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Somebody pinch me...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Really hard...well, not too too hard. I have to ask myself how any mother of three boys could have time to over eat. I should be as skinny as a rail! If only KD and hot dogs were good for you. Then we'd all be healthy!! I am giving myself a swift kick in the pants...something...anything to get my motivation back. Not that I've been eating awful things and I've still been exercising. Most of all, it's hard to find time to log in here...which is where the motivation is! Anyways, I'll shut up now and go for a walk! :)

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WILSOCA 10/21/2008 8:09PM

    Consider your self pinched and kicked in the butt ... but not too hard :):)
Hee hee hee

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Back to school...back to Spark!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seems so easy to get off of this 'wagon' Summer break, vacations, road trips. We have had a complete lack of schedule this summer. Although I'm not looking forward to going back to work this October, I AM looking forward to having a bit more structure to our days. It's easier to bring healthy snacks to work, where there's no fridge full of temptation.

With the kids (that includes my husband) in the house, you'll still find cookies,chips and pop in my cupboards. I've just learned to buy them kinds that I don't like and then I'm not as tempted. I used to say to my husband - 'I can't eat that...' And instead, I now find myself saying 'I WON'T eat that...' Either way, he's always supportive of the changes I'm constantly making to our meals and habits. Half of the time, he doesn't even realize he's eating low fat meals....shhhhhhhhhh! :)

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WILSOCA 9/1/2008 3:51PM

    Back to the schedule !!! September it is !!!
Good luck going back to work. I hope you survive the first week of getting everything back on schedule. I'm sure it will be tiring but ... your shows are starting soon :):)
Have a great week !!

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The fat chick no longer lives here...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Last night I went for my daily walk in shorts and a t-shirt. Something I haven't done in a loooooong time. I felt like I rediscovered the old me...not the one who had to convince herself that carrying around all of this extra weight was justified because she had three kids... The one that was proud to have carried that weight to give birth to her children, but is gladly saying goodbye to's no longer a souvenier!

I won't ever regret having been this overweight. (Funny thing is, I had some false image that told me I didn't look THAT bad - I just never looked in the mirror or had my picture taken)
After carrying around this weight for so long, and watching it come off pound by pound, every day is happier than the day before. I think I'll always be a happier person for knowing what it felt like to be overweight. So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I think I'll take from it what I need, and get rid of the rest! :)

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WILSOCA 8/5/2008 7:19PM

    What a great way of looking at being overweight !!! Not regretting it ... being happier knowing what it felt like.. that's a great idea !!
Way to go on your weight loss and healthy eating habits. You're doing a great job !!

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A leopard CAN change its spots!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008 the coffee drinking, cigarette smoking, potato chip eating, lazy heffalump has left the building. We now own a great treadmill, a mountain bike (although my butt still hurts whenever I ride it), a swiss ball and hand weights. Who'da thunk it! My children are even taking notice of calories and sugar content.

I have to say that having lots of vegetables in the fridge is key. Always having a healthy option for snacks has helped with never going hungry.

Sparkrecipes have also helped me beat the boredom, which has always been an issue in the past. Now I can eat pretty much anything I've been craving - just a lower fat, healthier version. Add a salad and you're full! I would never have guessed that I would ever look forward to weighing myself!


It's contagious...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well, I've been trying to encourage my husband to live a little healthier, without pushing him into something he doesn't want to do. He's one of those guys that has lived his whole life without having to worry about food, the kind with the extremely high metabolism. Now that he has quit smoking as well, he's put about 15 pounds on and isn't happy with it.
He used to walk for kilometres in the bush every day and used to take that type of exercise for granted.
Anyways, he dug out the free weights and has started watching what he eats. It's ten times easier to eat well when everyone in the house is doing the same. And I feel much more motivated to exercise when I see him exercising too.
Our goal is to set healthy examples for our children.
Bring on the elliptical! :)

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JANPOLDOT 3/26/2007 8:22AM

    ISn't it funny how sometimes a 'whisper' is heard so much better than a 'shout'!? My hubby is now back into exercise and ,mostly, watching what he eats. Even kids are paying more attention to portion sizes (personally I think they just get a kick out of weighing things!).

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