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30 days of yoga

Sunday, December 02, 2012

As I slowly feel my way back to healthy living, I'm going to try something of an experiment. It's definitely along the lines of "one bite of the elephant at a time." I can't handle the whole elephant right now, and I know that. But my first bite is going to be 30 days of yoga. I started today, and for the next 29 days I'm going to do yoga every day. It may be a short routine. It may be a longer one as I get stronger and have more stamina. But every day, I'm going to do at least a little. And I'm not necessarily limiting myself to JUST yoga. If I start feeling strong and healthy and capable around day 14, for example, I may add some more intense cardio or something. But for 30 days, I'm at least doing yoga. I'll try to remember to report here each day on what I did, how I feel, etc. Accountability and all that.

Today all I did were the 12 "daily dozen" poses from Sara Ivanhoe's Basic Yoga for Dummies DVD. I had a bad headache yesterday, and the stretches seem to ease some of the leftover ache and tension. Which was kind of what I was going for, so we'll call that a success. ;)

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KOFFEENUT 12/3/2012 12:26PM

    GREAT idea - way to go on tackling that elephant!!!


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KADULAC 12/3/2012 2:38AM

    I hope the yoga helps you feel better.

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my personal Thanksgiving philosophy

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Disclaimer: I am not any sort of expert. I am not going to tell what you should or shouldn't do or what you should or shouldn't eat. That goes for Thanksgiving or any other day. These are just my own rambling thoughts.

People joke about how overstuffed they get on Thanksgiving. Overeating and the guilt that accompanies it seem to be as common to the table as the turkey and mashed potatoes. For those trying to lose weight, it can feel intimidating, even frightening. How will you handle holidays with all of its special fare?

I don't believing in gluttony or gorging oneself.

I also don't believe that one day is going to make or break me.

I do believe in family and celebrating and even feasting. Thanksgiving brings around dishes that my family literally only eats once a year. I fully intend to savor every bite. I am going to eat my mother's key lime pie and my own pumpkin pie (that's right--I plan on two slices of pie for dessert!). I am going to eat stuffing. I am going to eat mashed potatoes.

But I'm going to try to keep portions under control. I'm going to try to eat slowly and enjoy each bite as I relax and talk with family. I am going to make the indulgences WORTH IT so that the side dish of guilt doesn't join the table.

And if I fail? If I end up eating a bit more than I meant to?

It's one day. Heck, it's one meal. There is nothing about one day or one meal that is going to derail the rest of my life--or even the rest of my week.

Again, you do what YOU need to do for Thanksgiving or for any other day. I would never presume to tell someone else how they need to handle their temptations.

But for me, my mother's pie tastes a lot better with coffee than it does with guilt. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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MSBEKANATOR 11/29/2012 1:41AM

    Love your philosophy, you've placed into words exactly how I think! Loved this blog!

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KOFFEENUT 11/22/2012 10:47PM

    I LOVE that - "my mother's pie tastes a lot better with coffee than it does with guilt. ;)"!!! I'm with you. This is ONE DAY in the healthy lifestyle journey I'll be on for the rest of my life. As long as I don't make it a permanent detour, I should really enjoy the pie!

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FLAMENM 11/21/2012 10:05PM

    I'll share a piece of that pie. My Thanksgiving motto is to go take a walk. I take a walk in the morning. I take a walk before dessert. I take a walk after. I enjoy those walks. Just as much as I enjoy the nibbles I savour.

Have a wonderful day!

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KADULAC 11/21/2012 9:41PM

    I'm with you. It's one day a year, and some dishes are only on this day. Happy Thanksgiving.

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*blows dust off blog*

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Actually, I should blow the dust off of pretty much everything here at SP. I am so far off the wagon I think I need to chase the wagon down. It left me behind a LONG time ago.

I'll admit straight off the bat that I feel lousy. I've felt lousy for a long time. It encroaches on my life some days. However, I'm doing 1000% better than I was earlier this year. The treatment regimen is starting to work well enough that I need to think very seriously about adding back diet and exercise. Who knows? They may be just the thing to help me heal the rest of the way.

So here's to starting over...again. I'm going completely back to basics--short, simple exercise routines (because that is absolutely all I can handle). Maybe only tracking fruits and veggies and water at first. I want this to be lasting change, not one of those complete overhauls that fizzles out quickly. No sprints here--slow and steady.

So here's to starting over--again. But I'm reminded of the proverb, "Fall seven times. Get up eight." I'm not done getting back up yet, so I know I can still do this. :)

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KADULAC 11/21/2012 9:42PM

    emoticon I'm glad you're back. Definitely go slowly. We're here for you.

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KOFFEENUT 11/21/2012 2:47PM

    I figure on this healthy lifestyle journey we all hit bumps in the road (heck, I've actually wandered off the road ENTIRELY before!). The IMPORTANT thing is that we pick ourselves back up and continue to head in the right direction. It sounds like that's exactly what you're doing. Know there are lots of us right alongside you, cheering you on!

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NDTEACHER1 11/20/2012 11:02PM

    You're here, that's a great start.

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CAROL494 11/20/2012 11:01PM

  emoticon emoticon

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TWOGIRLS37 11/20/2012 10:58PM

  Glad to here that you have caught up to the wagon and hopped on! Enjoy the ride!

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turtling my way along...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

When I first began my fitness journey (way back when), I enjoyed Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds videos. They were perfect for beginners but could "grow" with me a bit. The first set I purchased were 3 VHS videos, and I was sooooo proud when I had worked my up to being able to do the longest of the workouts--plus I was making modifications to make it harder rather than easier.

Well, now I find myself at the beginner level again. I don't have a VCR anymore, so I haven't done those particular workouts in a VERY long time. But lo and behold, they're on You Tube! And when I did one this morning, it made nostalgic and happy and...hopeful. It's was kind of a return-to-my-roots, you-can-go-home-again kind of feeling. There's just something kind of nice about starting where I started before.

I think I'll do it again tomorrow. :)

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AMAZINGMOMMY4 8/5/2011 12:22AM

    You are getting going again!! WOOHOO!!

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KOFFEENUT 8/4/2011 10:54PM

    Isn't that nostalgic, happy, hopeful feeling AWESOME?!? Good for you for reconnecting with a tool that worked for you before and left you with such good memories. Walk on!

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NORTHWOODSMOM8 8/4/2011 6:42PM

    I LOVED the name of your blog!!!!! Remember slow and steady gets the race won!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!

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KADULAC 8/4/2011 6:38PM

    I love walking with Leslie. It is one of my favorite workouts. Right now, my favorite workout is Zumba on the Wii. It is burning some major calories.

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the case of the pants

Monday, July 11, 2011

In April of 2007, I realized that my pants were no longer fitting. They were too tight. Having no money to purchase new pants, I figured I'd better go about finding a way to make the ones I had fit again. About that time, I heard a radio ad for Spark People. Hearing "free" caught my attention, and I joined the site.

Over the next several months, I lost over twenty pounds. More importantly, I got into the best physical condition I have ever been in. I increased my strength and stamina, doing longer and harder workouts, lifting heavier weights. I began to see changes in my body and even muscle definition!

In July of 2008, I became pregnant with my second child. Determined that my second pregnancy would be healthier than my first, I bought prenatal workout DVDs and continued to log my nutrition here. I avoided the gestational diabetes that I had during my first pregnancy.

I delivered daughter number 2, and I lost my pregnancy weight. And then...everything began to fall apart. And here I am, July 2011, and once again my pants don't fit. I still don't have the money to get new pants, and they're a whole lot tighter than they were the first time. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

But I'm back and ready to try. I'm starting with baby steps, because I want the changes to stick. So for now I'm focusing on exercise consistency (I'm back at the beginner level with exercise, unfortunately) and eating fruits and veggies. I'll post updates here. Wish me luck!

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HEALTHYSLIM2 10/28/2011 1:44PM

We are here to support you!
Wishing you the best today, tomorrow and the weeks and months to come!!

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KADULAC 7/13/2011 2:35PM

    You did this before, you can do it again. We are here for you, and God is with you.

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MICKEYD4 7/12/2011 5:47PM

    you can do it.we are all here for you

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AMAZINGMOMMY4 7/12/2011 1:20AM

    At least you know you can do it! You did it before!! And in all life's journeys we must start where we are at. Great job picking it up. I really think starting with exercise is so important because for me that is the habit that I need more than a diet! You can do it and God will help you! Keep praying for strength and most of all patience!

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MOTHERDUCK3 7/11/2011 7:02PM

    You can do it! Blessings!

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SUSZAN_2000 7/11/2011 6:47PM

  It's great that you're taking these steps to improve yourself and build a new healthier you for your daughters!

Don't Stop


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IM_DOIN_ME 7/11/2011 6:35PM

  YOU CAN DO IT!!! I've just got back on the band wagon of dieting and exercising (once again), and am looking to have others motivate me, as well as motivate others! Congrats on getting up there and trying again, everyone has to start somewhere! Good luck, let me know if you need a spark buddy!

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