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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Day 2: Sore lymph nodes swollen but still tried. Tracked food, 12-min seated core workout, took Cole-dog for claw clipping, got part of my car fixed. Wanted to lay in bed but didnt, two fainting episodes, doubled water intake.

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PAG2809 2/13/2014 7:53AM

    Hang in there! emoticon

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SAL1512 2/2/2014 2:33PM

    Despite the sore nodes, you got a lot done that day!

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BARBGEO 2/1/2014 9:59AM


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Wearing a Tiara

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Symbols can seem so silly. I remember the first time I looked and Sparkgoodies and it was like - say what?! But today I got a tiara Sparkgoodie and it brought back all the sensations of being the woman that daily did stairs, mile walks and reached a weigh where even if not skinny, I was proud of my picture.

So I started again today. I cleared off my old streak counter. I logged food, did a really easy starter bit of exercise (Nicole's seated 12-minute core workout), I blogged for the second day in a row - I also started working on clearing out my over 8,000 email inbox that has piled up since the road trip, holidays and illness.

So does this mean I feel well? Nope, I don't but I realize I need to start being mindful again. My body is super unconditioned. I'm at 211 pounds. That is down from the 236 soar that happened after my father's death (yea with retrospect so much easier to see that as emotional eating and tons of fast food as I was trying to manage so much) - yet my body is nothing like it was before my father's passing.

So I'm going to try to do a daily dig out of this hole. 10 minutes a day of each tracking, exercise and a personal goal...and increase as I can by 5 minutes. How long will it take to get to an 8 hour day? I don't know, but I do know I need to be doing more.

February 1 in the 1 year anniversary of my dad's passing. In so many ways, I was the widow this year. Because my mother was in the hospital with a broken hip when he died, it was me that did all the typical things a widow might do - burial and funeral arrangements, talking to friends and relatives, tax and accounting clean up - now that is truly wrapped up. I've had a strange feeling all year that my father has been pulling on me, not wanting to be alone. I've had nightmares about his final week. I've projected that on myself.

Today I put on my tiara and started acting like a person expecting a day that she will be feeling well again.

Day 1: Tracked food, weighed in, did 10 minutes of exercise, and cleared my 8000+ in box to 5,710.

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SAL1512 1/31/2014 11:26PM

I know it isn't much, just an emoticon, but it is all I got . . .

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BARBGEO 1/31/2014 9:03PM

    You know I emoticon you. You have been the sweetest friend and I am so glad to know you... I hate that things have been so tough.
Sending you glorious gems... as you send them off to us in your words of WISDOM AND FELLOWSHIP.

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Thanks Seahawks

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I've always been a rather weak sports fan. Partial because my family didn't own a TV while I was growing up. However, my father and grandfather we true Yankees fans, which my dad would listen to in the garage from a maroon Bakelite radio. There was only one volume - super loud - as he was listening with a Camel in his left hand and some tool fixing Betsy; our 1956 powder blue chevy. The words never made sense. Yet, the summer of 1969 when I was ten, he took us to the open air games of the Seattle Pilots. It was perfect. Soft summer breezes. Bags of hot peanuts. Singing, cheering and then shaking the players hands and getting, autographs. My brother even won a skateboard from a ticket number draw. It set a place for baseball in my heart.

Growing up I trying to do team sports at school, but it was always a mystery why one time I could hit a ball and the next completely miss. However, in college I joined a co-ed baseball team and played roving fielder, learned how to use a baseball mitt, how to bunt and how to full slam a ball out field using your whole body in one sweeping motion. Base running is my kind of running. I'm a sprinter (now I know I have asthma, but just as my breathing was getting hard, a final push and BASE. From time to time baseball was the one thing I could put my head into and even got a few seats at Mariner games.

In high school I had courtside seats to the local Seattle Super Sonics basketball team because my boyfriends uncle was the the general manager (rip Zollie, supremely smart and insightful man.). Those were the years of them winning penants, downtown confetti parades, hearing squeezes of Nike and Adias (the dawn of leather sports shoes), and cross-talk between ultra tall stars. These were peak year in my appearance (when a one week oyster and salad diet could always tame the scales back to 116) and I dressed well as our seats were always being televised. But did I really understand the game...not really but it was exciting all the same. Where are those Sonic now, ironic that boom city players sold out to be sooners in OK.

BUT then football. In my head it was the anti-sport. It was in Fall and Winter, which in Seattle for high school football meant wet, cold, loud and where did that ball go?? I honestly studied this game to try to get what all the mass fan attraction was, but all I saw were the injuries, brutallity and my misery trying to watch.

Maybe it was my father passing. Maybe it was just having more time on my hands and the access to games via my Kindle and ESPN, but this season I decided to keep up with each game. The feed I watched has a play by play print out that tells what the foul was, while player blocks or ran to make the down. This season I was really into the Seahawks. They didn't let me down. They won won won won...finally there was a lost, but they recovered - very nicely.

I've spent a lot of the last two months dragging as I fought this lung infection (yes the bubble, crackle breathing is still with me and I faint if I'm on my feet too long), but two weekends ago I forced my husband to take me to the local sports bar so I could drink coffee and practice my cheer 49ers in the mud, Seahawks soar all above. And THEY DID! My daughter sat in the Red Zone (see I compensated and got her hyped about sports early...oh yea her Dominator soccor team will always be my number one.

So this weekend, we are back to the sports bar for the Superbowl: Bronos vs. Seahawks NY Feb 2. The thank you is for my team making me Feel athletic even when I get stabbing pains in my chest. Inspiring me to get back out my pink three pound hand weights, to do short bouts of vacuuming, and walks.

The months almost over and honestly I haven't done a lot to brag about. Most of my time was trying to sleep while hacking and then being exhaused the next day. But I have mental been very active following the Hawks and that have drawn me week by week through life with an anticipatory attitude. Go Seahawks!

Day 0: Ground zero - got the mental attitude spark, blogged and cleared messages from my phone, programmed my bedside phone.

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SAL1512 1/31/2014 11:24PM

    Glad to know you are for the Seahawks as much as I am for the Broncos !!!
Every time the Broncos went to the Super Bowl, we had a big party at our house.
Not this time so maybe they will win !!!
PS Continue to get better!

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BARBGEO 1/30/2014 10:02AM

    Honey, you are putting one foot in front of the other... and that is a bunch to brag about!


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Update for the New Year 2014

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I have never been so ready for a new year. 2013 I was so sure was going to be the year that turned things around and rather it was the year I lost my father, aunt, my neighbor, the woman I was caring for, for awhile and mother of a best friend. It was a year of living alone with my husband on the opposite coast working his soul out to make us not go bankrupt with high medical expenses. And we end the year both unemployed trying to figure a way out of this mess.

1) I've run out of most of my medicines. I'm currently using a stock pile of thyroid meds I had literally in my "end of the world" storage. I no longer have the clinical level of Vitamin D (5000 units), so I am taking 5 over the counter 1000 which don't store in my pill reminder. The remicade is a thing of the past, but now so is the new humeria. I had gotten a card from the manufacturer, so I only had to pay the shipping cost. But now that the company that delivers in found out I no longer have Cobra they won't deliver. I've looked at ordering drugs directly from abroad China/India. Some success. 1/15 the cost. Humeria unfortunately I can't do this way because it must be delivered with refrigeration.

Have been trying since October to get on the National Healthcare. What a tease! The October application online gave an error message at the end, so I redid and got the same. Then the State of Washington sent me a letter to complete it and gave me a phone number to call. I've called 18 days and every time the line is busy. The last time they had a message about their website, so I went on there and refilled out an application but at the end of then it also errors out saying I was lacking documentation - but it doesn't tell me what and refers me to - you guessed it - ahhhhhhhhh the phone number. According to the letter, I have until January 7th to complete this order all my application information is zeroed out. And if I don't sign up by March I will have to pay a $95 fine?!?! Govt is interfering with my pursuit of happiness on this one. Dang can say the words I really want to say about this. But this is one messed up messy mess. We're from the government and we're here to help you, right.

2) I'm learning to live without medications. I'm really tired most of the time. But my dh will bring me hot water bottles to easy my pains and coffee to try to wake me up. I've learned to go up and downstairs with my back against the wall to prevent falls. This is just what I am.

Since just before Thanksgiving I have been dealing with a lung infection that makes it very hard to breath. Which every time I lay down I start hacking, so I've been sleeping with a wedge (Thanks Betsy) but I don't sleep as well. So half my current problem is very inadequate sleep.

3) Friends have been amazing on helping with food during the holiday season. One got me a $25 dollar gift card to a grocery store in exchange for me helping her for a day make food for guests coming to her home (13 days of food prep in one day - she would open jars and cut, and I was roasting Red and Anaheim peppers, making a wine reduction sauce for over pasta etc etc), other sent me a Christmas card with $50, my daughter brought me leftovers that were amazing from a holiday party (yes yes frozen back in potions to use in future soups and casserole). And this was after a careful shopping job at Costco for holiday parties. So we have been eating well this month. And I still have the gift card for January.

4) My dog scored for Christmas. My one friend this summer helped me get multiple bags of food on a extreme discount sale for him. So he already was set with basic kibble. My mother in-law was an insightful dear and got him tons of healthy treats and wet food which is a real special treat. This was such an amazing present as it allows me to reward him for great behavior. He is growing up to be quite the gentleman dog. The puppy ways are losing ground to a very sweet mature, dog.

5) Because my husband is back home I now have the ability to use his computer to blog while he is asleep, rather than my Kindle - so I can look half way intelligent, rather than the poor typing that comes from a tiny, touch screen.

6) I can finally lay to rest the psychological stress of the year. As my mum final paid back the burial/memorial service costs. This doesn't ease cash flow however, because she wants the money to be saved, so I made a living trust out of the money with it being able to be used for medical costs for self and family members or family member educational costs. Long story behind this, probably not appropriate to share. Just very confused as to why my ability to intelligently work with money and be responsible would be questioned when I was the one that singularly took care of a mother with a broken hip and same month my father was dying, then while taking her to PT appointment was able to drive and have my aunt die in my arms, drive all my family back for the funeral, arrange my fathers memorial service (service aids, music, flowers, food, assisting without of town guests) and do this all while living on $400 a month. Lesson learned. Never again.

7) So I step into 2014 a more free person. I can refocus on digging out of the health, financial situation I'm in. I'm starting a daily time span to write. I've for a long time wanted to write two novels - both of which I started and got lost on broken computers. But I can start again. The other one I want to get to writing is how to live like a gourmet on a poor budget. I've had two years of experience and it has never been ramen or mac and cheese.

8) My new years resolution is simply to accomplish at least one goal a month I will be proud to brag about here. Hopefully it will lead to a healthier, weigh controlled year too. So I won't promise daily blogs but I will try to be trying enough to have a once a month input. Thank you to all that have remembered me with posts, mail and spark goodies. Let's all have a 2014 that beats the soxes off of 2013!

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RENEEGADE 1/6/2014 9:30PM

    I have been thinking of you and wishing you a lot of prayers and hoping that things get better for you and your family. emoticon

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BARBGEO 1/2/2014 10:46AM

    Hi Sweetie!
I am so glad that when I got back here you were here!!!


Sending you hugs for the new year! b

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SAL1512 1/1/2014 5:41PM

    So glad to get the update as you have been in the back of my mind during this holiday season. Praying that something good happens to you wearever it is needed most at the moment. Yep, that is the way a prayer goes when you have so many multiple problems. So sorry that 0bamaCare is hurting more than it helps. But I have a feeling that is what the goal of the out of control, I do not care about the citizens, BIG government was in the first place.
We are praising God that my dear husband has not had a surgery since May of 2012 and so far there is not even one scheduled. We are just realizing the freedom and strength we have to get some things done around here. I know you understand what I am talking about. When you are ill, a care giver, your daily activities just do not get done when you are just surviving. What a blessing to be able to get up and just do it! I pray that this kind of blessing happens to you guys!
Happy New Year!

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Eating Healthy When Dirt Poor #1

Sunday, November 03, 2013

With fruits and vegatables, never let anything to waste. Any even on a low budget add some.

A) Avoid the grocery store. Check at local u-pick farms, organic farms, road side stands. A few bug holes are not the end of the world. If you explain your situation, I've often been able to trade picking extra or weeding for a reduces cost. When you get home, hose off all items outsides to reduce the amount of dirt coming in your house. I have my basket and set of clother and a clipper set for these adventurer.

B) The freezer is your friend. Eat as much as you can fresh, but plan so there is no waste and upfront while in fresh condition to set aside some in your freezer. Ive read sites that say onions dont freeze well, this is totally untrue. Onions stretch soups, casseroles, pizza, breakfast omelets...and having pre chopped onions mades it so easy. Carrots, celery, broccoli stems, spinach stems all are excellent to chop up put in individual baggies for a serving size, then place all baggies in a larger bag and twist to avoid freezer smells entering the food

Of course banana freezes well and any denses lower water content fruit. Not only are these great for smoothies, but I make a snack icecream but adding whey powder to it. I cant over brag enough about frozen bulk bags of berries, diced fruit. It is by far the best fruit valvue. The flash freezing process gives a beautiful thawed result.

C) Stems and end bits are your friends. Of course wash off dirty and remove dead leaves, but the oxidized ends of vegatables, the seed pith part of peppers, tough stem ends of califlower, brocolli and asparagus, the tops of carrots the paper that is not moldly from the outside of onions...these are the based of a stock that mades rice a flavorfilled pilaf or soup. SAVE all of these and freeze back in a bag. Then one a week while you are cooking boil this up on a back burner and strain off the liquid.

Same goes for apple cords, peels, mango pits, pineapple rind, you can place these in water over night in the refrigerator and have a natural fruit water. I've frozen this back for later use and been happy with the results. I also have boiled down peels for natural pectin thickener.

Grated all orange and lemon zest to freeze back for flavor. Another option is to candy it with sugar with mades for an amazing orange beef. Bottom line look at every bit and say can I eat this.

D) The oven and microwave can help dehydrate banana chips, kale leaves, tomatoe slices, pototoe (to add to soups), apple snacks. Try to use the oven after already using it to cook other things.

E) Vinegar and citric acid. If you know you're not going to be able to finish a tomato, dice it up and put it into a jar of left over pickle juice, nearly all high water content food saves well in vinegar. I even did a jar with mangos and fresh pineapple that turned into a beautiful over salads relish. If you rather a more fruity taste, citric acid is amazing. Adding it to anything fruit will keep it from browning and last longer in your refrigerator. Washing the outside of cucumbers with this helps them last longer.

F) Window garden. This is a year round delight, parsley, chives are the best, some lettuse works and sprouting radishes and mung beans. I moved a lamp next to my kitchen sink so at night my babies keep growing. I also grow my own ginger and tumeric.

G) Bananas my best loved bargain fruit. Ok honestly my favorites are plums, but you have to love that for the price of two plums, two people can have fruit for a week with bananas. Any other great buy seasonal fruit can be turned into low sugar freezer jam.

H) Go shopping with a friend and split. You can get bulk prices with the advantage of not spoiling. This is particularly good for adding variety and flavor.

I) Shop when produce is being changed. This is Thursday night through Saturday morning (think 4am) You can get bargains on things that need to be used right away. Make a whole dinner on these items so they don't go to waste. Look for seasonal leftovers like pumkins - thinly slicked and roasted with olive oil thyme and black pepper. Bargain seedless grapes that are slightly soft can be marinateds in balsamic vinegar for an hour and cooked - I was surprise how amazing these are. After Thanksgiving those discount cranberries freeze back for a summer of cranberryaid.

J) Golden rules for me, keep a clean refrigerator. Washing down surfaces, using up leftover right away all help keep fruits and veggies longer.

K) Canned. I leave this for last as I will always select fresh over canned anyday. But at bulk stores canned peaches, mandarin oranges, any tomato product, corn, carrots....they have been show in some ways to have Higher nutritional value.
and more importantly these will bridge the gap when prices soar.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SAL1512 11/4/2013 11:23PM

    I have learned a few bits of information.
Thank you!

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KBASSIMER 11/3/2013 7:56PM

    good ideas
I love the frozen veggies and fruit because I don't have to worry about it going bad in the fridge

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PLUGINALONG 11/3/2013 7:40PM

    Thanks for an informative blog,

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