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Of Bums and Swimming

Friday, March 26, 2010

No swim this morning after all. I was up lateish and I know this weekend I'll be extremely active. First the swim-a-thon, then we're going hiking with our friend who does crazy things like trail races in the Alps. Though to be fair to him, he totally waited back with me when I thought I was going to die hiking in September because my lungs weren't fully healed from bronchitis. I told everyone to go ahead, but they wouldn't. Nice people.

My knees are still hurting some when I walk, so I'm just going to swim and maybe throw in some elliptical along with strength training for the next week. My friend Rachel mentioned a 5K that she wants Jason and I to run in June (I think. June, right? Rachel?). Jason will be able to do it, no problem (he's doing so great!) and I would love to, but I don't know if my body is going to cooperate.

As I was hobbling around last night, I could see the worry in Jason's eyes and I know he's wondering if I'm going to end up with severe arthritis like my mom. The thing is, my mom started having problems when she was much younger than me. Plus, even though I look exactly like her, I'm built like my dad's side of the family. Like my Nana, actually, with what she always called "The Puckett Butt". The Puckett Butt is defined by an arched back and a bum that sticks out for all the world to see. (Puckett was her maiden name) Sadly, I didn't get her height. She was 5' 10". I always thought 5'9" would be nice.

Anyway, here's hoping that this is just a minor setback and not an indication of something more serious.

In other news, Jason broke into the 100's yesterday morning! Down from a high of about 216, he's now 199.

I'm looking forward to the swim-a-thon tomorrow and psyching myself up to jump in, keep a steady pace, and finish all 60 laps in an hour.

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KELLYIM 3/27/2010 9:54AM

    Thanks so much for the support!

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SEAQUILTER 3/26/2010 5:46PM

    Good Luck on your Swim-a-thon. I am certain you will do great. You are very active person and have the stamina and strength to get through it. Congrats.. emoticon emoticon

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Water Baby

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last night after work I went for a swim and managed to do 60 lengths of the pool in 30 minutes. Exactly the pace I'm shooting for on Saturday at the swim-a-thon. I started out slowly, so I think if I start out at a medium pace, I can definitely get it done.

I can't begin to express how natural I feel in the water. I've always felt that way. When I'm done with a swim, I feel peaceful and confident. Last night, I ached a little, but I loved that familiar aching of the muscles I use to pull myself through the water.

I'm really looking forward to our trip to Hawaii and getting back into the ocean. I used to go to Florida every year to visit family, but haven't been there in a few years now. My favorite thing is to dive down below the waves and stay under as long as I can, swimming out as far as I can.

I took this morning off from the gym, but walked to work. My knees are still sore. By the end of the walk, they were really hurting. I'm going to take a week off from running and then start C25K over. I told Jason, this will be my third try. If I get sidelined a 3rd time, I may have to admit that running just isn't for me.

Tomorrow I'll do one more prep swim and then Saturday is the swim-a-thon.


Chubby Babies

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Babies are adorable. Chubby babies even moreso.

That's why articles like this ( ) one, stating that maybe the chub on your baby could indicate an early slide into obesity, make me so mad! It's not the only article of its kind.

They're babies! Please, let's let the babies be chubby if that's the way their bodies want it.

I only have my own empirical evidence here, but I'm going to go out on a limb and state that baby chubbiness has little to nothing to do with your weight later in life. For instance, I was a skinny baby and a skinny little girl. Then I hit puberty, sprouted hips and boobs, and gained an extra layer of fat (or two) that I've been fighting ever since.

My mom used to watch babies in our home. We had this one baby who was HUGE. She made us giggle with her roli-poliness. We fed her exactly what the other babies got, she just carried it in big, squeezable rolls. I saw her a few years later when she was probably 6 or so and she had leaned out completely. Not even the little six year-old belly remained. I don't think there's much rhyme or reason because babies and kids develop in completely different ways. Maybe Kate Moss was a chubby baby. There's no way to tell.

Our obsession with obesity is out of control! I have seen kids who are severely overweight and who are probably not eating good food and not getting outside and playing much. However, I think by and large some kids are skinny, some kids are chubby, and that's just how it is.

All these scary articles about the obesity epidemic are using that word as defined by the BMI, which I've mentioned before I think is a big load of hooey. I personally want to lose weight, but I know I'll never get out of the the "overweight" category according to the BMI. And, frankly, I'm fine with that because I've been "normal" weight before and I looked unhealthy.

I do realize that many people eat unhealthily and that we are constantly inundated with the extreme side of obesity in shows like The Biggest Loser. However, as Tom Naughton pointed out in his awesome movie Fat Head ( ), in reality our average national weight has only gone up around 10 pounds. AND the key point is, our average national age has gone up by 10 years, from 25-35. The slowing of the metabolism as we get older can easily account for those extra 10 pounds.

Telling us our babies' chubbiness is just the slippery slope to obesity leads to babies being denied health insurance ( ) and parents starving their children because they don't want them to be fat ( ). When I start a family, my plan is to feed my children healthy foods and if they are chubby, fabulous. I refuse to give my infant body image issues.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Apparently now my knees are rebelling. The rebelliousness is just moving up my legs, I guess. The next couple times I run, I expect my hips will hurt.

Last night after work I went to the gym, planning to do some strength training and to get going with Week 2 of Couch to 5K.

Of note: my arms are getting stronger. First, I upped the weight on the bicep curls machine and did 3 sets of 10. Which means I actually get to use the pin now! 20 pounds is the default setting, but now I'm up to 35 pounds! (I did mention my arms are weak and piddly, yes?) Second, when I took the big baking sheet with the roasted broccoli and asparagus on it out of the oven and used my left arm to tip the sheet over a mixing bowl to dump the veggies in, there was no struggle. Sometimes I can't hold the sheet up for quite as long as I need to. Last night, no problem.

So I did some arm and leg weights for about 20 minutes and headed over to the treadmill. My legs felt a little sore from our hike/walk in the woods on Saturday, but it wasn't so bad during my 5-minute warm-up walk. The second I started the jogging interval, my knees felt like they were going to fall off. I did 60 seconds of jogging instead of 90 seconds, walked for 90 seconds, and tried another jogging interval. Same thing. I managed to eke out 4 jogging intervals, but finally stopped after 15 minutes.

I was sore all night and the few times I woke up during the night and tried to roll over, it was a struggle because my knees hurt so bad. So no swim this morning. Heck, I couldn't really walk very well. Having to run to catch my bus didn't help things. After walking from the bus to the office (all of like 200 feet) I felt a little nauseated.

They seem to be feeling better now, but I think I'm going to take Jason's advice and stick to swimming for the rest of the week. It's just bizarre.

After the gym, I made a great dinner: Broiled Lemon Caper Mahi Mahi (
) and Roasted Broccoli and Asparagus (
). Fabulous!


Active Weekend & Low-Carb Pasta

Monday, March 22, 2010

My first bit of news is I did not get up and go to the gym Saturday morning. I was inadvertently* up until 1:30 on Friday night and had to be somewhere at 10 AM on Saturday morning, so a run in between waking up and picking up some people at 9:30 AM was not happening. However, Saturday was GORGEOUS and Jason and I went for a long walk in the woods near Foxboro, Massachusetts. It was lovely. We used a coupon and went out for dinner Saturday night, where I had a steak and veggies and a salad, with two small pieces of bread.

*Seriously lost track of time while watching TV with Jason and knitting a baby sweater.

Yesterday, I went for a swim before church. Generally I don't exercise on Sundays, but I need to get in a bit more time in the pool before the swim-a-thon on Saturday. Besides, swimming for me is relaxing. It's a nice way for me to decompress a bit.

So food and exercise was good this weekend, until the brownies last night. We have a friend who has an MA in Art History and who is also a fabulous cook. She gave a presentation last night on art at our church AND she made brownies for it. I grabbed a small square and took a bite. And my eyes rolled back in my head. And my knees went weak. Seriously, I usually don't get these kinds of reactions from food, but these brownies were probably the most divine things I've tasted.

Dangerous, yes?

I had 3. Well, 2 1/2 since Jason ate a big bite out of my third. Thankfully, she had cut them into smallish squares so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. But not ideal. The thing is, looking back, I'm ok with it. Despite my desire to eat healthy, I really don't want to have missed out on the most divine brownies ever.

I'm going to ask her for the recipe and then only cook them once a year when I know that I'll be giving them away to other people, but I can have one after they're done cooking.

Oh, also last night, Jason and I tried Dreamfields low-carb pasta. We were tired and bleh and didn't want to cook so I suggested spaghetti since I knew I had just gotten the Dreamfields. It tasted great! I don't know how they do it, but somehow they have formulated the pasta so only 5 grams of the 41 grams of carbs per serving actually get digested. Maybe it's all smoke and mirrors and not true at all, but I'm going to believe them for now. Jason and I both noticed it was less starchy than regular pasta.

Jason and I also both noticed that neither of us can handle two servings of pasta. My second bowl was actually half a bowl, and I only ate half of that, but even so, we were both uncomfortably stuffed afterward. I definitely should have stopped at one bowl. I'm actually pretty excited that Jason is noticing these things about himself and not liking how he feels when he stuffs himself. He's lost about 10 pounds and is just about to flip from 200 to the 190s. Pretty exciting!

Of course, if he keeps losing this fast and I keep NOT losing, I'm going to be very miffed when he's officially lighter than me.


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