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Poor Lou

Monday, March 30, 2009

Separate quick side note. My dear Louis has injured his back right leg and has been limping. It is sad to see him hurting and we need to take him to the vet this week. My walking partner and I might be mending together.

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    Aww that is so sad. I hope Louis gets better soon!

~ Kimmie. Leader of the HOTTEST SparkTeam No Topic Off Limits! ~

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SPARKLE_1272 3/30/2009 1:44AM

    Sounds like it has gotten worse.. poor Lou-Bear : (

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IAMCHANGE 3/30/2009 1:05AM

    Hope its not to bad. Yes you need to him some help. emoticon I'm sending out love and up a pray for him.

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*What a weekend*

Monday, March 30, 2009

I woke up Saturday morning feeling frustrated with my body. I didn't know what to put into my mouth. I'd just finished stocking my cupboards with healthy, high protein vegan products -- which all just happened to have a high level of iron. Due to my recent blood draw that showed too much iron, I am trying to keep my intake of iron to 50% of normal.

My husband, who has been researching my health stuff told me that it was amazing that we'd been able to find this as quickly as we did. Even if my iron levels are high, suggestive of hemochromatosis, my ferritin level was in the normal range. This means damage has not yet occurred in my organs -- as Dan, my husband and doctor pointed out "we must have found this at the very beginning".

It got me thinking about the miracle he pointed out to me. My attempt to be vegan during Lent lead me to be extremely careful in my diet. Healthy vegetables and beans are often high in iron. So my daily intake was pumped up iron. Additionally Aunt Flow (4 mo) has decided to see other friends. The combo was enough to highlight this problem. I still need to follow up with the genetic testing, but I see the early discover of this as a reward for following the inner promptings of my heart. {I'm backing off being vegan until this week is over, between iron levels, mother, sleep study and too fast weight loss - too much}

Stepping on the scale this weekend was the first time I was scared at going down in weight. I even ate ice cream on Saturday and still lost 1.4 lbs in one day. It reminded me of a friend I met out here that lost, but is not with us any more. I thought, I really need to up my calories and take this slower, especially when my body is going through so much.

My husband has been wonderful support. He took my to the store to buy new food, he helped me pick up the house, he gave me a very sweet hug, and even helped me get out of the house today for a long walk in the sun. Sometimes he makes the world feel amazing. Like when I'm worried about my mother's biopsy this week, my head is on and off feeling light and dizzy, I'm feeling that it is hard to keep up, and I'm reluctant to move...he points out the miracle in my life. How luck I am to have identified this so early. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. Walking with him and Louis this evening was a perfect end to the weekend that started out so frustrating and scary.

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SLOW-N-STEADY 3/30/2009 12:49PM

    My goodness girl ... you've got some challenges going on. I'm glad you found out early tho' ... and that you are taking good care of yourself. emoticon Suanne

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Working Canter

Friday, March 27, 2009

This horse has been the the barn for the last few days with a feedbag. Today I broke out into a canter in the sun - translated got Vitamin D via the 1000 IU and a sunbed for 6 minutes. I reigned in the eating and took a suggestion from a member to get some fruit for breakfast - hello orange.

I danced this evening with my husband giving laughter for encouragement. And Louis even danced with me. By note, my husband does have a rib fracture - I hear his groans at night (I feel so guilty for having made him ski too fast down the hill).

I got through the day, but there was one point that I was feeling so cold (I ran my hands under hot water to heat them up, but they turned to ice within five minutes), I was short on breath, and I just felt extreme fatigue again...I wondered if I was going to make it. My endocrinologist left me a message that because the TSH was in normal range, not to worry (it is us nearly two points in two months) and I should check with my regular doctor about HRT. NO WAY! My mom had Fallopian tube cancer - NOT a good option for me, to say nothing about the stroke risk. I ache today. The joints on my feet look like gout. My brain function was off, it was hard to think. I'm getting strange muscle contractions. I kept my eating in line. Nine more days like this to make up for the damage of the last two days.

I feel the sleep study appointment is such a waste of time, since the high iron levels could be throwing this off. I looked into giving blood after work today, but they didn't want my blood because the iron level was too high. I will need a doctor's order to have a therapeutic draw.

1,2,3, 1,2, 3 1,2, 3 I'm just going to keep this pace until they figure is out. Do I have a choice?

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KUNGFOOD 3/29/2009 8:36AM

    Perseverance. IMHO, getting the answer is so liberating, even if it takes years. Sending positive energy to you and your family. Good luck with your Mom on Monday!

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Stress, Sugar and Survival

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In order to survive my husband grabs chocolate. Sugar is my key. It helps me think, it allows me to move when I don't feel like doing so, it makes me happy. Maybe this is emotional eating, today it was chemical balance.

Today was stressful. I had the day off work, but all I did was go, go, go. I called to follow up on some homeowner's board planning, I called and made doctor's appointments, I picked up the house, I raced down to Harborview to be with my mother for four hours (turn out today was pre-biopsy and they will do the procedure Monday), and attempting to get my exercise in. It is only 6:30 and I'm going to go to bed when I'm done with this.

All day long I felt short of breath and not just tired, but extreme, "I want to lay down where I am and I could care less who sees me on the ground" tired.

Yesterday I ate meat. Today I ate sugar. Funny I don't even feel guilty. I was racing and grabbing food that I normal won't be eating - sprite, cookies. It keep me going and prevented me from having a frustration, crying fit. So I had a sugar fit instead.

My doctor called me a little bit ago and the plan is for me to start taking Vitamin D daily (1000 IU), stop taking any vitamins that contain Iron - yet continue with normal eating, follow up with the sleep study Tuesday, follow up with the endocrinologist (got lab values faxed over today), take a puff of inhaler before exercise (I normally hate the stuff it races my heart) and see her in a few weeks.

I'm still surviving. If I was honest with myself, I'm frustrated with my body and just wish I didn't have to make choices on eating that come to slam me in the face like the overshot on iron. Looking back over my log (helpful!) I see some surprising sources of iron like cocoa powder and cinnamon (really high for the calorie count). These I will cut out.

But I breath and remember it was just one day and I'm learned. I've learned that just because it is helpful for one day to let down, doesn't mean that I must continue this way for the rest of the month. I still am surviving. I still am surviving................

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SLIKOLYNN 3/26/2009 10:12PM

    You ARE a survivor!

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ELECTRALYTE 3/26/2009 3:27PM

    I love the way you understand yourself, take care of yourself.
No doubt you and your doctor will get this figured out.
I think if it makes you ''happy" it can be worked into any healthy plan.
Feel better my friend. emoticon

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Fine tuning and gaining understanding

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So got more labs back today.

Vitamin D is low - no surprise I live in cloud-rain filled Seattle. So taking Vitamin D, on days I don't go walking in the sun isn't enough.

Hemoglobin High, Iron high.

,,,,,from Medline...
Anyone in a high risk category or with the following symptoms might get checked for acquired iron overload:

chronic fatigue - Yes
arthritic pain in joints - slightly on and off
loss of libido (sex drive) or impotence - yes thought it was part of menopause
amenorrhea (premature cessation of menstrual cycle) - last four months
changes in skin color such as jaundice - don't think so
bronze or gray-olive colored skin - if so, I haven't noticed
a tan without being in the sun - nah I'm pale
redness in the palms of the hands - I'm too cold, just white
abdominal pain - yes on my right side
weight loss - as a matter of fact yes, but isn't that from being good at watching what I eat
shortness of breath - with asthma I always have a little, stuff nose
chest pain - yes
heart arrhythmia - yes
depression - slightly moody, but I'm been attempting to be super positive
elevated blood sugar - not been tested
hypothyroidism - OH YES!
enlargement of spleen - don't know
elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) - not been tested

I have asthma (with the high tested level of eosinophil) maybe the higher altitude of Crystal Mt. did something... or maybe a tree allergy...or hemochromatosis (which would fit with the FSH/LH level being post menopausal and four months of not having blood lose. Or maybe with the shift to not having periods and the vegan diet and attempting to get more iron (raisins, spinach, broccoli, vitamins) and protein I overshot.

I'm off of vegan today, just too many things hitting me. I learned my mother is going in for a head biopsy tomorrow. I learned my husband while getting down from the mountain rapidly yesterday to get to me, went off a cliff and landed on his back....he was moaning in pain today. I had bouts of faster heartbeats today - drinking water did seem to help, but I took off work early.

I'm reading and attempt to fit pieces together. I had an appointment with the sleep doctor on Tuesday. I didn't exercise today (just 1.5 miles passive walking I don't count this stuff), so I will need to try more tomorrow.

I'm exhausted, good night!

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SLIKOLYNN 3/25/2009 9:56PM

    Forever in my prayers you are.

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JOHAL52 3/25/2009 10:11AM

    Oh my goodness, I was exhausted reading your blog!!

Do you sometimes wonder about modern medicine? I mean, they tell you all these things that are going on with you and the knowledge makes you jittery, which elevates the whatever and they order another test? (Speaking as someone who is waiting for the results from her CT scan.)

I lived in Vancouver BC for three years---I know about rain. I think Vancouver has Seattle beat.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Did you ever follow up on the Ershman connection?


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