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Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, I weighed myself this week and I've actually gained a pound. I'm not surprised though, because my eating has been kind of all over the place, I've made some unhealthy food choices, and I haven't been exercising. Honestly, I'm surprised I've only gained a pound! Seriously, that just tells me that I'm not totally off-track, and that this is one of my body's set points -- a weight that it's comfortable with. But I'm exercising more regularly now. My job situation is still unsettled, so I haven't joined any gym yet like I wanted to. Hopefully by this time next week, I'll have a better handle on my job situation. With regular exercise, and paying more attention to the food I eat, I should be able to start losing weight again. I'm still not sure that my goal of 140 pounds is realistic, but I figure it won't hurt to try. I know that a more realistic goal might be 150 or even 160. I'm close!


Ten Commands of Healthy Eating for Parents

Monday, October 16, 2006

(from the Family Health and Wellness Newsletter)

1. Thou shalt not force, bribe or coerce thy child to eat.
2. Thou shalt set a good example by eating at least five fruits and vegetables, three whole grain products, and three dairy servings per day thyself.
3. Thou shalt make mealtimes pleasant.
4. Thou shalt encourage thy child to help in meal planning, preparation, and cleanup.
5. Thou shalt back off when mealtime becomes a power struggle.
6. Thou shalt accept food "binges" as phases that will
7. Thou shalt accept the fact that thy child is an individual and thus will dislike certain foods (and there may be many!).
8. Thou shalt not give up on introducing thy child to new foods. Thou shalt realize it sometimes takes ten tries to get a child to accept a food.
9. Thou shalt use this division of responsibility for eating: As the parent, thou art responsible for deciding when and what to serve. Thy child is responsible for deciding how much (if any) will be eaten.
10. Thou shalt give thy child a multivitamin-mineral supplement if he is a picky eater.


FastBreak Strategy #1

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I just wanted to be able to bookmark this article since I can't flag it as a favorite.


Strength Training Plan

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Core exercises - Mondays:
Back extension: Lower back
Bridge-ups: Abs, lower back, shoulders
Crunches w/Twist: Abs, Obliques
Dolphin Post: Abs, Shoulders, Upper back
Hip Flexor: Hips, Upper thigh, Glutes
Reverse Crunch: Lower abs

Upper body - Wednesdays:
Alternating bicep curls: Biceps
Dumbbell lateral raises: Shoulders
Dumbbell tricep kickbacks: Triceps
Dumbbell wrist curls: Forearms
Seated dumbbell rows: Upper back, Biceps, Shoulders
Wall pushups: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

Lowerbody - Fridays:
Bridge-ups: Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads
Calf-rocking with chair: Calves
Lying leg curls: Hamstrings
Seated leg extensions: Quads
Standing abduction: Outer thigh, Hips, Quads
Standing adduction: Inner thigh, Quads


A little history

Friday, October 13, 2006

I've always struggled with my weight, even when I was thin. In high school, I often joked that I was too lazy to be anorexic. Instead of exercising compulsively, I obsessed about my weight and skipped meals to control it. I kept having brownouts and stomach pains but never correlated them to the fact that I wasn't eating well.

After I married my best friend in 1994, I started putting on more and more weight, until one year at the doctor's office I realized that I was more than a hundred pounds overweight. When I was that big, I never weighed myself except when I had to -- at the doctor's office -- so I don't know what my actual highest weight was. But the highest that was ever recorded on my doctor's charts was 265 pounds.

In 1999, I decided to lose a hundred pounds. It's taken me seven years of stops and starts, but I finally did it. Now I'm working on finding what's a healthy, fit weight for me.


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