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Car Problems

Monday, January 22, 2007

I had the day planned out perfectly. When I got home, BF would cook so I could work on my resume. I would work out for one hour, then shower, eat, and spend time with the BF. I would get into bed at a lovely 9:00 p.m., thus getting back into my healthy sleep routine.

Well, the day did not go as planned. Major car issues led to the whole evening being a wash. Thus, I did not get to crack open a new Tae Bo DVD and kick my problems away. Nor did I get to test a 10 minute workout from my 10 Minute Solutions Pilates DVD. I spent all evening with the BF's vehicle issues. I won't get into details, but it set me back. He feels pretty bad about it, but he shouldn't. Things happen, you know?

I just feel all antsy because that's two days I actually planned and really looked forward to working out, yet I couldn't. The progress I've made makes me not want to slow down. I actually felt the elation of being able to slip into a pair of pants that I had to button on before! However, working out this late may actually keep me up.

As it is I won't be getting into bed until a little after 10:00 p.m. I'm trying to get back into getting into bed early, so now, no matter what, I will get into bed by 10:30p.m. I will gradually have to work my way back up to 9:00p.m.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a little more emergency free and that Jari Love is kind to my muscles (Ripped Slim and Lean tomorrow!!).


A Bad Day For Sodium..But A Good Day For Other Progress

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I notice that whenever I eat out, although I've got the calories and saturated fat down, the sodium ALWAYS gets me. A few days this week, I've gone over my sodium. Nearly double what I should be. And that's not good. For awhile, I was doing very well tracking. I've got to get back on track. However, not everyone makes a good grilled chicken, and I get tired of sandwiches. Oh well, all in moderation.

I measured myself, and I'm not doing too badly. My butt unfortunately has shrunk. It's down to 39 inches. Also, my waist shrunk to 30 inches. 2 more inches to go! I guess that Tae Bo is really working. I'm going to get on that Boot Camp rotation in addition to the Jari Love rotation. I do like the Fat Blasting Cardio better than the Basic Training Bootcamp. With the latter, I don't break out into that much of a sweat. I mean, I sweat, but not to the point of wringing my hair out. That's the kind of sweat I like :)


Health Fair At Work Today

Friday, January 19, 2007

There was a health fair today at work. Of course, I took advantage of it.

First the good news: I lost weight! Somehow, I am down to 134 pounds. I will check the remainder of my measurements today, but I am so pleased. It seemed that I was working out all for nothing, because I couldn't really see results, either on the scale on in my clothes. I even had the nurse weigh me on two seperate scales, one digital one not. Both said the same thing. I am still concentrating on getting that toned look, so I'm not going to slack off.

My BMI is good at 22 and my glucose is normal at 74. Hypoglycemia is less than 65 and Hyperglycemia is more than or equal to 100. My triglyceries are normal at 45. My blood pressure is great at 106/70. I was surprised, because I've been having a little stress lately, but I guess the extra exercise and yoga this week have calmed me down a bit. Not to mention my teas in the morning, and I'm back to my lunch meditating.

Not so good news: my cholesterol is a little high. It's at 205. Normal is less than 200 and High is b/w 200-240. However, my HDL is 62, which is considered good. The goal is above 60. But my LDL is not so great. It's borderline high b/w 130-159. Mine is 134. Optimal is 0-99, Normal is 100-129, High is 160-189.

So I have to figure out why it's a little high. I'm going to read some articles on Sparks to try to get this under. I know that the good cholesterol may negate increased cholesterol levels, but it would still be useful information. I've never paid attention to my cholesterol, but now that I think about it, my mother has high cholesterol. I'm sure most of it has to do with her eating (she eats a lot of shrimp and seafood), but if I'm doing everything almost right, I figured it would be lower than this. So I'll do a little research.

All in all, a very productive morning!


So Sore...So Yoga!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well, today my legs were too sore to attempt Tae Bo. I opted instead for a relaxing yoga dvd. I did Rodney Yees Yoga Burn. I think I need to give this one a few more trys. I loved the scenery and his soothing voice, but there were lots of downward dogs. I also didn't feel more relaxed or stretched out. It could have been just me, just the mood I was in, so since I adore Rodney I will try it again, maybe this weekend.

I do feel guilty that I didn't get in my cardio, but I must say that I have to rest. I'm mighty sore!


Ripped to the Core

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well, I did my first workout with Ripped to the Core. Let me just say I am a fitness wimp. I only got through 30 minutes before calling it quits. And I used the baby 3 pound weights too :) My arms feel tired just typing and my legs were shaky coming up the stairs. My stomach even feels warm, and I don't even remember doing abs. And I thought I was ready for Cathe Friedrich. Apparently not.

Now, as for the DVD, the video is grainy, the workout room is dark, her cueing is off, her announcer guy sounds like someone with a bad synthesizer from the 80s, and sometimes she looks like she's looking at the wrong camera. It also looked like all the woman there needed a serious deep conditioning treatment for their hair. The whole thing feels a little over low budget, like maybe five steps over public television. Maybe that's a little harsh!

But Jari is very encouraging, the compound moves are excellent, she stretches between sets, and you get a preview for what the moves will be. You also get to see the modified moves. None of the moves are difficult, there are just so many of them! So if you've been out the gym awhile and need a DVD before you get into Cathe (or a gym class) I would try Jari. She is definitely tougher than any body pump class I've taken.


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