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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm still working on balance - in every way! ha!
Physical balance - just what it says, maybe I'll try Wii yoga?
Work/Home balance - I'm getting better at it. not working after hours, evenings or weekends.
Exercise balance - start out lighter, consistent, not doing too much, injuring myself or giving up. 10 min minimum a day, 30 min max
Food Intake balance - eating the right stuff. I do allow myself one treat that I fit into my food plan once per week - on a Saturday. This Saturday I ate a kit kat bar. I didn't feel like I was cheating - since I prepared to add it in. And I don't feel guilty. And I don't feel like woofing down a ton more! yeah!

This morning I weighed myself, it says I'm down two more pounds. I'm going to wait and do my official weight & measurements on Tuesday.

Here's to finding healthy balances in my life, and maintaining them.

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MAMABUGAZ 1/30/2011 3:51PM

    Sounds do-able.

Wii yoga. That's an idea. I've been thinking about adding yoga to my plan. But, yoga classes at the Rec Center cost more than I want to pay. I might have a yoga video or DVD -- don't remember. Was going to look.

Have never been interested in Wii, because I don't enjoy sports. But, maybe I'll look to see if I own a DVD or video, or google Wii yoga to see what I can find out about it. Do you own it?/Have you tried it?/What do you think of it?

~ Faith

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NEELIXNKES 1/30/2011 1:38PM

    emoticon sounds like you are really making progress! Keep pushing forward! emoticon

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I want to find joy in living , not eating!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ok, I have made it through the first four weeks of this new found way of eating/living. I lost 22 lbs and I know that's rather fast, but I'm doing what i'm supposed to - and radically changed everything! I used to have IBS and it's GONE! can you believe it - GONE! I feel awesome! I have energy, even on sleepy days! lol. I started the 10 - 15 minutes a day of walking/working out. Now that my hubby is working (and will get home later than me) I can do my workout before he gets home and get in a really good workout! whoo hoo! I'm excited.

I think my taste buds are changing too. I'm craving foods I used to dislike. I'm also craving more fruits, veggies, etc. I am still having a hard time trying to figure out flavoring and spices without using salt. I want to keep my salt in check, and struggle with it. It has taken a lot of joy out of eating - but that is what I wanted to do anyway. I want to find joy in living, not eating!!! I think it's starting to happen. I cannot wait until Spring when I can be outside doing STUFF. Plus i might actually get another dog/puppy this summer... maybe a bullmastiff rescue. Maybe. Either way, I am planning on living to the fullest. I cannot wait until I have to buy more pants because these are too big! I can already take off all my pants without unbuttoning/zipping them.

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CINDYCHARLENE 1/25/2011 9:38PM

    You are doing super! I am trying to stay away from salt and sugar and having a devil of a time doing it. Some days are so hard, others easier. But never is it really easy. But I will lick my sugar habit if it kills me. Maybe it will, LOL
emoticon emoticon

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Making better choices, wonder what others eat

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I wonder if there are people out there who eat out as much as we did. We live such a busy life style that some days we just don't have time to cook. We are now preparing for this by making things we can take with us, mostly chicken, veggies, pre-cut oranges, apples, bananas, etc. But I wonder how other people make good choices when they go out to eat. We couldn't figure it out today. We didn't want any of the dressings at the different restaurants, we ended up going somewhere that we were able to get two slices of ham, a slice of cheese on wheat bread, with some lettuce and pickles. I used a mayo packet and spread half the packet. It was the healthiest thing I could pick from (they don't have salads there). When I got home I ate my watermelon, and now just had an apple. I didn't get enough fruits/veggies. I had an mri this morning, which is what put our whole schedule off. But I guess that's what I'm researching next. What are good places to get a quick healthy bite to eat.

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MAMABUGAZ 1/26/2011 12:51PM

    Thanks for your comment on my SparkPage, Kaz. I enjoy eating out too much not to find healthy ways to do it. Sounds like you made good choices at Chili's. If you only had butter/salt on 1/2 your veggie order, you probably don't need to worry too much about it. You gotta eat some fat to lose it.

Best wishes in your weight loss journey.

~ Faith

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MAMABUGAZ 1/25/2011 3:18PM

    I go out to eat fairly frequently too.

I watch what kinds of carbs I eat fairly closely. So, if I order a sandwich or burger, I order it w/out bread. There's a local diner that has awesome burgers and sandwiches, even without the bread. Mushroom Swiss, Philly Cheesesteak, Railer burgers (with BBQ sauce). I only eat 1/2 of the burger (w/out bread) and veggies from the salad bar. (I don't care for tossed sald, so I skip the lettuce).

Fast food burgers, without the bread, aren't much good. Some fast food fish and chicken is high in fat and calories, so ya gotta watch anything you order there. I don't do much fast food at all. Except, occasionally, a snack wrap and yogurt parfait at McDonald's. I never order fries, but, usually mooch 3-4 off my husband. And, I log them on the Food Tracker. I don't eat anything without logging it.

I don't care for mayo or most dressings, so it's easy for me to always ask restaurants to leave those off.

Almost all restaurants, too, I eat only half of the meal. I look, on the menus, for the items marked low-calorie or diet. A lot of the major restaurnat chains have them noted on their menus already. I look for grilled, I avoid breaded. I like fish or chicken. I often ask them to substitute sides. Fruit or veggies (broccoli!) instead of bread or potatoes. The local chinese take-out place knows that I always want steamed broccoli (instead of white rice or fried rice) with my teriyaki chicken. I don't even have to order when I come in. I wasn't sure if they'd understand me, the first time I asked (because of the language barrier), but, they did and they've always been very accomodating. I don't eat their fortune cookies, their egg rolls, or that yucky stuff with sour cream in it.

Sometimes, we order breakfast items for other meals. If I order eggs, I order scrambled with one whole egg and the rest, egg substitutes. I only eat half. I'm careful about how many potatoes (hash browns) I eat (maybe 1/3 instead of 1/2), and I don't want them too crispy (even though they taste better) because they've likely used more oil to prepare them. I don't always get hash browns. One slice of bacon is OK, once in awhile. (I believe that you have to eat some fat in order to lose fat.)

(At home, I eat carbs, but mostly complex carbs, such as oatmeal, fruits and veggies, etc. I no longer eat bread, and I limit potatoes, corn, tortillas, etc. I allow myself 1-2 cups of oil-popped popcorn, while watching videos at home.)

The thing I'd emphasize the most, when eating out, is portion sizes. Half is usually enough. I take the other half home and have another meal. If I'm still hungry when I get home (I'm usually not), I eat some vegetables. I can always to that if my meal doesn't look healthy. Eat the best parts, and not too much. And, come home and snack on something healthy. Either me (in small portions), or my husband can always finish it another day. I rarely have to do that though. I can usually find good options.

~ Faith

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INTHEAFNOW 1/23/2011 12:29AM

    I have the same problem. Most days I'm home but on days that I have errands I am out all day and usually will eat out twice (it's an hour to the city and we spend all day there). I talked to my dietician about this and she said most anywhere you go you can get a grilled chicken sandwich with no Mayo and that's a pretty good choice. She said you can also get it without the bun if your worried about calories. Also McDonalds just started a new oatmeal that you can order anytime and it has gotten some good reviews. I made the mistake one time of ordering a salad, I got home and looked at it and it had over 800 calories!

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OOps I did it again!

Friday, January 21, 2011

We had to go grocery shopping, and decided to try to eat out. Well, I'm not ready yet, tonight proved it. I don't feel good at all, kinda sick. The sodium makes me feel sick now, and the food too. My whole body is telling me you messed up, i dont want this garbage, give me healthy food. I'm listening, and this mistake will not happen again. I dont even think it tasted good. I did eat 2 portions of veggies and also ate black beans (but super high in sodium) and ate chicken (more salt) and well, our old favorite has always been queso. I only ate about 12 chips and i just didn't enjoy it. I think it's good I didn't enjoy it, but sad because i was talked out of ordering a salad, and what i did order the "healthy" choice was pretty unhealthy!!!! ugh.. But i didn't go super overboard, and I am not going to go off the wagon. In the morning I'll start with my shake and eat all my healthy food again. I love my new life, and I will not go backwards!!!

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INTHEAFNOW 1/23/2011 12:30AM

    I, too, have noticed the difference between a "healthy" full and an "unhealthy" full.

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How Do you justfiy paying for salad?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I went out to lunch with my husband today. I had a hard decision to make (food) and wasn't sure what to do. First I wanted a salad, but all the salads came with tons of stuff on them and they didn't have any light or fat free dressings at all. So then I thought maybe of just getting a chicken breast sandwich, sans bun. I found a chicken sandwich that came with grilled onions & peppers a little cheese on top and I could have it on the whole wheat toast. Ok, that sounded like a good option, right? NOT! It was completely full of grease. I ate half a sandwich in order to not seem disrespectful. So I tried to guess how they cooked it in my nutrition, I think maybe I was a bit off (lower) and maybe should up something, I'll figure it out later.

One problem I run into is I am now eating a lot of salad at home. And we do different variations of the salads, adding baked chicken breast, or other items of flavor that will keep it healthy. So when we go out to a restaurant, I hear, "Do you really want to pay for a salad when we can just have that at home?" So then I feel stupid for paying $8 for a salad I could make for $2 at home. I need to get that thinking out of my hubbys head. I think I justify it that I'm not putting garbage in my mouth! I already feel yucky stomach from the lunch I had. It didn't taste good to me. The place doesnt cook with salt at all - so the sodium would be as ok as it could be, but the grease, I could taste. Three weeks ago I would have put a bunch of salt on it and loved it. Now I can't eat a lot of stuff because it's already too salty!!

So I'm trying to find reasons to give the hubby to justify paying for salad if we go out to eat. Suggestions are welcome!

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ISHIIGIRL 1/18/2011 1:05PM

    You need to stop focusing on the food and more why you are going out. For me, going out is a break from cooking, so ordering a salad is justifiable. You can always look up the menu before you go and check out the calorie counts so you have more options than just salad, although getting the house special salad opens up some options you may not have considered making at home. Just a few ideas. Good Luck, Paige

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EMMANYC 1/18/2011 12:51PM

    I always get dressing on the side when I order salads in restaurants. That way I control how much of the fatty, caloric dressing I use. I just dip my fork into it before spearing my salad - I probably use about a teaspoon.

When I order salads, I try to order things that are little different from what I have at home, so they give me ideas of things to try - maybe that's one way to explain things to your husband. Or just say that for you, you want the experience of going out, having someone else prepare your food, and spending quality time with your husband - that's worth a salad to you.

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