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JANUARY 2010 beginning again

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I am hopeful that this year is the year I will get back to my goal weight...after my last baby (who is now 5yrs) and my pretty steady habit of exercise over the past year...I have 20 # to go and really want to do this thing!
I am starting "The Spark" book ...and planning to fix alot of eat clean recipes from my new Eat Clean Cookbook! (by Tosca Reno)
We got a membership for the family to the Kroc center!!! so i am hopeful for many exciting excursions there...although that ZUMBA class is just about too much! my girls want me to go to it...i dont know if i am up to it...we'll see

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SHELLSUE24 1/6/2010 5:45PM

    Hi there! My family just joined the Kroc Center too. My husband and I have a 5 year old daughter and really need to get back into shape. Officially today is day three and we're doing great. Well, ust wanted to say hi as I saw you in the Salem group.

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end of sweatsuit to swimsuit results

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i made it through the bootcamp...woohoo!
and here are measurement results (lost 3-3/4"!)
beginning: ending: difference:
2" below waist-39-1/2"---37"--------(-2-1/2")
6" below waist-42-1/2"---40-1/2"--(-2")
upper arm-------12"--------13"-------(+1")
wrist ----------5-3/4"-------5-3/4"---0
I am trying to continue 1 workout from the new you and 1 from the sweatsuit to swimsuit bootcamps either 30 min treadmill--- or do more exercise with my kids (dep. on weather)


just signed up for the sweatsuit to swimsuit bootcamp!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have been continuing the "new you bootcamp" that started jan 09 so it is almost 4 months doing that every day...
however i confess in the beginning i didn't think much about what i was EATING, i was just trying to get on a fitness schedule and DO IT every day...(i was out of shape-tired alot-sick alot...)
i actually gained 10 # but felt so good and after a month of "not watching what i ate" i started WATCHING WHAT I ATE ! it is april 28 and i am glad to say i am back at my starting the new you bootcamp weight!... and have stayed on the workout program woohoo!
i just signed up for the "sweatsuit to swimsuit bootcamp" and cant wait for some new workouts to do!!! this time "watching what i eat"

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EBLOOMING 5/4/2009 4:35PM

    ALL RIGHT!!! GOOD GOING SHARMA!!! emoticon

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New You bootcamp instructions (for one month)

Friday, February 06, 2009


Day 1: Sunday

Bonus 1: (B)log measurements and goals
Bonus 2: 60 min of light activity
Bonus 3: Lower Body Stretching Video:

Bonus 4: Lower Body Stretching Video:

Day 2: Monday

+ 30 minutes cardio of your choice.
Bonus 1: 3 servings of fruit
Bonus 2: 6-min Hips Glutes & Thighs Video:

Bonus 3: Pilates Hips & Thighs Video:

Bonus 4: Butt-Blasting Workout Video:

Day 3: Tuesday

+ 30 minutes cardio of your choice.
Bonus 1: Close-arm wall pushups, 2 sets 10-15 reps:

Bonus 2: Add a healthy salad to 1 meal
Bonus 3: Choose whole grains
Bonus 4: Fill up on fiber
Day 4: Wednesday

+ 30 minutes cardio of your choice.
Bonus 1: 3 servings of vegetables
Bonus 2: 15 min Abs Workout Video:

Bonus 3: New blog entry (discuss progress)
Bonus 4: Pilates Abs Workout Video:

Day 5: Thursday

+ 30 minutes cardio of your choice.
Bonus 1: Calf raise with hop Video:

Bonus 2: Lunges with stability ball Video:

Bonus 3: Inner/Outer Thigh Toner Video:
Lying Double Leg Raises, 3 sets of 15 reps:

Bonus 4: 6-min Hips Glutes & Thighs Video:

Day 6: Friday

+ 30 minutes cardio of your choice.

Bonus for Week 1: Drink your recommended amount of water
Bonus for Week 2: Sleep 7-8 hrs tonight
Bonus for Week 3: Fun & Active evening activity
Bonus for Week 4: Cook dinner at home
Day 7: Saturday

Bonus 1: Reverse crunches, 3 sets 8-15 reps:

Bonus 2: Brisk 15 minute walk
Bonus 3: Back Extension with Ball, 3 sets of 15 reps:

Bonus 4: Post results and buy new clothes or wear old ones.


day 6 of "new you bootcamp"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i had pretty sore calves yesterday from high incline on the treadmill, but much better today...
also caught a cold, but dont feel very bad i think because of the constant exercise :-)
been getting a note when i record exercise to increase calorie level, but i havent been focusing on calories lately - just want to eat meals and not "dwell" on it too much... its hard to remeber to drink water...except while i am actually in my workout.

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JIBBIE49 1/10/2009 4:47AM

    Don't quit. You can do this, as we are all here to support you!! emoticon

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