012 8:45PM

    There's always next week! You've been doing so well.

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BLUE42DOWN 5/26/2012 8:44PM


Here's to a good week to make up for this past one.

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