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66 Days!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So here are my updated numbers for July so far:

130/1000 Push Ups
20 Miles/75 Miles
195/1000 Sit Ups

I wasn't very good this past weekend about getting any kind of workout in. I am going to have some catching up to do as the month progresses! The key for me is to STICK WITH IT!!! No matter what! I am always so quick to say that I can't do something and just give up without really trying. Not this time. Even if I don't make my goals, I am still going to bust my butt to try!! I got some awesome lifting in this morning and some cardio.

This week I started week 4 with the 8-Week Rookie Running Program for Spark People's Virtual 5K race. I was really nervous because this week you walk 2 minutes then run 3 minutes, doing this 5 times total ending at 25 minutes. Well.....all of a sudden I noticed that was running and it was almost at 30 minutes. Yes, I had unknowingly added an extra rotation in there of the walk/run. I decided to just continue on as if I am actually doing week 5 and will just repeat it next week also, maybe I can increase my speeds next week. I was shocked! See (I told myself) YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I need to learn to have more confidence in myself and my capabilities.

Make today count!! emoticon


70 Days Left!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Ugh, another hot day here that's supposed to be over 100. This heat is brutal!! At least they are forecasting a break in the heat starting tomorrow, only supposed to be in the mid 80s...I can't wait!!

Today's run hurt a little. I have a pain in my groin area, I must have pushed it a little too hard this week. I am just going to do some extra stretching before and after the runs and hope it works itself out...I don't have time for an injury!!

So here are my updated numbers for July so far:

100/1000 Push Ups
15 Miles/75 Miles
135/1000 Sit Ups

One day at a time and I will get there! Happy Friday, I am soooo looking forward to the weekend!!


73 Days!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Only 73 days to go until the Beach! I can not wait to get away with my family and just enjoy them with no worries, focus 100% of my time and attention on them!

I did some ST today with different body parts. I love weights!!! I love how strong I feel when I am done, yet at the same time, like jello!! I got another good walk/run in today. I can't wait until I can just run with no more walking intervals. It hurt today, but I pushed through it. Having an 8 year old and almost 2 year old, running is the only chance I get for MY MUSIC. I had it blaring and enjoyed every 40 minutes of it! emoticon

I am going to do my own little challenge for myself. Here are my daily challenges for myself for the month of July:

1000 Pushups (averages out to be about 35 a day)
75 miles of Treadmill
1000 Sit Ups

So far for July, this is where I am:

35/1000 Push Ups
5 Miles/75 Miles
35/1000 Sit Ups

I have a little bit of catching up do to since the month is already a couple of days in. I am hoping I can challenge the hubby a little and get him to do them with me!!


74 Days

Monday, July 02, 2012

I only have 74 days until our big trip to California. We are staying on a Beach House for an entire week with a ton of our extended family on both my side and my husbands side. I have been working towards this for almost a year!! I can't believe it is only a little over 2 months until our trip!

The one thing I have been working the past year is consistency. I have gotten better, though there is always room for improvement!! I have been doing ChalenExtreme about 4x/week and walking/running on the treadmill for 5-6x/week. I am doing the 5K Your Way Rookie Runners guide through SparkPeople and am on week 3. I am amazed at how easily I am adapting to it and how by the end of the week I am upping my speed on my runs. I feel so strong when I am done! I also want to try Yoga. But it is really hard to fit that in to my schedule at the appropriate times with the kid's schedules.

My eating is what is getting me. I do really good for the first part of the day. I always start out with a Shakeology for breakfast. It really does give me the energy I need for the morning and helps curb my hunger for the morning. What is really getting me is the kids being home for summer. I make them their lunch and then it is so easy to just eat whatever they are eating! I think my new plan is to just have another Shakeology for lunch. I know exactly what I am consuming and it is super quick and easy. I can mix it up while I am making the kid's their lunch. I am getting a lot better with salads and stuff for supper and really watching my portions. I already drink a ton of water everyday, maybe too much! And I am down to only one Diet Dr. Pepper a day, for the most part. There are days here and there where I might have two. Ohh, I love my Diet Dr. Pepper!!!

My body is closer to what I want for my vacation, though lots of room for improvement still. My hope is to be able to where a bikini...SO NOT there yet! emoticon

The crazy thing is that through all this, the scale has not budged!! But I know that I am toning at the same time and the way my body feels and they way I fit into my clothes means so much more to me than a number on the scale!

Happy Monday to everyone. I hope you got that workout in today!!


Beautiful Morning

Monday, October 18, 2010

Well....I actually feel like I am back on track. I had put some of weight back on over the past couple of months. Last week I simply stayed in range and walked between 2.5-5 miles each day and I lost 4 pounds.....even with TOM!! I went for a 6 mile walk this morning...when I started I had only planned on about 2.5 miles. But it was an absolutely beautiful morning here and I had no where else to be so I took full advantage of this opportunity!!

My beloved grandmother passed away a little less than a month ago. On top of that,I had a HUGE health scare almost 2 weeks ago. I found a lump in my breast....and I have heavy family history of breast cancer. I was completely freaked out. One thing I kept thinking about was the fact that if it was the worst of the worst, I was going to have to go on a steroid for a couple of years. My mom gained a lot of her weight from that and I have had bad luck with steroids and weight gain in the past. I was really kicking myself for not taking better care of myself and having a healthier lifestyle. Most times, this would have been my excuse to take yet another break from my healthy lifestyle and simply gorge my feelings of being so scared into the first piece of chocolate cake I could find. Instead....I decided to get my butt off the couch and actually attempt to take CONTROL over my own body. I started from that moment and have actually done pretty well. My test results came back last week and they were NEGATIVE!! YAY! I have never been so relieved! Any other time I would have thought that it was celebration time and pigged out. But I didn't and I kept on going...especially with the awesome weight loss last week.

I think over the past couple of weeks, I just needed to take a step back and re-evaluate how I was doing things, because it definitely WASN"T working!!! I have a 6 year old daughter, lately she has been obsessed with fat and skinny. So we have turned those words into NAUGHTY words in our home. We only are allowed to say Healthy or Unhealthy. She is way too young to be even thinking the words skinny and fat!!

I went on a date with dh on Saturday night. We figured out where we were going to go and I got online and looked through their menu and nutritional information and picked my dinner before I even left the house. I just need to be prepared! I am just going to continue to do my best and keep a positive attitude. I know that I am going to mess up...plenty I am sure! But when I slip, I just need to forgive myself and dive right back in! Maybe this will be the year I can actually get out of the 150s!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday Sparkers!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PARKERB2 10/18/2010 3:02PM

    I am like you. I want to go from the 150's to the 140's even if it's just 148 or so. Gald your test came back Negative. Keep up the good work and keep Sparking.

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