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Week 6-Feeling pretty good

Monday, March 07, 2011

So after week 6, I've lost 1.1 pounds! WooHoo! That's a total of 6.5 pounds. My goal was to be about 10 pounds, but who cares?

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, my husband and I were at a homeschool convention. I did not have very good options as far as food went. I just had to keep it in moderation. We went to this one restaurant and it was soooooo good. My options weren't very good there because everything was expensive. So I ordered the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had! Yum! Cheddar cheese, tomato and bacon. But they also had the best fries I've ever had. Parmesan fries. And they gave us a ton! It was hard to stop and I probably should have stopped sooner, but I stopped sooner than I would have in the past. In the past I probably would have eaten them until I couldn't eat any more! I'm still dreaming about those fries. They were so good! The next night we walked about 15 minutes to this sushi restaurant. Again our options were slim because it was so expensive, but one of the cheapest things on their menu were the salads, so not bad. And of course we had sushi. When we at at fast food restaurants, I would order just the hamburger and brought in a bottle of water. The only time I really splurged for fast food was on the way home at Taco Bell. But other than that, I feel pretty good about my choices. I even exercised at the hotel. The fitness room was full, so my husband and I went jogging/walking. I could barely do it, but I was at least active. And then we went back to our room and I did my strength training. I was going to try and do it again on Saturday, but I was too tired.

This might be a little TMI, but since we had no kids with us I was either able to walk around naked a little more (i.e. didn't have to bring my clothes into the bathroom for after my shower) or at least walk around in my underwear. So I saw myself in mirrors a little more. I noticed small differences in my body that I'm very happy with. And I also noticed that my jeans weren't fitting very well. And the numbers showed that this week. I lost a half inch in my waist and an inch in my hips. And then I think I lost 2.5 inches in my right thigh and I think an inch in my right arm! I was already feeling good about myself and didn't care if I had lost weight or not. That 1.1 pound is just icing.

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CAROKNITS 3/7/2011 12:28PM

    Great work! Small steps add up to fewer inches and a healthier you.


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Week 5 :(

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

So week 5 was a little disappointing. I was so sick last weekend and I started to feel better. Wednesday I was still feeling like crap, but I decided to try to exercise thinking it might make me feel better. It didn't. I got 10 minutes in and couldn't finish it. And then I felt worse. And then Thursday I started feeling worse and by Friday I had enough and went to the doctor. I'm finally feeling a lot better today and actually got up at 6AM to exercise before my kids got up! Yay!! I couldn't make it through the entire 25 minute video, but I did do the strength training that I was supposed to do yesterday. Got to build that strength back.

I have mixed feelings about yesterday's weigh in. I gained two tenths of a pound. I didn't exercise last week, and Sunday I guess I forgot I was dieting! I seriously forgot. I got home and thought about it, and eating healthy was no where in my brain that day. So I wish the number on the scale was smaller, but I really didn't do anything to make it go down.

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CAROKNITS 3/1/2011 12:47PM

    Being sick can be really good for weight loss (in a bad way) or not so good for it. Sounds like you may fall into the 'not so good' category. Be sure to give yourself some slack, and keep on with the little steps.

My maintenance isn't behaving itself too well. I'd love to do GREAT one day and be back at the 'proper' weight - but life doesn't work that way. Time to get that 'healthy eating habits' helmet fixed on properly, and keep plopping it back on whenever it slips.


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Sickness: Our Little Test?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" he says something to the effect that when you start aggressively paying down your debt, some kind of emergency is going to happen. He said it's like God is testing you to see if you're really serious. For us that already happened. A year before reading the book, I had made the plan to get out of debt. I made spread sheets to track our progress and everything. Well I couldn't even get it started. My husband lost his job a week after. He was out of work for two months and we ended up moving to Nebraska (1000 miles, on our dime) and almost a year later I read Dave Ramsey's book and then a week later we totalled our van. I think Dave Ramsey was on to something there.

It's kind of how I feel with sickness and weight loss. Through SparkPeople it seems that a lot of people get sick toward the beginning. I'm in my 5th week now and I'm sick. I don't really have the energy to exercise. And although I can still eat healthy while I'm sick, it's the combination of the two that keeps my mind focused on my goals. For me, if I eat healthy, but don't exercise I'm never going to reach my goals. What's the saying? It takes a few weeks to create a habit, but only 3 days to break it. ??? So in a way it seems like it's my own little test. To see if I'm really serious about getting healthy and losing weight. Let's hope that my good habits that I've formed the past couple of weeks isn't ruined by a few days of being sick.

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CAROKNITS 2/22/2011 9:42AM

    Sick is no fun ... unless you can set all your responsibilities aside, get comfortable, and rest. You can scale down your exercise, but still do it to 'work out' your commitment to exercising. There's the left index finger wiggle, the right toe press, and let's not forget the kleenex lift! (And if you want to work your chest muscles, try coughing and sneezing for 24 hours.)

Hope you feel better soon! emoticon

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Week 4

Monday, February 21, 2011

So I did lose 1.5 lbs after week 4, but I attribute that to me being sick over the weekend. I didn't eat much. Really, last week didn't go as well as expected. I had no more money for groceries and we had no fruits or vegetables in the house unless they were already planned for dinners. So I kind of didn't eat all that well. Not that everything in our house is totally unhealthy. But when you're eating leftovers for dinner and you don't have any low calorie sides (like vegetables) to go with it, you end up eating more of that somewhat decent main which adds a lot more calories. I don't think I worded that right, so I hope that makes sense.

So I went to the grocery store this weekend and now my fridge is stuffed with a lot of good stuff. Here's to a better week.

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CAROKNITS 2/21/2011 11:36AM

    Hang in there! It's a new week, a newly stuffed fridge (my 14-yo son loves those days - he also loves unpacking the groceries so he can find out what I got), and a new day of choices.

Speaking of which, I need to figure out what's for supper. Hmmm.

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SML128 2/21/2011 9:48AM

    Congrats on the lost weight but I'm sorry you didnt feel good this weekend!
Here's wishing you a great week ahead! emoticon

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Week 3

Monday, February 14, 2011

Three weeks on the diet and the scale is a little disappointing today. Only a half pound. But I wish my scale would make up it's mind! I weighed myself again for the heck of it after I went #2 and I weighed a pound and a half less than I did five minutes before! I know I didn't crap that much out. So I'm leaving it at the half a pound loss and if that extra pound and half is real then that means my number should be pretty good next week.

Yesterday I went to see my sister run her first marathon! She couldn't finish the way she wanted to because she hurt her knee about a month ago and it gave her problems today. But she finished. Maybe it will inspire me to start running again. I've been wanting to do it for a long time now anyway. I used to run track and play basketball in school and I miss running. Sometimes when I'm taking a walk with my kids, I get that urge to run. Maybe soon. I don't think I want to run a marathon in the near future. I don't think I'll even have the motivation to do a half marathon. Maybe the Crescent City Classic. That's a 10K. That's doable.

My goal this week is to use the nutrition tracker consistently. It's so hard sometimes though. It can be very time consuming. And I just want to eat real quick and be done with it, without measuring. It can be a pain. But I know it will help me.

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CAROKNITS 2/14/2011 3:14PM

    A half a pound is a step in the right direction ... that'd be 26 lbs less if it keeps on dropping that way all year. And while 26 lbs may not get you to your goal, you'll be one 25lb bag of dog food lighter than you are now!!! And then some.

Happy Nutrition Trackering!

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