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Spaghetti squash fail

Sunday, August 03, 2014

It took me three knives to cut it because I forgot you can preheat it

Which ended in me over cooking didn't come out like spaghetti but a rather large crumby mush of ickyness

As a side note, I've gained another three pounds of fat...bringing me up to 199.2 from 184

And I'm considering a marathon in 2015....

Have a good night!

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FITMAMA_ 9/15/2014 9:34AM

    I LOVE Spaghetti Squash! I usually cook it in the microwave and have not had any problems. emoticon

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KABMPH 8/5/2014 9:04AM

    I tried spaghetti squash once and said "never again!"

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BA5454 8/4/2014 7:24AM

    I've only done the squash thing once and it was a mess, too. lol Kudos for considering a marathon in 2015--I am, too! emoticon emoticon

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PATSYB7 8/4/2014 6:48AM

    Hang in there.

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SYDLETZIII 8/3/2014 11:54PM

    Kerrie you have done well in the past and you will do well again. Think of weight loss as a series of races, some go very well, some are neutral and others not so well. You will get through this rough patch, but you must believe in yourself and that determination that got you started in running in the first place. You can do this, this can be learned.

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LNISDES 8/3/2014 9:42PM

    Oh dear! I made a mess the first few times I tried spaghetti squash, but now it is a staple for me. I cut it in 2 length wise (using my sharpest knife); I take out the seeds and rub a small amount of olive oil and salt on the inside. Pre-heat oven to 400, place cut side down on baking sheet and cook for 40 minutes; remove and let cool, then scrape off with a fork. Voila! spaghetti-like squash. My favorite with this is garlic/ginger shrimp in oil with some fresh grated Parmesian cheese! Keep cooking new healthy things.

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AZMOMXTWO 8/3/2014 9:26PM

  the good side is that you learned from it

be positive you can do it

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Oh today...

Friday, August 01, 2014

So I need actual sneakers...I have running shoes but I need a pair for the gym...because my $20 Payless shoes with no soles aren't cutting it....

So I bought two happened to be a pair of running shoes.. I wore them today...
Body combat ended up being cancelled at I slept in an extra half hour and went to the gym at 7 to lift my weights....

(Yes, I was sucking it in In the's an automatic reaction to the raised camera lens)

And then I decided to try my new shoes out for a run....they're much lighter than my Brooks....I had instant tightening in the front of my lower leg and up the side of my right leg....I could barely run .1 before I had to walk....

Well I'm trying to hit 75 miles for august, so I wanted to start strong...but told myself we will do 2.... On my run back to my car, I decided to just run through the eventually went away....I'm wondering if it is just new shoes and my mind playing tricks on me....

Well I got to 2.5 miles and went to turn back to run to my car...when I saw a snail....but not just any snail...a cute I ran the .4 back to my car to get
My phone, ran .4 to go take a pic of the snail...and another .4 to get back to my car....

I wore the wrong breathed but it was a little tight so it just didn't feel good running...and I was so can't see it much in this pic...

But that is just from be sittings down for about 1 minute....

My feet feel very constricted now without the shoes they were too tight for me....they will not become my new running shoes...but they will work in a bind or when I need to pack light


Laurel 8k

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Laurel run 8k

I picked this race because it was on my birthday...and I'm dorky like that and wanted to run a race on it....

My sister ran and my mom came and made signs for us....

We got there a bit early and of course it was raining....

We watched the 5k walk head out...and 28 minutes later watched the lead guy come back, the wrong way and try to finish (apparently he got lost )....

We lined up with maybe 100 different sister and I stayed together for about a half mile...then there was a huge up hill...I tried to run up it and stopped about halfway...I pushed on running when I was long quads felt like there were knots in them and they were in fire....I've never had my legs hurt like that....

We ended up going up another huge hill which I had to walk...I caught up to two women together...they became my new goal....I was near them or in front of then for a while....then they pulled away...I was slowing down....

We had a long straight away and then it looked like a huge downhill....I did good and picked up speed....I stopped for a second at the bottom til I realized the finish line was less than a half a mile ahead of soon as I could see it, I booked it....I saw my mom and waved...and then gained more speed....I caught up to the two women and legs hurt so bad... We were maybe .2 away and I said screw it...they might be in my age group...I ran past them and then another women....I finished literally 2 seconds ahead of the woman....

My time according to their clock was 54....but I forgot to turn my Garmin off at the my stopped at 55:xx which is's still a PR and that makes me happy....

Because it was my birthday, I got bumped up to a new age bracket...there were 8 of us so I didn't get a medal....had I been in my old age group, I would've been second by sister actually came in third in her age group (by default but she did awesome!)

Our participation medals (made by rehabilitation and special needs facility)

My splits were


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BA5454 7/30/2014 7:35AM

    Good times--great job! Love the medal, too. Hope the rest of your birthday was fabulous ;-). emoticon (belated)

Comment edited on: 7/30/2014 7:35:37 AM

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SYDLETZIII 7/30/2014 1:32AM

    Congrats and Happy Birthday

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MAMAMOOSE54 7/29/2014 9:58PM

    Congratulations on your race time and happy birthday, too!!!
I really enjoy reading about your races-it really inspires me to get out there and do some 5K's.
I really like getting participation medals with the 5K's-that was a pretty cool one you got for your 8K!!!

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    Nice job! You should be proud and have a great week riding on the after effects!
emoticon emoticon

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Nutritionist visit

Monday, July 28, 2014

I went to a chiropractor a week or so back is still sore from what he did...but everything was out of I'm just waiting for it to get back to normal...

He ran a nutritional response test on me....I have a probiotic imbalance and I'm currently dairy sensitive...his instructions absolutely no dairy...take these pills...come back in two weeks....I tried but I failed was a bad month in general...

I went to my nutritionist who explained they need to find out if I'm intolerant to milk or whatever and I truly have to be dairy free.....(this is so hard because I became so dependent on Orgain, a supplemental meal replacement drink that has milk in it, and the vegan one is just gross) but she explained that a slip up will just mean I have to start over.....

So I'm on day 2 of dairy's hard...but it helped to talk about my options with my nutritionist....

Good news of the appointment, I gained .2 lbs of muscle...that's it

Bad news is I gained 6 lbs of pure a month....and my one measurement that I forgot it's name...went up .5 in a month...and it's a basic indicator of overall's been steady for two years and it just went up....that's so not good

Now she sat there in silence and said that she hopes that it doesn't have to take something major like diabetes or cancer to make me I blinked back the tears, I tried to explain how bad I wanted to change and to make a's just hard for someone who never ate a vegetable her whole life...I try so hard but I get defeated and it just doesn't work....

My body doesn't feel right....I feel fat (I know I'm fat but I usually don't feel this fat) my pants aren't fitting right, my face is breaking out and I'm starting to get tired again without a real reason....I'm just feeling overall grumpy.....I don't even feel pretty right now....I know I need a change

Well I'm on day 2 of eating healthy....I'm hoping it doesn't take something life threatening to make me change.....

I will make a change...

My goal is to get these six pounds off in one month....I know it's not likely, but hey...I'm gonna try....

I even added some minced up veggies to my macaroni was so crunched and it shouldn't...but I did choke it down

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KABMPH 7/29/2014 10:01AM

    I would be skeptical of your chiropractor telling you that you have a dairy intolerance. That's not quite his training... I am very wary of quackery. There are a lot of people out there who want to make a buck off of us!

You will begin to alter your diet when you are ready, when you have a reason that resonates deep within you. It might be because of illness (that's the only thing that worked for my mom). It might be when you discover you are worthy of it, or a whole host of other reasons.

"Choking down" anything is a terrible experience! How can you begin to find a way to eat vegetables that is actually pleasurable? To me, there is little worse than not enjoying what I eat.

I follow this group called Precision Nutrition on FB and just today they posted this. I hope it's not copyright infringement to post, LOL.>

Question of the week: [from a fitness pro]

"How do you motivate clients who "want" to make positive changes to their nutrition, but keep sabotaging themselves with foods that don't support their goals?"

A: While your client says the foods aren't supporting their goals, the foods are supporting something (otherwise they wouldn't keep eating them). So, figuring out the drivers behind why they are eating the sabotaging foods might be useful.

The next time your client has the urge to eat the sabotaging foods, encourage them to wait 10 - 15 minutes. During that time, have them write down what comes up.

-What purpose is the food going to serve?
-Is the food a source of enjoyment/stimulation?
-Is it a distraction?
-Are other people around them eating the food?
-Did they eat enough nutritious food already that day, or are they truly hungry?
-Did they just see the sabotaging food in a commercial on TV?
There are lots of possibilities...

From there, if you are able to help them figure out the driver(s) behind eating the sabotaging foods, having success in the future probably won't have much to do with motivation, but rather about practice and strategy.

-If they eat sabotaging foods for enjoyment/stimulation....they can find other sources of enjoyment and stimulation that aren't food related.
-If they eat sabotaging foods as a distraction....they can practice sitting with uncomfortable feelings.
-If they eat sabotaging foods simply because they are in the house...they can talk to family members about what foods are kept in the house.
-If they eat sabotaging foods because they are hungry....they can ensure they are eating enough real food each day.
-If they eat sabotaging foods because they 'think' they are hungry....they can practice recognizing true hunger cues.

-PN Coach Ryan Andrews

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MAMAMOOSE54 7/28/2014 9:54PM

    I believe in you, too!!! You will lose the weight and don't forget-you are beautiful.
I have the same problem with vegetables-I can eat fruit all day long but vegetables are another story. I do like carrots so I tend to eat a lot of those. Remember-you can do this!!

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SYDLETZIII 7/28/2014 7:09PM

    I KNOW you will lose the weight. The vegetables can be pureed in a blender and mixed into hamburger and other strong flavored non vegetable sauces and stews, you will not taste it. That is how I was able to help my friends daughter to get her veggis. Hope this helps. But try not to stress you will do well and you will succeed, you always have so far. Believe, believe, believe.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014


So the weekend before my birthday, my sister and I took a weekend road trip To Maine!

Of course we stopped in New Hampshire (after a 7 hour drive) to see my absolute favorite thing ever, one of the most amazing butterfly houses I've ever been in....

And then we went zip-lining.....I'm not going to lie, I cried going up the chair lift to the top of the mountain....and had silent tears as everyone else went on the first zip....I made my sister go before me because I was last and stalling....the guide was amazing and told me I could back out....and let me figure out the harness would hold me and I wasn't going to die......and then it became the most amazing thing I've ever done.....

Let me explain the tears though....I'm terrified of I can't get up past the bottom rung of a it scared the crap out of me....I don't think I've overcome my fear, but I know I can do it....we also decided that we'd do the valley jump which is the most extreme zips....we had 4 moderate zips and then two racing zips where me and my sister went at the same time....we actually zipped to another town and then back through.....the last zip you could reach speeds of helmet was shaking and I had a death grip on my harness....but it was awesome!

Of course with the extreme emotions, I got a bad headache...and with driving so did my we cancelled our hotel 2 hours away and found one closer....which was a not nice one and the ac didn't work...but oh well

Day 2 we skipped Salem MA, and headed up to Rye NH to go whale watching....we drive along the beach for a few, and then settled in to our 5 hour was kinda stupid at first cause we were more or less chasing the whales...but it got better....we ended up seeing over 18 whales, and the last whale we saw was breaching and tail slapping for over 5 minutes....the naturalist said that two of the whales were mother and daughter from over two decades ago and whales don't come back together like they were....she also said that if this was the first whale watch you were ever on ( it was for me) that it is completely ruined because it's never that eventful....I have to admit it was quite nice....

We finished the day by a drive up to Portland Maine and to a comfy air conditioned bed!

Sunday was spent driving to find a beach and a light house...

A trip to the outlet malls...

A dip in the pool...
Supper and some ice cream...

Monday was a long drive home but it was so awesome

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    Where is the butterfly house? I am heading in that direction in two weeks for my vacation too! Looks like a great trip.

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MAMAMOOSE54 7/27/2014 10:53PM

    What a fun trip with your sister!!! Zip lining and whale watching-doesn't get much better than that!!! Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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LATTELEE 7/27/2014 6:17PM

  Love your story

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    Wow - good for you over overcoming your fears and having fun with your sister - looks like a great time and you guys look so happy

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KABMPH 7/27/2014 5:28PM

    What a great trip! Thanks for sharing. You and your sister are both GORGEOUS!

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JAMBABY0 7/27/2014 4:58PM

    very nice pics. good for you and thanks for sharing

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