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Today, I ate so much!

Friday, June 08, 2012

...I ate so much, but stayed in my calorie range! YEAH!

I ate so many freakin' veggies, and even a little fruit! YES

I had a little too much fat, but I was aware of it before I did it. MEH

My carbs were way under, so that would explain why I was craving all day. Hmmm...

I really enjoyed all the veggies today, it's a fun little grocery shopping game, buy a huge amount of produce, and hope we can eat it all before it rots! Haha, it really does put the pressure on to make sure to eat it, especially since it is so expensive. What a yummy challenge! Snacked on celery, and strawberries, and yogurt, and string cheese over the course of the day.

Exercise was fine, got a good half-hour walk with the munchkin in the stroller. Took her to the playground today, and she wouldn't play! Since the news yesterday that she might become overweight if we don't make changes, I want to make sure we get outside to play. She was interested in the pebbles and sticks on the ground, and sat down to make up some game with them. UGH! I feel pressure to make sure things change for her, but I know it's best to start small. Her dad went out with her for a walk and play earlier in the day, so it's off to a decent start anyway. I did get her to walk from the playground back to the car, about 1/4 mile.

I finished watching the Weight of the Nation mini-series today. Our food system in the US is so crazy! I wish I could come up with some solutions to these big problems that are contributing to people getting fatter! I feel helpless in some ways. I have to say though, I have a renewed sense of determination to keep my effort going. I will do it. I feel like I have to, for my health's sake, and it's not about how I wish I could look anymore. It just feels good to make those right choices!

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    I always amaze my daughter when I show her how much food I actually get to eat when I make the healthier choices. It is amazing what 200 calories of fruits and veggies can get you over a stupid bag of chips! I understand your feeling the pressure about your daughter and helping her form healthy habits and you will. She is young and you are setting a good example with yourself to start with. I know my 2.5 year old is very active and I encourage that all the time, but he is a junk food junky alot as well with the help of my older kids. Just keep bringing her places and searching for things to do. Mine loves to copy some of my moves I do, so once in awhile we dance in the kitchen or he loves when I chase him around and I have to "atch me mommmmmmy". Play in the yard with one of those big playballs. The key is finding stuff they enjoy. My middle son, 12, hates any form of exercise, but loves to ride his bike and jump jumps, so a couple of times a week, I get him to join me on my walk/run, it kills two birds, he is exercising and I am trying harder to keep up with him. My daughter, 16.5, loves team sports, but with her age, there isn't much left for her, but she loves Zumba, so we pay for half of her Zumba each week. It will all fall into place for your family too.

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Kind of all over the place today!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Started out making my delicious, nutritious breakfast: HOORAY!

Went to a buffet for lunch and didn't even consider making healthy choices: BOOOO!!

Got my butt in gear for a half-hour after persuading myself to start with 10 minutes: HOORAY!!

Got news today that my 2 year old is trending toward overweight right now: BOOO!

UGH. I really should have known better at the buffet. I'm not all that surprised about my daughter, even though she looks normal to me! Upset a bit, a lot, that her diet isn't very good and we need to work on getting her to eat more healthful foods. WORK, work work! The nutritionist I spoke with today was very gentle in explaining how my daughter's BMI was looking right now, and she seemed excited about the education I've been seeking for myself lately, regarding nutrition and all that. So, I was proud to at least not be completely in the dark about what I need to be doing. I hope I can get my little girl on board with eating more veggies, and a wider variety of foods. She's so stubborn sometimes!

I am so glad that I'm learning what I am, so I will be grateful that I am taking this opportunity!

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    I love your boos and yays lol. They made me smile. And we all make mistakes like the buffet stuff. I am struggling with all my kids. My daughter is having a hard time with the depression/anxiety and has gained 20 pounds in 6 months. My middle one is overweight and I am sure my youngest one isnt far off. It is hard to get any child on board with healthy eating I think. If we come up with any tricks we should share them. I hope you have a great night!

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Finding new motivation

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I've not been consistent, yet again. Well, I have, but my choices have been consistently unhealthy, to the point that I've pretty much regained all the weight I lost before. That is depressing. I am working on getting out of that pattern now, and finding new knowledge to help me do it. I am starting to learn more about where my food comes from, and what too much of it is really doing to my health.

I have gotten a list of documentaries together by asking my lovely sparkfolks, after watching Food, Inc. earlier this week. Also got a bunch of book recommendations too, so I am looking forward to learning more and more. A lot of this information seems to be very disheartening, but I am trying to look at it as arming myself to fight my old ways. Since there are so many hours of "films" I now want to watch, I've made a deal with myself. I can watch docs off my list only after I do my exercise for the day. I think that will help get me motivated, since I'm so interested in learning more right now. If you are interested in any of the docs / books, here is the link to the thread with a big list:

I'd love any additional info, books/docs you might have liked to help you get or keep going on this healthy life journey!

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    You can do this Emily, don't let this set you back any further, pick yourself and shoot for the moon!!!

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MOONCURLZ1 6/6/2012 10:56AM

    I just watched Food, Inc. too a couple weeks ago, and it has completely changed how I look at food now in so many ways and how I buy food and what I eat.

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MEGCJONES 6/6/2012 10:45AM

    there's also nothing wrong with doing your exercise (depending on what you do) while you're watching the docs. might help keep you motivated :) try not to get yourself down - you're here, and that's a great step!

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