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Aaarrgghhh! My Legs ...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So my brother got a job as a 'membership counselor' at a local gym a few weeks back and finally got around to getting me a 7 day pass this weekend. So the last 2 days I've been in the gym with my friends Mike and Navy (Navy's name is Mike also, but he was in the Navy, so we call him Navy). Anyways, yesterday we warmed up on the ellipticals for 10 minutes then hit the weight room to work a little back and chest. I was careful to take it easy, but alas, my back and chest were sooo sore today. The old 'back to the gym pains'.

So today Mike and Navy wanted to hit the gym at 8:30 am, a good 1.5 hours before my standard wake up time (I'm lazy, so what). But I get up at 6:00 and get around and make it to the gym. They look to me to plan out what we will do because I have years of gym experience and I decide that I don't want to do any upper body work because I still can't hardly raise my arms from yesterday! So legs it is ... We start off doing squats on the smith machine (I usually prefer completely free weights, but I'm older and more broken down now and opted for the safety of the smith machine). 3 sets of 10 reps with 95, 115 and 135 lbs. I actually only got 6 reps at 135, my thighs and butt were really feeling it. THen to the leg press machine, 2 sets of 10 at 225lbs and 1 set of 10 at 145 lbs. It was hard to stand back up afterwards. As I walked out of the weight room, it felt like there was an earthquake happening because my legs were so shaky and unstable.

Ok, leg workout done for the day, but I needed to get some cardio in. So onto the treadmill for a 15 minute walk at 2.5 mph and 2% incline. All I can say is that it's a good thing I kept hold of the handles the whole time because my legs kept buckling the whole time. That was the hardest 15 minute walk I have ever had! But the worse part was having to step down 8 inches off of the treadmill when I was finally done. Holy crap, I was clinging to the handle for dear life as I stepped down and still nearly dropped to the ground in a pile of sweaty, unstable manhood.

As of this writing it has been almost 9 hours since I walked out of the gym, and my legs are still unwilling to cooperate with me. God help me if those sadists want to hit the gym tomorrow morning!

Then again, I'm a bit of a masochist, so I'll probably be at the gym at 8:30 tomorrow, not working legs or chest or back. Maybe time for shoulders and arms.

Til next time,

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

p.s. This just in: Mike texted me just now, asking if I was ready for 7pm cardio ... HELL NO!

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GYPSYROSIE777 3/11/2012 5:40PM

making time for yourself is more important than almost anything especially to always be there for your son , keeping healthy, strong and motivated.. emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/11/2012 5:47:14 PM

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HUSKERSALAD 1/19/2012 7:28PM

    Sounds like a cardio instead of strength training day. Just remember, part of training is resting, too.

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KAREN951 1/18/2012 7:57PM

    Kudos for working so hard! I'm sure it will pay off in the long run.

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CLPURNELL 1/18/2012 12:18PM

    That sounds like an awesome two days in the gym!!! Pain is weakness leaving the body!! Awesome Job Ken!! Getting ready to go get punished by my trainer now really looking forward to it after reading your blog!! emoticon

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IMATALOSS 1/18/2012 11:55AM

  WOW!! Congrats on making it back to the gym. ROCK IT!!!!
How 'bout cardio tonight? Call Jason and ask him to go with you! he he....

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GRANDEFILLE 1/18/2012 6:03AM

    good workout! You are doing awsome!

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MARYDSAN 1/17/2012 11:52PM

    I'm impressed! I guess this is all intense training for your upcoming event?

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DIEHL79 1/17/2012 10:02PM

    Working out is awesome! Way to go.

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LIVIN_DOLL 1/17/2012 10:00PM

    Soak in some epsom salts. emoticon

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TAMIPCHICAGO 1/17/2012 9:32PM

    Wow, way to jump in. Just be careful and don't hurt yourself (toomuch)

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Wk 40 Weigh In

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Middle of January already, time is already flying.

This week saw some ups and downs for me. On the upside I really did a good job of maintaining my diet, only a couple of small hiccups all week, but that's pretty good for me! Also, early in the week I logged 3 bike rides for a total of about 10 miles. Now I think that is exceptional because I have only ridden a bike 4 or 5 times for a total of 15 minutes since I bought my first car in 1986.

On the downside however, I have had a slight feeling of malaise, not sure why all week. Then on Wednesday I got a flat tire on my bike. Now I need to get a rubber solid tube or maybe a puncture proof tube and fix my bike. Either way, I wasn't looking forward to tearing my new bike down this early in the ownership. Sad panda :(

But I woke up this morning feeling more chipper than I have most of the week, jumped on the scale (after draining the bladder!) and was pretty happy with what I saw. Then i got dressed and went to the local blood bank and let them suck a pint of my life force out of me. But hey, I got a couple glasses of orange juice and 2, count 'em, 2 oatmeal raisin cookies out of the deal, so I was happy. Am I the only one that likes to watch the needle get pushed into their arm? I see most people look away at that point (point, get it?, point!).

Anyway, enough with the blabber, you have better things to do than to look at my words all day. Let's look at the numbers.

Weight : 246.7
Lost : 1.4
Total : 70.5

Finally reached the 70 lbs lost mark! Yay! So officially I have 39.5 lbs to get to my goal weight, I don't think I'll hit it by February 28. But I will keep marching on and doing my thing.

I have registered and paid to enter the Tough Mudder NorCal in Sept. I registered as a team and am just waiting for my friends to get their funds together to pay their registration and join me. We have a team starting time of 10:40am on Sat. Sept. 22. I think the course will be 12 miles with 16 obstacles I think. the temperature should be between 90 and 100 so the jumping into, swimming through and generally splashing around the water hazards will be a nice respite from the sun. Looking forward to this amazing event with anxious anticipation.

Wounds heal, chicks dig scars!

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

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NADJAZZ 1/17/2012 5:58PM

    I ALWAYS look away when the needle goes in, I'm such a pansy! I donated blood ONCE...I have small veins, and it took sooo long compared to other people!

Good for you on the public service, and KABLAM on passing the 70 lb mark! Like 14ERINSITE said, we have to come up with new words at the rate you are going, LOL!

You signed up for TM! Oh, man, I am feeling the pressure! Gotta talk to my peeps about officially starting a team...if I lived closer to you, I would join you! But I'll just have to be there in spirit.

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CLPURNELL 1/17/2012 5:29PM

    Awesome Job this week Ken!!!! I am thinking about doing the Tough Mudder in Austin!!! It seems awesome and like a great challenge!!! I like the point Joke LOL!!! Great job on the loss this week you continue to inspire me BRO!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IMATALOSS 1/17/2012 12:58PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon on the SEVENTY!!!! Awesomeness. Sorry about your bike man. Be careful and don't do what J did with C's bike. Too full and blew the tube all to bits.

Good job on donating blood. I too have to watch the needle go in. I can't look away. Don't like the surprise I guess.

Still don't know about that Tough Mudder event. Proud of you that you're going to ROCK IT but I'm too chicken. Keep up all the good work. You're an inspiration! emoticon

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ME_FIRST 1/17/2012 8:11AM

    Congrats on reaching 70 lbs gone. Very brave of you to sign up for the mudder. You are one determined guy! Keep it up. Yvonne

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GRANDEFILLE 1/15/2012 9:08PM

    Congrats on the 70 pounds mark. I too look at the needle. I'm not liking it I'm not afraid of it so I look. Maybe your system was fighting something this week that is why you didn't feel so good without being sick.

Keep going I like seing your numbers going that way!

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MARYDSAN 1/15/2012 1:01AM

    Way to go on another good week! I get your "point"-ha.

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DIEHL79 1/14/2012 9:56PM

    Congrats on hitting that 70 lb mark and donating blood. I hate needles.

And thanks for putting up the tough mudder website. I checked it out and it's so close to me! Eventually, after I get in better overall fitness, I may sign up. thanks again.

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HEYSHAKER 1/14/2012 9:09PM


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HUSKERSALAD 1/14/2012 8:06PM

    Your week sounds pretty good, overall. I, too, have to watch the needle go in. Nobody gets to sneak up on me!

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ALWYS-LKN-UP 1/14/2012 7:32PM

    Scars are conversation starters!! 90-100 degrees sounds a bit on the warm side (taking into consideration that's coming from Nanook of the North :) but like you said, the water obstacles will be heavenly then! I think you'll have a blast & being a part of a team is even better!! SO, SO happy for you!

Congrats on your week - you do amaze me with your ability to keep your consistent pace & outlook! You're always creating results - that's gotta give you a boost!

I'm going to have to pull out my Thesaurus to find other words than congrats, amazing, kudos, etc. to spice things up a bit if you keep at the rate your going!

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Wk 39 Weigh In

Saturday, January 07, 2012

So, this is my first weigh in of the new year, the weigh in that will set the standard for the rest of the year.

At least that's what I kept telling myself last weekend. But, let's face it, New years Eve and New years day are made for snacking. I was good for Thanksgiving and even pretty good at Christmas, but this was New Years!

So the 31st and the 1st both became free days for me. I really ate a lot on the 31st, and on the 1st I had too many carbs but didn't eat too bad overall. Still, that extra day of eating took a toll on me. Had me feeling lethargic most of the week.

But, even in my lethargy I was able to ride my new bike 3 times (total of 30 minutes, still getting used to riding, legs have been like jell-o!) and I did 480 kettlebell swings between Monday and Thursday. More work than I have done in a single week in quite a while. On the flipside, I am one sore puppy! lol

Enough about what I did, let's move onto the numbers:

Weight : 248.1
Lost : .7
Total : 69.1

So, I didn't lose very much, but after all that I ate last weekend, I wasn't surprised, I was just happy to have posted any loss!

On the news front, I and a few friends have signed up to do the Tough Mudder in September here in Northern California. 12 mile obstacle course, looks harder than chinese math! But I do enjoy a challenge and I think this will be a good one.

It's 5:30pm here and I'm going to get off of here and go eat some delicious chicken mmmm. Good night and God bless!

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

IMATALOSS 1/9/2012 4:31PM

  480 Kettlebells-you Rock! Congrats on the weight loss. The New Year's spread at J & D's definitely wasn't diet friendly. Can't resist D's cookies. Well, at least I can't. That and her fudge. Yum!! And you still lost some weight. Congrats!!

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CLPURNELL 1/9/2012 1:09PM

    That is an awesome. Yeah New Years got me too! I drank and ate too much but most of it was gone by last week so didn't do too much damage! I have been looking at a couple Tough Mudders in this neck of the woods. I have a 50 flight stair challenge and 5k I think I am going to do in the first quarter of the year. Maybe I will look for a mudder here around September too.

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ALWYS-LKN-UP 1/8/2012 11:06PM

    Congrats on the weight loss, even if you were munching! A loss is a loss is a loss!! :) Relish in yet another success!!

Also, congrats on the kettleballs & bike riding - sore does suck but in a kinda sadistic, sick way you know its a good thing!! :) Tough Mudder - MAJOR KUDOS on taking that step!! I feel within my core being that you really are going to get so much out of doing it, from so many angles. That is AWESOME!! NoCal is in late Sept. & WI is early Sept. - we got our work cut out for us, hey?! :)

You got this Ken, I just know it!!

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RIBKNIT 1/8/2012 7:33PM

    I think you did amazing despite the New Year's food - must be the exercise - congrats!

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KAREN951 1/8/2012 7:27PM

    Congrats on the loss and what sounds like a pretty good week, fitnesswise. And good luck with the obstacle course - sounds like gobs of fun and a great motivator - smart thing to do! Keep up the good work!

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MARYDSAN 1/8/2012 6:08AM

    Congratulations on a loss even with 2 cheat days! Way to go!

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Wk 38 Weigh In New Years Eve

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Where did the time go? I does not seem possible that 2011 is over. It certainly does not seem like it's been 38 weeks since I started my journey to lose weight. I have accomplished in this year what I had all but given up on, becoming a better me. If someone had told me at this time last year that in 2011 I would lose almost 70 lbs, I would have laughed at them, but here I am, almost 70 lbs lighter! It seems so surreal to me. I was talking with one of my cousins Christmas day and in the middle of our conversation she blurted out "damn, you're skinny!". I have seen her a couple of times in the past month, but this was the first time that she looked at me and realized that I had lost a bunch of weight. That affirmation felt good. Tonight, when I gather with friends for New Years I am sure to get a few more compliments from people I haven't seen in 6 months or more, I'm looking forward to sharing my experience as well as this site with them.

I don't believe my weight loss would have been possible without Sparkpeople. I know everything I need to do the task, but I was always lacking the motivation, for one reason or another. But here I was able to track my food easily, which helped me to see what foods were sabotaging me (I already knew, but to see it visually was a big help). The biggest thing that has helped me though has been my Spark friends. If not for you guys posting encouraging words, hearty congratulations and sincere thanks for my own kind words to you, I would have not done as well as I have. I really do not like letting people down, leaves a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I feel like if I don't keep pushing to be better, I will be letting down all of you who have been there for me this whole time. My hats off to you guys for helping make me a better person, thank you.

Today's numbers:

Weight : 248.8
Gain : .1
Total : 68.4

So, I was hoping for a 1.5 lb loss this week to take me to 70 lbs total lost for the year. But as I have shown so many times, hoping for a loss is not the same as working for a loss. This week found me cheating a little too much with left over Christmas cookies and assorted nuts. Nothing terrible, but I didn't move as much as I should have. I got a bike for Christmas but have only taken one ride so far because it's been so cold. From now on, I don't care how cold it is, I'm going to ride it much more, try to get a ride in every day. Also, my little brother just got a job as a salesman at a local gym (5 mins from my house) so I will hit him up for a cheapo membership (we'll see what he can do). Those 2 things should make a world of difference, just have to see if I really put my head down and do it.

68.4 lbs in 38 weeks equals a 1.8 lb loss per week. I would have liked to average 2.5lbs per week, but sometimes life gets in the way (and we get in our own way also). I will not complain about the 1.8lb average because I know that there are many people who would kill for that kind of weekly average. It's like complaining to a guy that drives a used Toyota that your Bentley gets poor mileage. It may be a big deal to you, but to him you sound like a whiny little bi**h! So I will be happy with my average and continue to smile about what I have done, with all of your help.

Thank you Sparkfriends, couldn't have done it without you!

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

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IMATALOSS 1/4/2012 6:45PM

  Hey Ken, if you get into the gym let us know man. We can meet up and do some weights. Well, you and Jason maybe. Even though the free weight room has women in there, it's not very women friendly in my opinion. Then again, if I'm with you and J maybe I won't be as intimidated! LOL

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CLPURNELL 1/3/2012 3:20PM


You have had an AWESOME YEAR!!! You have battled through all that life has thrown at you and you have wound up on top. It is so easy to get lost when everything is hitting the fire and lose that "Spark" But man you prove everyday it can be done. We don't always hit the goals that we set for ourselves but as long as we keep working at it we will and we are still so much better off for working towards them in the first place!! You have a ton to be proud of Bro!!! Keep it up you will hit all your goals in 2012!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ALWYS-LKN-UP 1/3/2012 12:44AM

    You cease to amaze me in your continued weight loss - BRAVO!! That is such a huge accomplishment!! I got your back & will definitely keep rootin' for ya!! :)

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2DANCEAGAIN 1/2/2012 8:48PM

    What a fantastic year - Im so, so, so genuinely happy for you. I loved the part about being a better you. When you eat better and feel better it is much easier to be a better person isn't it? When your hungover on carbs and sugar its not as easy to be a nice person.
You know every time Im in the pool I think about keeping low in the water like you taught me!!! That will be with me forever!
Thank you for your motivation and your support.
Heres to a fantastic 2012!!

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RIBKNIT 1/2/2012 7:38PM

    What a banner year you've had - congratulations!

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MARYDSAN 1/1/2012 4:49PM

    You've made awesome progress for a year! Keep up the good work!

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Wk 37 Weigh In Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Little setbacks this week kept me from doing much exercising (beginning to become a pattern for me). But I was pretty darn good on my diet and I did more walking due to Christmas shopping. Yeah, I usually do most of my shopping in the last week, I always tell myself that I will start early and get it done, but it always ends up the same!

Anyways, shopping is done, wrapping is done and I am done! I'm glad that I got through this week and am looking forward to the last week of the year.

I will cut to the chase, because I know we all have more important things to take care of at this time.

Weight : 248.7
Lost : 2.1
Total : 68.5

Yes, 2.1 lbs down this week! Finally out of the 250's, it seemed to take forever, but I got it done finally!

A very Merry Christmas to all of my Spark friends and to any one else who happens to come across this post.

Ken Heaston
Since 1970

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RIBKNIT 12/28/2011 1:00PM

    Way to go! I continue to get a lot out of your blogs. I hope you're enjoying the season :)

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ABBYGAL 12/28/2011 2:51AM

    Congrats on your steady and continued success here. 2011 is looking up...Jan

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MARYDSAN 12/27/2011 10:19AM

    Congratulations on a great week-sorry late. I am in Iowa with no internet at my daughter's. So, found a computer today and am trying to catch up before someone else needs it!

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ALWYS-LKN-UP 12/26/2011 4:50PM

    SUPER KUDOS on the weight loss!! I'm proud of you!!

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2DANCEAGAIN 12/25/2011 8:43PM

    Wow, Congrats Ken!!! I am hanging on the edge of the 240's at 241 and I CANT WAIT TO GET OUT OF THEM LOL!!! So I understand and REALLY celebrate with you!
I also, unfortunately, know what it is to be tormented with injuries, pain and swelling!! We make it through as best we can buddy!! AND support each other thru it so we dont get discouraged!! It works!! Hang in there buddy, your doing great!! Lets head for onederland in 2012~!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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