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Did I expect too much?

Monday, May 14, 2007

I wondered this morning if I expected too much from SP when I joined? I felt like this was my answer. I could finally do something to make myself look and feel better.
Well, here it is 8 months later, the only thing is different is the way I eat. I have gotten others to join SP because I believe it is truely a miracle, I do my part as a CT member, I even follow my own advice that "it is not about the numbers, it is about being able to say, "I did good" ". And I do good and don' worry about the numbers, I do not even weigh in on a weekly basis just for that reason.
Here lies my problem, as much as I believe in SP and know it does work, how do I make it work for me? I follow rules and eat within the caloric range, with some days higher to move things around. I eat all my fruits, veggies, my fiber and protien. I look for everything high in fiber and buy it. But how do I make it work for me? I have asked for suggestions and tried everyone of them. I cannot afford a personal trainer, I do not have Ins through my job yet, so a doctor visit is out, and watching my husband who is a spark member also loose so fast (yes I know men loose faster then women) even though he eats what I eat.
So my question is did I expect too much from SP? Did I expect to just watch all of my weight come off like it has for others?
I have excercised until I just can't do it anymore (bad shoulder and knee), find anything I can to work up a sweat to burn calories. I just do not know what else to do.
I am not one for giving up. I waited 11 years to marry the one that I loved, so you can guess I can be determined, but I just do not know where or if I have gone wrong, or if my EXPECTATIONS are too high? The let downs are aweful and not rewarding to me at all.
Suffering from non weight loss is just not something I imagined anyone went through. But it does happen. The emptiness that is felt is just not acceptable by me and should not be accepted by anyone, it does not matter if you are trying to loose .5lb or 50lbs, no one should feel this way!
I have support, however, this does not seem to help the weight come off. I am tired of excuses and just need to know what direction I can go, I want a success story! Does that sound selfish? if so i'm fine with that! The only success story I have is being a member of Spark People for 8 months and not giving up! I still believe in SP and what it can do for you, but starting to have doubts of what it can do for me!
What is next for me......do I just accept I will never meet my goal, or be able to bend over and tie my shoes with out leaing sideways? Do I have to always look like I am pregnant when I am not (not that it is a bad thing to be pregnant I have 2 of my own). Do I have to always worry that eveytime I walk while wearing shorts I have to fix the legs.
I want to be comfortable with my weight not just accept what I weigh............

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TANNIE64 6/7/2007 9:09PM

    I can see how you would be feeling right now and I know you say you can't go to a doctor right now but I am wondering if there maybe a medical reason. Sometimes our bodys mess up and it takes a doc to find whats wrong. It is something to think about.

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JEN20071 5/21/2007 6:44PM

    I know how you feel, but I do think everyone is different and lose weight differently as well. While I think I've done very well - I look now and my goal was in June to lose all 32 pounds - I've lost 17 with 15 more to go!! It seems like a lot and maybe I set myself up. Though my b-day is in July - I thought I'd set it a month early. Now I'm giving myself to the end of June (rather than by June 1st).

This is a great site, but I have honestly not been very active on here and still just done have the time to track my food. I just watch what I eat, try and exercise when I can and remain consistant. I've had weeks where I didn't lose anything and that was discouraging and almost made me want to give up! But, I also remember how much better I feel so I need to keep it up no matter what!

I expected more from SP too - but people just don't have the time anymore! I hardly can keep up with my own daily life and e-mails - and then try to check out SP once in awhile.

Hang in there and it sounds like you are doing great in keeping consistant and doing all you can do. 8 months and continuing to eat well is a great accomplishment in itself!!


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Being Faithful

Friday, April 06, 2007

This morning I realized that even during my stressful time I have been faithful to myself without realizing it. It came naturally. I would usually just eat and eat when I was going through a large amount of stress. I would also get sick. Now I feel healthy, not dragging except for not enough sleep, and I have been still conciously watching what I eat. I still think about it without thinking about it.........
I feel I have made a difference in my life with the help of those around me at Spark! Life is much better, healthier and I enjoy laughing even more. Thank you to all of my friends here at Spark and the coaches and those who have encouraged me even when the plateau set in.

It feels good to be Faithful to myself, watching what I eat and what is in it, is now done naturally with out second thought..................


A Clear Day When It Rains

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Today when I woke up I knew it would be a lazy day. The rain was rough and loud. It made we want to be warm and lazy. I was up earlier than normal so I needed the short energy nap to get that burst.
Limits are set not by goals but by your body telling you this is the time to relax. I did not want to relax today due to I do need to hit my goals and numbers for the day.
Upon welcoming new members I preach "it is not about the numbers, it is about making yourself happy and being able to say, "I did good." "
I did not hear that today after the energy nap. I had no energy! Your mind can tell you what needs to be done and tell you it is what is best for you, but if you just do not have it, you don't have it! The "it" is knowledge of when to say it is time to rest and this is what is best for you and not have the guilt to go along with it. Not saying the guilt will not be there because it will, the empowerment of allowing your body to heal and take in the cleaning and restructuring it has been doing will be better and you will not feel the guilt. Guilt itself is not something we actually feel it is a concious decision and thought.
Through our journeys, we all will have ups and down. But you will be able to see "A Clear Day When It Rains". So on those rainy days when you want to just stay warm, do it and make yourself happy!

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CYNBAHD 3/6/2007 6:31PM

    I live in an area where we have snow and rain in the winter and I know how those lazy days are. I do not feel guilty when I don't get out of bed until 11 or sometimes 12. I have a partner that loves to snug and we sometimes stay in bed all day, just depends on what is on the agenda, The worst thing to do is to beet yourself up for giving yourself what it deserves, You work hard and abuse your body most of the time so when you get the chance to relax take it and with out feeling guilty you deserve it.


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WOODHEAT 2/27/2007 12:24AM

    You should have been a philosopher. I like the depth of your thoughts and you ability to put them into words. Words are the most powerful tools on earth. With them wars are avoided or sometimes begun. Words from people that we listen to can take us to wonderful vistas or the deepest canyons. Our own words control what we do and what we accomplish or too often do not accomplish. You yourself said that you say the right things to others here at Sparks, and they are the right things. Now make sure that you say the right things to yourself. In closing, after all this is said, I agree, you do what feels good at the moment. Climb to new vistas!


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Did I do Good?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Every day I work hard at my excerising and watching what I eat and how I plan my meals. My only wonder is did I do good? Have I done a good job today just because I met my #'s? How much does that mean and what does that mean? No one has seen what I have done. No one is here to say you may want to consider somethig else. So what have I truely achieved?
I have achieved the satisfaction of knowing that for a brief momet today I had a very large burst of energy and most important, I made myself smile. I made myself feel good. So yes, I did good!

Realization: It is not about the #'s it is about you!


What a week!

Friday, February 02, 2007

This week I lost 1.5 lbs and when I told my doctor he was upset. He wants me to loose it slower so that it stays off.
I am also not sure how much of a role that protien plays in weight loss. It has been a confusing week. I am happy I am losing weight but have I lost too much too soon? I feel healthy right now and I have not felt this way in a long time.

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NIKKITYE 3/7/2007 5:48PM

    Protein is important because it has amino acids in it that is vital for tissue building so when you are working out muscles get torn fdown and you need the protein to rebuild. You can get it from other sources but most beans and others are incomplete and do not have all the required amino acids. You would have to do a little research to get complete proteins from non-meat sources.

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CYNBAHD 3/6/2007 6:13PM

    I am not an expert but if you are drininking your water and eating the Caliories that Sparks sets up for you and exerciseing I don't think that 1.5 LBs is too much in a week, heck you are making lifestyle changes remember. So don't discourge yourself if your doctor says it's to much, listen to your body and what it is telling you. I have lost 11lbs in three months and I feel great. I wish it would come off faster but I know that if I want it to stay off I have to keep my healthy lifestyle in Play.

Good Luck Cynda

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SYLY_SYL 2/22/2007 12:44PM

    Everyone loses weight differently. If you're eating healthy and exercising then the weight you lose will stay off. You're doctor shouldn't be upset if you're losing in a healthy manner.

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