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Day 4

Friday, January 04, 2008

So like a crazy woman I decided to go for another 5 pounds, change my ticker, and do at least a week of phase 1 to get my South Beach team's Valentines challenge going. When you cut out your fruit and token serving or two of grains, you forget just how much you LOVE But a tuneup doesn't hurt anyone and I really did find myself sliding on the amount of meals I was (or should say wasnt) eating. I have a bad habit of waking up, having my coffee and launching into the day's mail and Spark's stuff. Next thing you know it is a couple hours later! Was interesting to see that by day 2 of eating at the appropriate times, I was actually hungry and waiting for the meal. Clearly the metabolism needed reminded that eating every 3-4 hours is a good thing.

My daughter who is due with her baby in March just got told by her doctor to quit gaining weight. She gained 10 pounds in this last month. One, I love when docs state things like that to a pregnant woman - without any clarification. This isn't exactly the time to be dieting - she should have asked some nutritional questions to find out what was going on. So now I get to sit down with her and help her work on areas that I know are an issue: portion size. Just because one is pregnant, doesn't mean you eat several portions!

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MSEMBERSTORM 1/4/2008 10:53PM

    Thank goodness your daughter has you! Doc's can be so clueless sometime! Yeah for your new goal! You can do it!

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Reviewing 2007

Friday, December 28, 2007

It has been an interesting year to say the least. I never thought I would actually make a resolution and follow it through. I am glad I stayed persistent with changing my eating habits. My brother had sent me photo album full of pictures from his wedding which was June 2006. It was traumatizing to see the FAT pictures of me. It was interesting to see my hubby and my son's response. They both were totally shocked - we talked about how it is interesting that it is so easy to ignore one's weight. 5 pounds over leads to another 5 pounds and the next thing you know - FAT. So I was disgusted by the pictures of myself and pleased as heck to see the night and day difference. I swear I should post one of the pics on the refrigerator as a constant reminder, except well I HATE the

Now to figure out just what I want to do for 2008!

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BLONDEGIRL10 12/29/2007 9:10AM

    Okay, go figure out what you are gonna do in 2008 and I will wait right hear to read it... La, la, la, la... Okay you may need some more time. "Life can only be understood backwards...... but it must be lived forward." Here is to Persistence and Change!! I wish you all the best for 2008!!!-Gab

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A*L*P* 12/29/2007 8:32AM

    You have done GREAT! I know what you mean about seeing those old "fat pictures' it is hard to see on one hand, but very nice on the other when you can compare the "old you" with the "new you". Great work and I hope 2008 is a good year for you!!

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Semi Freedom!

Monday, December 17, 2007

I went to the doc today. Got my cast removed, xrays done and got to see that the bones are fusing well. I get to do a "splint" aka it's an air cast which is just as bulky as the darn cast. I can technically weight bear but realistically have to use the crutches still. I am actually just using one crutch around the house. Doc did say that instead of 6 weeks in this contraption, I can come back in 4 weeks and should be released from it totally. After shaving off the 10 pounds of hair (omg I swear it almost was braidable), I got on the scale and didn't gain a pound during these 6 weeks. So that works just fine for me! Thinking I may go for another 5 pounds but figure it won't happen until I can actually start exercising (ie 4 weeks). But who knows, maybe just the increase in activity without the cast on will help.

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MSEMBERSTORM 12/18/2007 11:44PM

    Awesome!!!! Check you out! When I got my cast removed it was unbelievable. I had to soak my foot for so long just to get the gross skin that had dried out. It was so yucky and don't get me started about the hair! It felt great didn't it! You did so good! Whooo Hoooo! Keep up the great work! You will find it weird to walk after you are done with the hole mess. It will be cool! Again! Yeah for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FIREANGEL1976 12/17/2007 9:21PM

    Woot! Congrats!!

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One more week!

Monday, December 10, 2007

One more week until I get this cast off. One more week until I can get on the scale and finally weigh myself to see how well I maintained. One more week until I can see if I can drive and hopefully run around like a mad woman and finish up Christmas shopping, and planning holiday meals! One more week and I can finally wear something besides shorts/capris and get into a pair of long pants! One more week until I am no longer dependent on people. Good lord this has been probably the hardest 2 months I have ever experienced. It isn't easy being dependent on people when you have never done it. A good lesson but glad it is almost over!

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SMILES4383 12/15/2007 12:09PM

    That 'one more week' is almost up. Hope you have a great time getting that cast off. It will be a great Holiday for you! Yipee.....Terri

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WYLDHEARTED 12/11/2007 3:39PM

    I am glad to hear that your time is almost up! I can't begin to imagine how hard it has been on you. You keep such a sunny outlook.

I am happy for you!

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FIREANGEL1976 12/11/2007 12:10AM

    Woot! *passes you a hot cup of tea with a shot of brandy*

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MSEMBERSTORM 12/10/2007 8:35PM

    Whooo Hooooo! It will be such a relief. I know that when I had to deal with a broken leg and ankle it was a real pain in the rear. I was so happy to not have to deal with depending on others. I actually felt human again. Just don't jump to high on that leg yet! Hee hee lol

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JNORMAN1969 12/10/2007 3:48PM

    Knock on wood that is one thing that I have not had to endure is a cast, I bet you can't wait, the not being able to get my true weight would be killing me the most. ONE MORE WEEK

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

So we had our first snow which of course is gone now. We don't do snow - at least for not very long. Mind you everyone goes insane here with it - hour by hour weather reports on the news waiting for a snowflake...blowing thru the winter sanding budget before the first flake hits. Yes, it is quite amusing. Now it is raining hard, wind is blowing, some flooding starting and we have lost power twice. Good times! Think I will just stay under the covers and crochet my blanket I am working on.

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FIREANGEL1976 12/3/2007 3:32AM

    Too funny, we're getting our first bunch of snow here too but it a lovely little storm with snow and sleet and ice. Hourly weather reports and the whole bit. Wish i could stay covered up in bed but instead i'm at work hoping everyone makes in alright in the morning so i can hopefully make it home alright. The crocheted blanket sounds nice and comfy, can i get you a cup of tea too? lol

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