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A new lifestyle

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have discovered the positve aspects of virgin coconut oil. I have eliminated all the oils and butter in our house and strictly use coconut oil. I have a separate container for my skin care now as well. It appears to be helping me lower my sugar levels, keeps me regular and seems to keep my weight in check....and I believe it can help me lose weight.


Slow progress

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

It has been over a month. I continue to have a green drink daily. I may have missed a couple days. I no longer use any oils or butter other than coconut oil. I went down to 226 pounds from 235. Today I am 228 and I know it was because I had some extras this weekend. I am still feeling optimistic that I can do this and continue with this new healthy lifestyle. I also know if I was to go full force with juicing I would lose faster and lose more. However, I am taking it a day at a time and being gentle with myself. I have not eaten beef. I have noticed some things I enjoyed and craved for are no longer there. I am feeling some stress because I have pain in my hip joints. If I walk a short distance it can be excruciating. I have felt this for few years but always fought or did not give attention to the pain. I didnt want to give it any power over me. I think my joints are wearing down now so maybe it is critical I get the wieght of as fast as I can. Wish me well.


April 01, 2012

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I attended Stop the Food Fight with Skip Lackey last weekend. Today is Day 7 since I completed the weekend seminar.
I journalled all my food intake this past week. Ate a lot of green live foods and drank water and homemade veggie smoothies.
I have lost five pounds this past week with really no effort other than eating healthy. I have had very little cravings. I am feeling confident and comfortable with the life changes.


January 2/2012

Monday, January 02, 2012

Today was a emotional day for me only because my son went back to university and my baby girl is gone back to College. Joleah my grandgirl went home today after spending xmas and New years with us. As the house fell into a still quiet state I became more aware of the space. Its always a difficult thing when my children leave on their Journeys. It makes keeping our homefire that much more important that no matter what they will always have a place to come back to.
As much as possible, my intention to this site and my page is to stay aware and focused on clearing and healing my health and emotional issues that surface.
In spite of missing my children, I feel excited for the new year, I am needing to clear a key project holding me and then I can continue working on my book and do alot of " ME " time in balance with my work. Excited to develop some new workshops and trainings. See where those go. Its going to be an interesting year. I have all my supports here and I have my mentors and my spiritual space always at hand. I have never been more grounded and focused in my life. My inner dialogue is more so a daily continuous prayer I am finding.... its a depth I am grateful for and especially that I am in this realm of living. I think back sometimes only to honor the past with all that it encompassed and I have done much self forgiveness. I feel I am in a good place, a good space and I am open to new experiences and life lessons that may come. Today ended beautifully with the most amazing sunset. My two youngest are on the highway. I am sure they are witnessing as much beauty and are in deep process as well. I send them love and strength and encouragement to keep on going, do what needs to done and to listen to that deep place inside where communion with Creator and creation is consistent.


Refocusing and become (w)holly present.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have been on a busy track to the point where I focused on all things other than my physical health. I lost 17 pounds before spring by simply walking. Summer came, and then I sidetracked and here it is February and I have neglected my walking. So I am consciously deciding to begin my trek in life on my feet. I know that the solution for me is to simply put on step forward either on my treadmill or going for walks. I turned 50 this month. So many exciting things are happening for me. I have been doing a lot of emotional work naturally and without effort as all I am thinking and feeling is to enjoy each moment and keep moving forward. As a divine result, opportunity arrives where the space is open for me to do whatever I need to do to come to a place of acceptance and peace. I am going to make time for my sparks page and the resources here again.


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