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2nd round of HCG starting today

Monday, July 25, 2011

Here we go...... My hubby and I are starting our 2nd round of HCG. We had WAY too much fun on maintenance and our loading days. I have definitely learned a lesson, I hope, this time and am looking forward to this round. Making my lunch this morning, I kept telling myself, you CAN do this! It's just so hard that I can't exercise due to my surgery and the fact that I am looking at another possible surgery which will be the doctor going through my abdomen again. :( I know that is the reason I didn't lose as much as I was hoping on the 1st round. But I am thrilled to be restarting, I weighed myself and measured, so I am ready to go. I made my lunch up for today last night, well the meat part and then got my veggie prepared then threw that in a bowl this morning, grabbed my fruit and water and headed out the door to work.

So here we go......let's go weight loss!! WOOHOO!!! LOL

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ALISHACARR88 7/28/2011 7:06PM

    CISERO is a SPAMMER- Has posted on my page numerous times. Very annoying....

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BEACHGIRL_JEN 7/28/2011 6:59PM

    Good luck!
You can do it!

I am doing hcg too. Check out my page.

You can go to the Spark coaches and have people who are bothering blocked.

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Week 3 maintenance

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Well there isn't much to say for an update weight loss wise. Still loving the fact that I have a metabolism for the first time in a very long time in my life!! :) I have incorporated trail mix into my little sneak of a snack. It's a nice change from just an apple, but I still find myself reaching for the apples at times too.

I haven't been hungry that much lately, I have been in too much pain. :( I am thinking that either my shunt tubing has gotten blocked again and/or the setting has changed. I have been having horrible headaches and my shunt tubing seems to be on the move again in my abdomen. :( My doctor wants me to have imaging done to see what is going on there and then possibly another lumbar puncture. YUCK! This will make the third one in 4 years! If that is the next step, I'd rather be one of those that doesn't have to go through the pain of an LP! Oh well, got to love Chiari! So, I sit and wait for the scripts so I can get the imaging done, I hate the waiting the most though!

Other than that, doing good. I tried to go bowling with the boys, that was interesting! I can do it, I am so out of shape though that it isn't funny! My leg/butt muscle is still hurting, feels like I pulled it and although I was in pain from the shunt tubing, I went anyhow. We had a good time, that is all that mattered!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Kelly :)

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KABOOPER 7/14/2011 2:11PM

    Sorry to hear you are in pain. Bowling is GREAT excersize, and FUN! Good for you! Keep up the great job! Hope you are Pain free SOON!

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Week 1 of maintenance down

Monday, June 06, 2011

Well, we are done with 1 week of maintenance already. Feeling pretty good about this past week. Surprisingly enough to me, although we are supposed to slowly increase our calorie intake and such, I feel like I have to force myself to eat more calories than the 500 original protocol while on HCG. I know I haven't increased my calories that much, but man, I feel full afterwards! :) I am grateful for the fact that I know portion control once again and that I have a metabolism. Hello metabolism, I haven't seen you in MANY years!! I would say it has been over a decade, where have you been!?! LOL Thanks to an early hysterectomy my body went into menopause at 25 years of age and my metabolism went on a very long vacation!!

Although I am enjoying maintenance, I find myself eating the same type of foods that I ate while I was on the diet. Instead of grabbing for a candy bar after my lunch or snack, I grab an apple. That is just about unheard of! I was the chocolate eating queen! I now have no cravings for my 3 pm chocolatey snack! I grab my apple that I don't eat with my lunch and the sweetness is just enough to fix any sweet pangs and also gives me a snack to hold me over until dinner time.

Overall, I am VERY happy with the changes that I see in my eating habits and such. My hubby on the other hand, portion control is still foreign to him. I am trying to get him back to the mind set of the portion controls. But I know that he will get there!

Well my Spark Friends, I hope you have a wonderful week! Not sure how much I will blog this week due to being on maintenance, but I am always available if you have questions, thoughts, etc.

Kelly :)

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KABOOPER 6/6/2011 1:45PM

    Yay an update!!!
Awesome job at maintenance! Go you!

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1st day of maintenance

Monday, May 30, 2011

Well, round 1 is over, we are now on our first day of maintenance. These last 2 days we have been to 3 cookouts. Talk about crazy times! My hubby and I decided to go onto maintenance a bit early and enjoy the wonders of the cook out. I must admit, it was wonderful! I made sure that I kept with portion control, I did pretty well! I went up the first day about .8 and then I went back down the second day and I am back where I should be. :) So YAY, I think I am going to do well with maintenance. :) My sister is on her second round, she is doing well, very happy for her! So, the next few weeks I am going to enjoy my metabolism, it has been SO long since I have seen it, it's so nice to have it back!! I wore shorts and tank tops that I haven't worn in at least 4 years! So exciting!! :) I actually got a double take from my husband that morning and a "WHOA!" :)

I went shopping the other day, it has been so long since I have actually truly enjoyed my time shopping. I hit a wonderful sale at Fashion Bug! I bought some blouses, they were size XL, not a 2 or 3XL!! I was so excited! I put on a 0X, which I have never heard of, but was happy to see that they all were a little big, but couldn't fit into a large. Still very exciting! I tried on dress pants in the size that I am currently wearing, they were actually a little big!! I literally jumped up and down in the fitting room, I am SO glad that no one could see me! :)

Well, that is about it for me for now, I am going to get my behind up and moving. I will see you all later! Enjoy your day!

Kelly emoticon


Day 41

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

After a long day of work, I came home, made myself some dinner and then decided to pull out the hammock. I love my hammock!! There's nothing more relaxing to me then to go out when it is nice outside then to go out and lay in my hammock. :) Tonight, I get it all set up, lay down for a minute I have my phone playing music, relaxing there, then I look up and there is the puppy running away with my shoe. Dang it all!! I yell to her, she looks at me and runs a little farther. So I get up, she leaves the shoe and runs away watching to see if Mom is going to come and kick her butt. So, I grab my shoe, I don't follow her I go back to the hammock. I lay back down and start to relax, only to be bitten on the back of my thigh. Oh man, the mosquitoes are out in full speed. So I call my husband to find out where the bug spray is, he wasn't sure, I go and start looking, no where to be found. So I grab a flying insect spray that you use for the house, I thought that I would spray the area kind of like a fog. That worked for about 10 minutes. Then they came back with vengeance!! I suffer through a few more bites and then it started to get chilly, so I decided to venture back into the house. Oh well, I will try it again tomorrow if it isn't raining.

Today was measurement day, I was a bit worried because I have been basically maintaining my weight but I was pleasantly surprised. :) I am down 23 pounds and 31.75 inches!!! :) Not too shabby if I say so myself!! :) So, four more days and then I am on maintenance for real, not just my body doing it on its own. :) So a big emoticon going out there today! I put on a blouse that I bought a few weeks ago, a size XL and the thing is actually big in the front!! My shoulders and arms were a good fit, but it was big in front. Not to mention the pants I wore today, I haven't worn them in at least 2 years!!! Woo Hoo!!! :)

Well, I guess that's it for now, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Kelly :)

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KABOOPER 5/27/2011 10:27AM

    go you!!!! Isn't it great to go "shopping" in your own closet. I had a box of clothes I haven't beeen able to fit in, I went digging thru it and most of them fit again. Best feeling EVER!!!!
Keep up the awesome work!

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KELLBELL1095 5/26/2011 12:43PM

    I forgot to mention on here, that after I chased the puppy for my shoe, she then decided that it was time to lay "with" Mom in the hammock. She laid on top of me and kept standing up! It was too funny! She didn't stay long she didn't like the hammock experience much. LOL

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