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Scheduling Exercise

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I forgot to include another goal in my post yesterday. I'm going to schedule my workouts AND follow through, rather than just going back and deleting the scheduled workouts after I don't do them.

Here's what's on tap for this week:
Monday: Walk 4 miles to and from work, Day 1 of sit-ups/push-ups/squats challenges. Done and done. My abs were screaming by the end of the sit-ups. I did the right hand column of Day 1 of Week 3
Day 1
rest 60 seconds between each SET (longer if required)
21 - 30 sit-ups 31 - 40 sit-ups > 40 sit-ups
set 1 15 18 21
set 2 18 25 27
set 3 11 19 21
set 4 11 19 21
set 5 max (at least 14) max (at least 25) max (at least 30)

Today: 25 minutes HIIT elliptical and 20 minutes strength training (arms). Done AND I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Ha!

Wednesday: 30 minutes swimming, Day 2 of sit-ups/push-ups/squats challenges. I will probably wind up swimming 40 minutes, but since I'm just getting back into it again, I'm scheduling 30 minutes so that I have an out if I need it.

Thursday: 25 minutes HIIT elliptical and 20 minutes strength training (legs).

Friday: Cardio rest because of AM work meeting, Day 3 of sit-ups/push-ups/squats challenges.

Saturday: 30 minutes swimming, 30 minutes strength training (arms and legs).

All of these workouts are entered into SparkPeople already. I'll let you all know how it goes.


Happy March!

Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm kicking off March with a bang. First, rededicating myself to low carb EVEN on weekends. Let's just say Saturday was fine, but Sunday... On Sunday my diet consisted mainly of pumpkin bread because we had a busy day with a lot of driving. I made pumpkin bread to take to our friends' house who had us over for dinner and ate several pieces beforehand since I didn't really get breakfast or lunch yesterday. Poor planning.

In a silver lining vein, I cut the sugar down by a third and the bread still tasted great. I think I could probably halve the remaining amount and it would still be good. It just makes the pumpkin and spice flavors shine through more. I also used half whole wheat flour.

So far today has been stellar. I have planned my meals on SparkPeople today and if I stick to that, I will have less than 50 net carbs today.

My second March goal is to get my regular gym routine back into gear already. Jason and I went Saturday morning. I didn't wake up in time this morning so I instituted a spur of the moment penalty for not getting to the gym: every day I don't get to the gym in the morning, I have to walk to and from work. Usually I really like my walks to work. But this morning the sky was dark and the wind was blowing hard and the whole way I was pelted with freezing rain. Yeah, dashing over to the warm dry gym an hour earlier would have been a much better option. The rain has now stopped and I'm hoping it stays that way through my walk home this evening.

Tonight after my walk home, I'm going to do day 1 of the squat/sit-up/push-up challenges. I get to start on week 3 of the squats and sit-ups, but I am at square 1 with the push-ups.

On a completely unrelated note, my sister-in-law is in the hospital right now in some stage of giving birth to my first niece! The parents are Jason's brother and his wife and she will be the first grandchild in Jason's family. As an only child, I am thrilled to be an almost aunt!

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LARREIKI 3/1/2010 2:09PM

    Congratulations Aunty!


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Favorite Fish?

Friday, February 26, 2010

What kind of fish do you like best? Preferably in the reasonably-priced category.

Usually we eat salmon. However, now that Costco salmon has reached a price level that we're just not comfortable paying, I'm looking for options. (Though I'll still stock up on salmon if it's on sale near me)

I've tried tilapia. Not really a fan. Maybe I'm making it wrong, but it just kind of tastes dirty to me. Our grocery store has things like frozen haddock, mackerel, pollock, etc. What's good?

Of course, I would LOVE to get snapper and tuna and swordfish, but again we get into the price thing. I'm always looking for a way to eat healthy without spending a fortune.



Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've decided to take on the 200 sit-ups , 200 squats and 100 push-ups challenges. Last night I did my initial tests to see what my levels are for the actual challenges.

Squats: 60
Rank: Excellent

Sit-Ups: 80
Rank: Excellent

Push-Ups: 7
Rank: Poor

Actually, the push-ups are ranked on a scale of 1 to 7 and I fell in level 2. However, I think that pretty much qualifies as "Poor". So, yeah, I knew my arms were weak piddly things, but this just confirms it.

On the other hand, lets hear it for my thighs and abs! I could have kept going for a bit longer on both the sit-ups and squats, but I knew I had already reached the top levels, so I stopped.

After I did the tests, I also did some arm exercises and tacked on some bicycle crunches and sumo squats for good measure. I have a feeling my thighs and abs will be screaming at me on Friday (it always takes 2 days for me to feel the full brunt of my strength training.)



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The last couple of days haven't been stellar as far as low-carb goes, though technically I'm eating healthy. As long as your definition of healthy includes carbs. So I guess I've been healthy according to Conventional Wisdom, as the low-carb folks call it.

Yesterday I met friends for a concert up in Cambridge at a club that is also a vegetarian restaurant. For dinner I had Henry's Dinner: butternut squash, caramelized onions, rosemary, sage, goat cheese and asiago cheese. Over coconut rice. It was DIVINE! Then me and my two friends split a sundae with mint chip ice cream, brownie and whipped cream. I didn't think the brownie was that good, and I can take or leave whipped cream, but I am always a fan of ice cream. Since there were three of us, I think I got 4 or 5 bites and then was done. Satisfying and reasonable. But not low-carb.

Today the weather is rotten and there are 2 IT guys in the office installing our new computers. Our secretary decided we should all get pizza for lunch. Now, granted, when we order pizza, we get it from the fancy schmancy place. Ours had chicken breast, mushrooms and artichoke hearts on multigrain crust with fresh mozzarella. Seriously, it doesn't get much better.

Still, not low-carb.

At least I'm keeping my carbs low for the rest of the day and they're still around 100 grams per day, despite not sticking to my plan exactly. I've got to stop making excuses for myself, though. Hawaii is only 2 months away!

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BREN4376 2/25/2010 3:26PM

    100 carbs seems excessively low to me. SP recommends at least 120 grams per day for health reasons. Good luck with everything. Have fun in Hawaii!

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