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Time Flies!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wow, I noticed it's been since last November that I've written a blog or even been on this site!! Time flies so fast!!

First of all, it's now been over a year and I'm still maintaining my loss!

In the past, I've heard people say "I have a thyroid problem" when talking about their weight. Well, turns out I DID have a thyroid problem and had no idea. I had a goiter (tumor) the size of a grapefruit on my thyroid and it had to be completely removed last fall. It was NOT cancerous although my doctor and the surgeon both thought it was. So, the long and short of it? I'm now without thyroid and am on a synthetic thyroid pill and guess what? I don't have to only eat 900 calories a day to maintain my weight!!! So ladies, check your neck. Do you have swelling or a lump? Get it checked out!! The other bad news about this is my parathyroid glands (on the back of the thyroid) that control how much calcium your body absorbs daily. Mine were doing nothing and now I'm 3/4 inch shorter and have osteoporosis at age 46. So ladies, take your calcium!!! Caltrate, Oscal, whatever! Take it! Bone health is important. Keep in mind that 24% of women that break a hip NEVER leave the hospital. The more you take care of yourself now, the better when we're all older.

Enough ranting. Just wanted to say I'm still here, still healthy, and still maintaining. Oh, and another thing? I still owe it ALL to Sparkpeople and all of you that I shared my journey with! Keep it up ladies and gentlemen, you can DO IT!!!


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    Good blog! Congrats on holding your own!

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Never Before

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I waited a LONG time to wear a Halloween Costume that was somewhat "hot" instead of "I can't wear this, I'm too fat". Here it is..................I loved it!!!

Hang in there everyone!!! If I can, ANYONE can!!

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DARLENEK04 11/8/2009 2:26PM

  C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your costume looking hot...

LOL............glad you made your goal.

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I've Made It!!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I've made it to my goal. In fact, I had to change my ticker to update my new adjusted goal. Originally I wanted to weigh 165 fully dressed or 160 first thing in the morning. This morning I weighed in at just a hair over 155 so I've adjusted my goal and would like to maintain between 150 - 155 (I'm a little over 5' 7" with a large frame (size 10 feet so "big bones"). Anyway I want to share what I've learned and what worked for me (and hopefully will continue to work for me).

First of all, hang in there no matter what and don't give up.

1. It's YOUR journey, don't let anyone tell you what you should do.
2. It's not a "diet", it's choices every day. Make them count.
3. Had a bad today? Have a better tomorrow.
4. It's not "diet and exercise" necessarily, don't let people make you feel guilty if you didn't go the gym or work out. I lost almost 80 pounds and didn't really work out at all (sorry Andi, I know that kills you). I will say I had a physical job running a warehouse, parked as far away as I could regardless of where I went, and always chose the stairs over the elevator.
5. Eat less than you burn.
6. Track everything!!!
7. Move your body more this week than you did last week even if it's just parking further away at the grocery store or choosing the stairs over the elevator.
8. Do NOT feel guilty about ANYTHING. The fact that you're on this site says you're serious about your lifestyle and making changes.
9. Do NOT let others sabotage you. The "one little bite won't hurt" will hurt, don't give in.
10. If you must indulge, have 3 bites the put the fork down!!! This amazed my employees who took me out for a birthday dinner and I had 3 bites of the "free" dessert and then put the fork down. You CAN do it. Everything in moderation.
11. Be accountable.........tell people what you're going to do (not what you're trying to do), and share your success!
12. Help others......share what works and what doesn't.
13. Start every day like a brand new day because that's what it is.
14. Weigh in, figure out what works for you and what doesn't
15. Measure all your food. Do you know what 1 cup of something looks like on a plate? I didn't and that's why I overate. Measure it or weigh it...period.
16. This bears repeating.........HANG IN THERE NO MATTER WHAT
17. When your clothes get too big, get RID of them and buy smaller clothes. Discover Goodwill or other thrift stores in your area. This will ease the guilt of spending the money on yourself for smaller clothes when you just new clothes a few weeks or months ago.

Please take what you wish from this and ignore the rest. Did I mention to "Hang in there???"

Keri : )

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    Very good blog! Congrats on your victory. emoticon

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Getting closer.......

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have made it to within 5 pounds of my goal. The first picture I took in Dec 07 showed 240 on this truck scale and this morning is 170!!! 5 pounds to go until I tackle the "staying there" portion of my journey. Thanks to ALL my sparkfriends who have been with me and supported me along the way. I couldn't have done it alone!!

: )



Within 10 Pounds

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm within 10 pounds of my goal and I've reflected a lot about what that means. First of all, it means I'm scared. Scared that I will fail once again to actually MAINTAIN my weight loss. There is so much pressure put on us as we lose weight from friends and family. I'm still not used to hearing the word "skinny" and I'm hearing it a lot lately. It makes me even more nervous that these same people will be saying "she's gaining weight again" if I slip at all. Now I know all my friends and family are proud of me and very happy for the "new me", but it's scary as hell and no one really realizes how scary except for maybe most, if not some, of you. I'm 45 and I haven't weighed this weight since 1993 and haven't worn a size 14 (and some 12's) for 15 years!!! I really want to stay in the 160's and not blow it. I'd love my weight loss to be "GOODBYE" and not "See ya later"!! I just had to rant and say this "out loud" so hopefully I can calm myself.


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MRSVLAD 8/5/2009 10:54AM

  i totally understand and agree with you. though it is a great motivator to keep the weight off. as i know you do not have anymore "fat clothes" thats helps too. i have maintained my loss for 6 years. i know you can do eeettt! emoticon

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