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What kinds of treatment for polycystic kidney disease are available

Thursday, July 18, 2013

These therapies aim at shrinking cysts and replenishing more functional kidney cells to protect and promote overall kidney function. As mentioned, you may have 20% remaining kidney function, there is still hope to avoid you from coming dialysis. For kidney failure, when remaining kidney function is less than 15%, dialysis will be considered. So, for now and for your specific case, the priority is to sucessfully protect kidney function from further decline, and on that basis to promote kidney function to a more satisying level.

PKD from the blocks of certain renal tubules (mostly due to genetic defects), and then these blocks develop into independent cysts with on channel for liquid excretion. Cyst wall secretes liquid, and the cyst gets bigger and bigger and press normal kidney tissue, with the final result being kidney function decline.

Based on this pathological mechanism, I will introduce you the therapeutic mechanism of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

These cysts are independent and have no channel for liquid excretion, however, there cysts are covered by blood capillaries called efferent arteries. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy promotes cyst-liquid filtrating out into these efferent arteries, and then cyst liquid is taken away with blood circulation.

First, Effective ingredients of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy promotes the blood inflow to kidneys and enhance the flow speed of blood circulation. By this, the Suction of blood flow will be more powerful. Just imaging blood flow as a tornado, the quicker the pace of ration, the harder things can avoid its suction. Second, ingredients of TCM soften the cyst wall, and inactivate cyst wallĄ¯s secretion of liquid. Softened cyst wall paves way for easier cyst liquid filtrating out into blood capillaries, and inactivated cyst wall become incapable of secreting more cyst liquid. So, once these cysts in kidney are shrunk, they hardly have the chance for relapse.

In summary, accelerated blood flow together with softened cyst wall contribute to the filtrating out of cyst liquid. At the same time, effective ingredient of TCM inactivates cyst wall cells and prevents its further secreting liquid.


Polycystic Kidney Disease And Lose Weight

Monday, July 15, 2013

The effect of renal cysts minimally invasive surgery okay? Variety of treatment of renal cysts,renal cysts how to treat usually practice traditional Chinese medicine approach, the effect issignificant. When the micro-based medicine to penetrate the treatment of single renal cysts,belong to the disease outside the rule. The therapeutic mechanism of this renal cysts treatment:the expansion on the wall of blood vessels, accelerating the wall of blood circulation, renal cystHow therapy to promote the increase in wall permeability, prompting the pressure drop in thewall of blood vessels, reversed due to vascular internal pressure higher than the intracapsular pressure, differential pressure, and accelerate the cyst fluid of water to the blood vessels back to the absorption system in the continued secretion of the cyst wall epithelial cells, renal cystshow treatment to prevent the continuation of the wall of blood vessels and cysts increases.

Patients: (20:03:29)

Doctors, Hello, my kidney cyst left side of a single cyst diameter 4,7 CM, now there is no any damage to the kidney, but doctors weight suggest that the minimally invasive surgery. I have been undecided, please give advice.

Expert: (20:04:00)

Ah cyst is one or more of it to help you look

Patients: (20:04:11)

Only one

Expert: (20:04:24)

Surgical recurrence rate higher careful how old you are usually blood pressure high blood sugar

Patients: (20:04:46)

Surgery as long as possible Yeah, 50 years old, the other normal

Expert: (20:05:06)

Can be other treatment cyst is not only the surgical puncture treatment

Patients: (20:05:59)

I found that from 2005, when the 1CM also when

Expert: (20:06:40)

Ah cyst is a progressive disease that will slowly grow to recommend early treatment

Expert: (20:06:53)

Integrative conservative treatment

Patients: (20:06:55)


Expert: (20:07:03)


Patients: (20:07:55)

Do not like the Chinese, eating a stomach medicine, not necessarily effective

Expert: (20:08:19)

Your condition is not treated is certainly not the treatment of medication effect is not good do not take medicine to Chinese herb

Expert: (20:09:34)

The cyst is due to renal tubular epithelial cell phenotypic transformation of epithelial cells is notwall treatment due to abnormal secretion of cystic fluid recommended conservative treatmentusing Chinese medicine, disease outside the rule can fundamentally control the cysts increaseand gradually return to the absorption

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Diet of Polycystic kidney disease

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Attention to oral care: sooner or later, and after a meal to maintain oral hygiene, bad breath, reduce nausea, prevent bacteria and mold students.

Reasonable diet: the rational treatment of patients with polycystic kidney diet to controlthe deterioration of renal function progress is very important. Edible salt in 2-3 grams perday of low-salt diet is appropriate, eat potassium, phosphorus, diet to low protein, low-fat diet, eat foods rich in vitamins and plant crude fiber diet, maintain defecate unobstructed.

control of blood pressure: the emergence of high blood pressure will accelerate renaldamage, hypertension will be on the heart, cerebrovascular injury, have a polycystic kidney disease associated with cerebral aneurysms rupture caused by stroke and otherserious complications , it is to control blood pressure is critical to the rate of deteriorationof renal function, prevent complications.

prevent colds: polycystic kidney disease patients, such as colds, especially repeated colds could make the polycystic kidney disease patients renal impairment increase thepoints, play a worse deterioration role, will accelerate the progress of renal damage.

Prevent post-traumatic: the polycystic kidney disease cyst enlargement will lead to cystcapsule pressure increased, forcing the kidneys of patients with increasing intra-abdominal pressure increase. So when any slight trauma, such as sprains, bumps, fallswill increase the the eventration pressure or trauma external direct impact on theenlargement of cysts, prompting a high internal pressure of the cyst rupture, hemorrhage, it is easy to induce infections.

Strengthen the skin care: do patients with polycystic kidney, skin care, prevention ofskin infections, bed sores and associated complications in an important work, due touremic frost deposition on skin irritation, the patient often itching and discomfort, and affect sleep and scratch the skin vulnerable to infection. Therefore, should wash with warm water and scrub, keep the skin clean, avoid using soap and alcohol. Frequently changes of clothes, blankets. Patients with severe edema, but also should pay attention to protect the skin, to be frequently changed the decubital, massage of pressure areasand prevention of bedsores.

Confidence, and adherence to treatment, to keep the peace of mind, optimism.

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How to remove a 9 cm cyst on kidney?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cyst on kidney which is about 9 cm needs to be removed. This is because too large cyst on kidney has a bigger chance of rupture no matter it is simple cyst or complex cyst. Rupture of cysts can cause mild to severe complications.

In mild cases, if a cyst ruptures, blood may be undetectable to the eye, only being detected by a urinalysis screen available through your physician.

In more severe cases, the cysts may cause bleeding that is visible during urine excretion.

Ruptured kidney cysts, in severe cases, can lead to obstructed blood flow in certain parts of the kidney resulting in damage.

Hence a 9 cm cyst on kidney needs to be removed to avoid the rupture. In addition, a 9 cm cyst can cause symptoms such as back pain, blood in urine, urinary tract infection, etc. People with a large cyst can feel back pain from time to time.

How to remove a 9 cm cyst on kidney?

Surgeries can remove the cyst.

Laparoscopy or aspiration will be used to remove the cyst.

Laparoscopy and cyst removal is the treatment of choice for some patients with numerous or very large cysts. The laparoscopic approach is best for removing a large number of cysts and for those with a condition called adult polycystic kidney disease (APCKD).


Diet plan of renal insufficiency

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Renal insufficiency not only give patients cause I was very troubled, and will bring the whole family is also very heavy blow. So when signs of illness, you must pay attention to actively cooperate with treatment, to prevent the deterioration of renal insufficiency.

1, Water control: When renal dysfunction in patients with renal failure and decreased urine output, water will accumulate in the body, cardiovascular system load increases, patients will lose vitality, body swelling, weight increased, cough, hematocrit reduce heart failure, hypertension, pericarditis, and dialysis patients prone to headaches, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps due to dehydration drama, imbalance syndrome.

2,Control of salt: the stage of renal insufficiency in patients unable to discharge the water and salt, easily lead to swelling and increased blood pressure. Patient day should not exceed the consumption of 5 grams of salt. If the patient is loss of appetite, and you do not need to control salt in order to be able to eat and nutritious for the former title, until a good appetite, adequate nutrition, and then limit the salt.

3, Adequate intake of calories: patients with renal dysfunction in protein restriction, in order to avoid the lack of heat supply, will increase the production of nitrogenous waste, eat more high-calorie and very low protein food to supplement the physical.

4,Limit protein intake: eat less, consume the body's muscles and splanchnic tissues, it is necessary to eat correctly and of sufficient quality protein, the amount should be 1-1.2 grams per day per kilogram of body weight, intake of high quality physiological high valueanimal protein food. The most important food nutrients in patients with renal insufficiency, protein, excessive protein intake will increase the load of patients with kidney, accelerated deterioration of renal function, but too little to another may lead to malnutrition, the patient to take advantage of this degree.

In addition to the Note on the diet should pay attention to the details of life:

Pay attention to the care of skin pruritus. Due to the residual renal function in patients with renal insufficiency energy progressive decline in glomerular effective filtration rate, rather than can the body of toxic substances excreted out the body of metabolic waste and toxic substances will easily cause skin itching. At this time, patients with renal insufficiency to avoid excessive force scratch, to prevent skin damage bacterial infections and worse.There bedsore care. Often transform the patient's position, generally every 2-3 hours to turn over 1. Drag, pull, push, such as action, and should be avoided to prevent skin abrasions.


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