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Monday, October 01, 2007

Well, September was kind of a wash. I got sick and wasn't able to exercise for a while. I'm still feeling low on energy and don't want to overdo it, because I can feel the signs of a cold/flu still lingering and just waiting to get a hold of me. For the last few nights I've been going to bed with a sore throat -- I wake up fine and take my Zicam, but I can still feel it waiting to take over again. I probably lost half of September to this cold/flu/virus, whatever it is. The good news is that I've been keeping my eating more or less on track, so I haven't gained a bunch of weight. I weighed in recently only 0.2 pounds up, so I'm not too worried. But I'm itching to get back into my routine so that I can start losing again. I'm SO CLOSE to a healthy BMI, it's driving me crazy!

I have been taking the time to notice how much weight I've lost when I go to take my showers now though. If I stand up nice and straight, my belly doesn't pooch out and *then* I can really see how much thinner I am. I'm sure 200 situps a day helps with that too though! I haven't even done situps since I got sick -- grrr.

My goal this month is just to get back into the exercise habit again. Even if I walk slowly or even if I only walk half as long, I want to get back into the habit of getting up at 5 and starting my day out on the treadmill again. So that's my goal for this month.


New month

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I've been on the treadmill almost every day for two weeks now, and I'm finally seeing some progress...again I hit a bit of a slump and stopped running for a week or two. I'm not running anymore now, it was bothering my knee too much and the constant speed up slow down of the "rolling hills" program was driving me nuts. When I jog on the trail, I just jog at a slow, steady pace for as long as I can. I'd like to work up to where I can do that on the treadmill.

For now, I'm taking a brisk 30 minute walk every morning. I've also added strength training, which I'm doing MWF now. I think I'll work on jogging on my off days, or just spend more time on the treadmill on my off days. As it is, I pop in my Buffy DVD, walk for 30 minutes, then sit down in front of the tube and either do my strength training or do situps until the episode is over. So I'm working out about 45-50 minutes every day now, one way or the other. This morning, I think I did about 150 situps!

My size 16 jeans--which were too tight when I first bought them--are starting to get lose again now. But I'm not yet ready to try for the size 14s yet. I'd like to get under 170 before I take that leap. I have managed to crowbar myself into a pair of 14s once or twice, but I'd rather wait until they actually fit right before I buy new clothes again.

I did notice this morning that I have cheekbones again. I think I've actually had them for a while now -- visible cheekbones that is -- but I really noticed them for the first time in a while this morning.

The last time I weighed in (a few days ago), I was down to 173. Just six more pounds to go before I hit my healthy BMI! I'd like to see that this month. After that, I'll take it in tens. I'm thinking that about 150 is where I want to be. In high school, I could barely maintain 140 without starving myself into daily fainting spells, but 150 wasn't hard to maintain (and I didn't have to starve myself to do it). I would love to be able to fit into size ten jeans again--but not at the cost of starving myself. If I can get their with healthy eating and exercising habits, great. If not, great. I don't want to be obsessed with the scale again, I just want to be a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I lost about five pounds since I started working out regularly, then life conspired against me and I was unable to workout regularly for over a week. Of course, most of the five pounds I lost came right back -- but I'm getting back into the swing of things again.

Work is insane right now. On top of just barely keeping my head above water at my regularl job, I've had freelance work in for the last month and have another project on my desk now which will keep me working 10 - 12 hours a day until the end of August. It's good work, both my day job and my freelance work, but I'm more a bit overwhelmed right now.

On top of that, ASL classes just started up at church and I *have* to attend because I'm one of the co-teachers. I love the class, and I love helping to teach, but it's another "straw on the camel's back" right now.


Progress, and lack thereof

Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's been a bit discouraging to see my weight going back up after I started working full time again. But now that we have our treadmill, I'm hopeful to start seeing it go down or at least stabilize. It's funny, I'm able to jog for over a half hour on the walking path by my house, but I run out of breath faster on my treadmill. Maybe the speed I've set for my treadmill is faster than I usually jog. I'm not sure. But I'm working toward being able to jog for at least thirty minutes every morning. I've only missed two mornings this week, and Sunday is the only day that I don't jog during the week. I'd like to jog for another thirty minutes in the evening too, but that won't always be possible. The only progress I'm seeing right now is that my weight has stopped gaining. I don't think I'm over-eating either -- I think I've only gained weight from not burning off the 2000 calories a week I was burning at the stable! Any way, not much new to report, just general musing.


Weekly update

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well, we got the treadmill delivered last Wednesday and I think I've run a minimum of 30 minutes on it every day so far. My husband has run at least 30 minutes every day too. I was encouraged by losing a couple pounds right away -- which I somehow gained back over the last two days. But I know that weight can fluctuate as much as 5 pounds in a single day by water weight alone, so I'm not going to worry too much about it. It was nice to see the numbers going down on the scale at first though, and I know that I'll see more of a downward trend in the days to come too.

I've been taking it easy on the treadmill at first. First I needed to find a routine I liked and I finally found one. It's called "Rolling Hills" -- and you'd think with a name like that, that it would have changes in incline to simulate going up and down hills, but it doesn't. All Rolling Hills does is vary your speed. I started at the lowest level of this program and am starting to get bored with it at the slower speeds, so this week I'll be bumping it up a notch or two. I might end up creating my own custom program based on this though.

The programs on this machine change speed and/or incline every 30 seconds to "motivate" you. It keeps it from being boring, I'll give it that much. But I just pop in a Buffy DVD and watch an episode while I'm running and that keeps me from getting bored well enough. I might eventually switch to a custom program that will simulate the runs I used to take up and down the trail near the house. I didn't jog fast, but I jogged about 4 miles a day. If I jog a half hour in the morning and the evening at 4 mph that will get me to where I was last summer when I was losing all the weight.

My only concern is that I don't want to overwork my knee. I had a knee injury a few years ago and while I don't have a limp anymore, my knee has never felt the same since. I can really tell when I'm working out versus not working out. When I'm working out my knee feels pretty normal. When I'm not working out, it feels bloated and stiff, and just "off." But I'm afraid that if I overwork it, it won't feel normal. Right now, it feels great. But I remember that last summer I was starting to overwork it near the end of the summer. Maybe because I kept pushing myself farther and farther though. I guess I just need to find my knee's "comfort zone."

My husband is running every morning now too. It's good to see him working out. In the 13 years we've been married, I don't think I've ever seen him work out. I was worried at first that he would push himself too far and hurt himself, but he seems to be doing great. He might even start losing weight faster than I do because he's pushing himself harder than I am right now. But he's still at least fifty pounds heavier than I am, so he's got a lot of catching up to do before I need to start worrying. LOL


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