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Chinchilla Dust Bath

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A regular dust bath for chinchillas is very essential to their way of living since it is one of their natural behaviors. Chinchillas donít have any other way of cleaning themselves but to take a bath in a volcanic ash. By dust bathing chinchillas make themselves clean and healthy. Regular bathing can make their coats look fuller and smooth aside from the fun and thrill it can give to them.
Chinchilla pet owners may have a hard time providing dust bath for their chinchillas yet it can be done simply. Always use specified chinchilla dust bath to make them fresh and comfortable. Chinchillas are not allowed to take a bath in water because soaking in water will remove their bodyís natural oils. These oils protect chinchillaís skin and regulate their body temperatures. Dust baths are specifically made for chinchilla because these baths can penetrate to their coat down to the skin and help clean the fur by absorbing much oils and dirt. Other sand or powders may look and feel the same but it canít provide the desired and necessary comfort for chinchillas.
Dust bath gives them a happy thrill of running and rolling around. Always assess and ask yourself if you are indeed a good pet owner with ďAm I giving them enough care and dust bath?Ē Check on their progress and you will know the answers. Look for more appropriate ways about chinchilla dust bath at


Chinchilla Facts

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chinchillas are rodents that look like a squirrel or a rabbit and are a little bigger than a guinea pig. They originated from the mountains of South America. They are known to be social animals and what makes them distinct is their thick and luxurious coat for protection from the harsh environment elements. Proper chincilla care must be your top priority if you want to own one. For more information on chinchilla care facts visittp://