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Schedules, Planning, & Priorities.... Oh My

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here are some words that were rarely used in my vocabulary until Spark people:

Plan: to arrange a method or scheme beforehand for (any work, enterprise, or proceeding)

Schedule: a series of things to be done or of events to occur at or during a particular time or period

Priority: the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege, etc.; precedence.

Here are words that I know all to well:

Vanity: excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.; character or quality of being vain; conceit (I was to vain to let people see me try to exercise or do something silly. (this is still a work in progress))

Worthlessness: without worth; of no use, importance, or value; good-for-nothing: a worthless person; a worthless contract. ( as I slipped further and further away from reality I felt like this A lot)

Hopeless: . providing no hope; beyond optimism or hope; desperate (this is when I started saying "it is what it is")

And the word that started a couple of blogs this morning and I will give you a link to one that I particularly like this naughty word is.....

PROCRASTINATION: to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost.
(I do this A LOT!!)

And there are many more but you get the point. After my Sparktacular Anniversary emoticonwith Sparkpeople, the new Spark Book, and the many spark friend that have become very dear to my heart, I am learning to use the good words and banish the bad words. There are so many people, tools, article here for the taking on Sparkpeople to help you get past the sea of negativity that most of us spend our lives drowning. There is always someone to come by to say emoticonor emoticon This means a lot to me and I want to say thank you to you all for the kind words, the goodies, jokes, and all around positive attitude!!

Please remember this; We are all here together, and have a common goal to meet. Together we can do it because we all are emoticon

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JOKNOWS 6/11/2010 9:12PM

    I'm with you on this -- it's just like I said in my Before/After blog today. I'm so happy for you making this positive transition. It can only get better from here! emoticon

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DREMARGRL 6/11/2010 3:13PM

    I truly enjoyed this blog, Kim! Good job.....You have come a long way, baby, and I'm so very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! The switch is turned on now.....and you will shine!!!!
Kudos.....and thank you!
Have an amazing weekend, darlin'!
XO MaryAnn emoticon
emoticon emoticon

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CHANGE_4_ME 6/11/2010 12:28PM

    Great blog! Uplifting and thoughtful. Have a great day.

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MARPET44 6/10/2010 5:37PM

    Congrats on your terrific spirit and ability to find a positive side to what could have been a negative. You go girl.

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BABY_GIRL69 6/10/2010 2:24PM

    Indeed I see those pics & I know you are doing & doing it well Sweets! God bless & continued success! Dee

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SABLEGRL 6/10/2010 2:22PM

    We Can Do It! We Will Do It! emoticon

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CAROLX914 6/10/2010 12:58PM

    awwww this was nice.. thank you for this blog....

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  aw Kimmie you are awesome! congrats on being here a whole year!!

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From Blah to Tasty

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Yesterday was a blah day but my creative mind was still going strong. I found a website for peaches. I decided on a peach recipe because my family has an overstocked pantry of foods. I want to clear out the overstock to make way for healthier, goal enhancing food items. I don't want to throw out the other items as they are still good and can be made into healthy dishes with the right recipe.

Since I am a recipe junkie, I have challenged myself to "trimming the fat" out our pantry. The recipes came from the California Cling Peach Board. I used two recipes to make one dish. It turned out pretty good, I did make some modifications though.

Recipe #1 Country BBQ Sauce. The modifications that I made are: I used reduced sodium ketchup and I used 2 tbsp of jarred garlic. For those that love BBQ sauce this has a little to much vinegar for my taste. If you don't like much vinegar in your sauce I suggest that you use less.
In the directions it says to boil for 5 minutes while stirring. This leaves the sauce very thin (like a mop sauce in BBQ terms) If you like it thicker you will have to reduce the sauce into a consistency that you like.

Recipe #2 Sunset Peach Salsa The modifications I made here are I reduce the vinegar again from 4 to 2 teaspoons. I omitted the oil. And I left out the jalapeņo.(only because I forgot to buy one. oops.) I also added some red pepper because I forgot the jalapeņo.

The salsa is very tasty and I look forward to having as a snack when I go home for lunch. Here is a tip. If you are making both recipes together like I did. You only need one can of peaches because you need the juice for the bbq sauce and the fruit for the salsa.

I served this over couscous and I cooked chicken drumsticks( an excuse to grill). I got 12 serving from this. 1 drumstick each. Here is my nutritional breakdown with my modifications

Fat 6.1g or 23%
Cholesterol 47.2mg
Sodium 163.5mg
Carbs 29.5g or 50% (I think part of this is because of the couscous)
Fiber 1.4g (I wish it could have been more. I will work on that)
sugars 18.7g (no added sugars here. this is all from the fruit)
Protein 16.2g or 27%
Calories 243

I wish I had a picture and next time I promise I will take some.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ELEPHANTGIRL75 6/9/2010 10:29PM

    Sounds good--I like your approach to cleaning out the stock of not so healthy stuff. I have some things that I got for next to nothing (I'm a couponer, just started in Sept, and went a little crazy for a couple of months while I was learning the ropes), but still don't want to go to waste. Luckily I'm much better and don't get things I wouldn't normally use anymore! I'll have to try the salsa recipe--it sounds delish!

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JOKNOWS 6/9/2010 9:26PM

    Sounds tasty and especially with the chicken. Do you have the calories count? Thanks so much for sharing. emoticon

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CAROLX914 6/9/2010 9:25PM

    this sounds good!

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SABLEGRL 6/9/2010 12:46PM

    emoticonI wanna try the sauce... it would probably be good with pork loin.

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*MADHU* 6/9/2010 11:51AM

    Sounds emoticon

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A Serious case of the Blahs

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It is a bleak and dreary afternoon here in the Chicagoland area. As a sit here waiting eagerly for the clock to strike 12:00, I realize how much the sun affects me. I've never really been an outdoorsy kinda person. I don't go tanning(I am dark enough & I would prefer not to get skin cancer.), I don't know how to swim well and this may sound crazy, but I am not that fond of grass. Anyhoo I do like the sunshine. It is what wakes me in the morning and keeps me going while at work. ( I am one of the lucky few with a window) emoticon

So, on this cloudy emoticonrain threatened day I am struggling to stay awake.

Blah. I hope tomorrow is more upbeat.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JOKNOWS 6/9/2010 9:27PM

    haha -- I was on the blah wagon a couple of days myself. I hope the sun did finally peak out an brightened up your day. emoticon

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CHANGE_4_ME 6/8/2010 3:49PM

    I hate dreary grey days. I have been very tired the past couples of days. What activity I've had has been forced so I'm taking the day off tomorrow. :) Hope your day gets better.

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BABY_GIRL69 6/8/2010 2:30PM

    Me too! I didn't quite hop out of bed but I got up with sense of you're doing this a.m. workout for you. So get up & hit it. I was late for work but mowsied into the office at 11ish today. After my workout this morning with FitTv, Gilad & All Star Workouts, I just wanted to run a tub of HOT water & lounge in the tub & then nap. I just know the idle mind is the devil's workout shop so I am here. . . .

God bless & WAKE up! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonDee

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RB2252 6/8/2010 1:18PM

    I totally know how you feel :) I am always so affected by the weather. A day with no sunshine can get me down and I feel like I have 0 energy. Hang in there :)

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SPARK-KELLI 6/8/2010 12:55PM

    Boy, oh boy... I feel the very same way today. I'm in Northern, IL and it's been raining all morning. I was tired to begin with, but with the rain and no sunshine, things just feel like they require a lot more effort.

Hopefully you (and I) can hang in there, get through the day and feel better tomorrow. :)

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AMETHYST079 6/8/2010 12:40PM

  I'm not an outdoor type person either. I used to, about 150 pounds ago. Now I'm on all kinds of meds that I'm don't react that well to long exposure to sun.
I have 2 pre-teens on summer break, their dad is in Iraq. I decided not to have a schedule for a while. Until I figure out a good balance of them having fun outdoors and me not passing out while outside..
My temp fix is not the greatest, but after dinner we've picked up a messed up routine of going for a small walk (about .93 miles round trip to about 1.43 miles round trip, depending on the route we take)
It seems to be a good stress reliever from the day's sibling arguing and we get to spend quiet time talking about silly things and how much we're going to do things when he comes back for r&r and finally home for good in november.
It seems to be working for me/us. We just started, haven't seen weight loss or anything.. but for me this is the beginning of my journey.

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Monday, June 07, 2010

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GILDEDCROW 6/8/2010 8:33AM

    What a wonderful thought.

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BRIGNALIA 6/7/2010 6:01PM

    That speaks to personal growth!


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JANNAH11 6/7/2010 1:09PM


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The Plan or Something Like It..

Friday, June 04, 2010

Here is my plan for Kimmie Beautification or to regain my Diva Status...

1) 8 hours of sleep (A Diva has to be well rested to command R.E.S.P.EC.T)

2) A minimum of four 20oz. glasses of water (A Diva can't hit the high note with a dry throat)

3) Walk three time per day, 15 minutes minimum per walk (Gotta get that blood pumping)

4) Weight train a 2 to 3 time per week

5) Keep the daily fat count under 30% (less fat going into the body, means less fat on the booty)

6) Get the daily fiber grams to the range of 25g to 35g (this will help with #5)

7) Keep daily sodium under 2000mg (no more bloating, my jeans are tight. lol)

8) No caffeine after 6pm (it is hindering my sleep.. see #1)

9) Get those fruits and Veggies back into the diet (this will help with #5 and #6)

10) Get my walking mile to at least 15 minutes.

There it is. In writing, now all I have to do is be like Nike and just do it!! !! emoticon

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    Good luck! Those look like great points so I hope it all goes well. :-)

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VIVIANJ5 6/5/2010 2:56AM

    It sounds like we've both had epiphanies at the same time! I've also recommitted to myself (Project ME!!), and taking care of myself is finally at the top of the list.

We can do this!! emoticon emoticon

Take care.

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DREMARGRL 6/4/2010 9:17PM


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MYINNERDIVA 6/4/2010 5:13PM

    Wohoo! Great goals!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MIZZSB 6/4/2010 4:23PM

    good luck!

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BABY_GIRL69 6/4/2010 3:53PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonGod bless & TGIF! Dee

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SANSYPANSY 6/4/2010 2:06PM

  I like your plan! Good luck you can do it!

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SABLEGRL 6/4/2010 12:53PM

    Great Plan- you can do it!

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STYLELADY1 6/4/2010 12:21PM

    Looks like a great plan! Be like Nike and just do it!


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PRANA_DANCER 6/4/2010 12:09PM

    Great plan! The sodium bit is a huge problem with my current plan. Way to get it under control.

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DAY2DAY27 6/4/2010 11:54AM

  You go girl! I loved this. :) You can do it!!

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