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good day

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reasons why today rocked...

1 - didn't go to work (first time in 3+ weeks)

2 - made raspberry pancakes :)

3 - ate a few dark chocolate cadbury crunchie eggs

4 - worked off all the food w/ 4+ hours of hiking & letterboxing :)

5 - it was 60+ degrees out!

Yep, that about sums it up

Let's forget the fact that I accomplished nothing related to work...Oh well, job security. It'll be there tomorrow.

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Q8PRINCESS 3/12/2012 11:52PM

    I'm now dreaming about those mini eggs. Wonder if there are available here?

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KHAMELEON1 3/12/2012 8:17AM

    yep, the cadbury mini eggs with the crunchy outer coating. i'm obsessed with them, so it's a good thing they're only available around Easter. they make them now in dark chocolate and milk chocolate. i'm an equal opportunity chocolate eater, but my BF prefers the dark chocolate. his help ensures that i don't eat the entire bag, so i allow it

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SARALEIGHM 3/12/2012 7:56AM

    Um, I think the first day of not going to work in 3+ weeks is for doing anything BUT work. Sounds like a very good day! What are these dark chocolate cadbury crunchie eggs you speak of? They wouldn't be the Mini Eggs, would they? I love them! I buy them as soon as they hit the stores and share them with my stitching groups (dangerous to open a bag alone in my house).

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Q8PRINCESS 3/11/2012 11:42PM

    Raspberry pancakes sound really yummy! Sounds like just such a great day!

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GOLFLADY11 3/11/2012 11:17PM

    Well kudos to you. You only go around once so gotta make it count! Sounds like you had a great day! emoticon

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little confession:

I don't often get a chance to watch the Biggest Loser on TV -- because it's 2 long, drawn out hours. But I caught it tonight. And tonight, like almost every other night that I've watched an episode, I got hungry. I feel completely guilty about it. I start craving candy, sweets, chocolate, ice creams -- you name it. Tonight I was better at controlling the cravings over other nights. I can honestly say that it only caused me to binge on herbal tea and 2 or 3 Tootsie Rolls. But still...

What is it about this show that makes me crave food instead of motivates me to want to work out? Maybe I'm empathizing with all the pain and hunger of the competitors?

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SHRINKING_SARA 2/29/2012 1:00PM

    I try and watch it, but during commercials do sit up or crunches or leg lifts -- something to show that I'm watching and working out. Last year though, I would totally be eating ice cream or something and feel horrible about it.

Try out something like that to see if it helps with the cravings.

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Q8PRINCESS 2/29/2012 10:55AM

    Ironic that they play food commericals in a weight loss show. When my neice was little she use to repeat the toy commericals word for word. We asked if she was influenced by TV advertising and she said no. Sometimes a cmmerical can be a trigger for me especially if it involves coffee!

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KHAMELEON1 2/29/2012 8:57AM

    There are commercials on during the show and I didn't pay attention to how many involved food -- but I'm almost wondering if it wasn't some trickery to that. Or perhaps subliminal messaging :P

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Q8PRINCESS 2/28/2012 11:40PM

    Maybe it's just watching TV. I don't get much down with the TV on. I've started listening to the radio again instead. We don't get the biggest loser here, maybe it's a good thing.

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SARALEIGHM 2/28/2012 11:29PM

    I've never watched it. This makes me not want to watch it. I don't need any excuses to snack at night.

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Lil frustrated, but I'll get over it

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm a firm believer that things do work out in the end. When you're struggling to understand why things aren't going your way or you've fallen off the bandwagon for the umpteenth time this month/year/etc., it's time to dust off your knees and keep going. Things will work out and while it may not be exactly the way you planned or wanted it to go, you're going to make it work and it's going to be great. This is my mantra and while I sometimes lose focus on it's meaning, I always come back around to this approach in the end.

For me right now, it's that stress levels are starting to climb. I'm months away from finishing my education (a 20+ year commitment that will leave me with a PhD). For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to work for a certain organization. And I literally have spent my entire student career working my butt off to achieve the grades and resume needed to obtain a position with this organization. I even earned an extremely rare internship with them back in undergrad. A few years back, they called me and asked me to quit grad school and come back to work for them. I declined stating that I really wanted to finish my PhD and if they could just hold on another year or two, I'd come back gladly. That was before the recession though. Now this organization isn't hiring and hasn't for a long time. I really don't want to work anywhere else. Filling out applications for jobs that I know deep down I won't like is heartbreaking. But I don't really know what else to do. I need a job after graduation. I know that once hiring starts up again with that organization, I can apply -- but who knows how soon that will be. And often, you must sign a multi-year contract to start with a company. So I may be locked into a job I hate for years. A 20+ year dream and plan are fraying at the edges and quite frankly fraying my nerves.

So yes, I'm frustrated -- shed a few tears as well, but who's counting. I'm trying to focus on the good. It's time to "suck it up buttercup" and dust off my knees. Things are going to work out. I'm going to find a job and figure something else. It may not be what I thought I always wanted, but I'm going to make it work.

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Q8PRINCESS 2/25/2012 1:44AM

    It must be very heard finding a job right now. Things really do work out. Any company would be lucky to have you.

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SARALEIGHM 2/24/2012 8:12AM

    That _is_ frustrating and heartbreaking. But you just never know what's going to happen with the economy. It may be a few years before the dream organization is hiring again, but if you can limit your contract to as short a period of time possible wherever you end up after grad school, you may still get there sooner than you think. Yeah, I'm kind of a Pollyanna type, looking on the bright side. (Does anyone even get that reference anymore?)

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BONDMANUS2002 2/23/2012 11:18AM

  you can do it

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Chili Fest

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I've been going on about how Half-Priced Chocolate Day is my favorite foodie day in February, but I was forgetting it's close 2nd place counterpart -- CHILI FEST!!!

Now before you go scolding me on the fact that I ate 7 different chilis at the fest (you know, to decide which was best), I did do an extra long and hardcore workout at the gym this morning to account for it. And they aren't giant bowls of chili. Each booth gives a small taster's cup. But all were delicious -- mmm, even the one that was so spicy, they had you put a few mini-M&Ms on top to bite down the heat.

So nummy nummy -- a great Saturday away from lab.

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SARALEIGHM 2/19/2012 10:13AM

    Sounds delightful! I made a bison chili for Super Bowl Sunday, including grinding my own chili pepper blend.

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Q8PRINCESS 2/19/2012 12:22AM

    I have a chili recipe that has cocoa powder in it. I always wondered why but maybe it's for the heat or maybe not.

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Eye spy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've been asked a few times why I use the eye as my profile picture -- not just on SP but on other social network sites as well. Some people are bothered by it. My guess is that those are the same people that have issues touching their eyeballs to put in contact lenses. Some people think it's cool -- and/or ask if I like Lord of the Rings.

But in answer to the queries, here we go...

1. yes, it really is a picture of one of my eyes

2. yes, i do have 2 fully functioning eyes

3. no i did not blind myself taking the photo -- it's called turning off the flash ;)

4. my eyes are naturally this blue (no contacts folks) but the color can range from a dark gray to bright blue depending on my health, mood, etc.

5. no i'm not an obsessed LOTR fan -- the movies are good, but i could live with never having to watch them again (please tell that to my obsessed bf and his 15 hour director's cut edition)

6. where was i? oh yeah -- the why?

Because no one ever looks at an eye and can immediately tell what size and shape you are -- literally, just by looking at that eye, you can't tell if i'm 6 ft tall and 500 lbs or 5 ft tall and 100 lbs -- the truth lies somewhere in between. Besides, eyes are such as expressive part of yourself and no two eyes are the same. Isn't that awesome? We can use retinal scans just like fingerprints because you'll never find someone else with the exact same eye as yourself. Thus showing off your eye is one of the most personal things you can reveal about yourself without really revealing much at all.

So yup, I "heart" eyes. And for those out there that are "creeped" out by the pic -- you're just going to have to suck it up and deal with it.

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Q8PRINCESS 2/17/2012 8:27AM

    I thought just your eye was such a great idea, I love it. Eyes are the windows to the soul.

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SARALEIGHM 2/17/2012 8:07AM

    I can't remember in what era it was, but it was once the fashion for women to give their lovers a miniature portrait of their eye. I find that fascinating. And I've always enjoyed seeing your eye looking out at me. I know who's there.

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