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Monday, December 17, 2007

I have been really sick since yesterday. I can't exercise which sucks. I scraped and painted the basement with my husband yesterday and that was really hard. I wish I didn't have to go to work! I have time off next week, so I have to go. I want to go back to bed.



Saturday, December 15, 2007

So, I didn't make my weight goal on Friday (141), I didn't budge from 143. I was pretty bummed and MAD. I worked my butt off all week and ENJOYED it. I was sure I was going to make a difference in my weight. HA. Nope. But, today I measured, and I lost a few inches. In my waist and hips which shocked me! So, I am happier today. I won't be able to keep up with my 1000 minute team challenge today. Between x-mas shopping and now hubbin and I have a date! I was going to take my little brother out for his birthday, but he cancelled, so now it is date night! YAY! We never go out! Woo HOO! I did paint my toenails, so maybe that will count towards the soaking my feet. And I finally shaved my legs (wow). I will catch up tomorrow on challenges. My for my one a day challenge team, I made that. Finished the water, took the vitamin, and measured, measured, measured. So, I will keep plugging away. I am thinking of a reward for myself when I hit 130/125. I am thinking I want to go to Texas and visit one of our friends. Sounds great!!



Thursday, December 13, 2007

My weigh in is tomorrow, and I am really nervous. I am hopeful, but I am really scared I will be disappointed with my results. I feel like I am building muscle. My clothing still fits the same though, especially in my waist. my pants always feel tight. I have been very committed, moreso than any other time, this time around. I am not burning out, at all. I haven't really gotten a full hour in at the gym, but i do lots of workouts throughout the day whenever i have a chance. I have been "good" nutrition wise. I have gone over a few times, but just a little, and I believe my working out is making up the difference. I hope! anyway tomorrow will tell. Saturday is measurements. I am curious about those.



Saturday, December 08, 2007

well, I gave up on the 1200 calorie week challenge. It was too hard for me, and a lot of wonderful people explained that I should eat more with my work out schedule. YAY! I have read amazing pages of people here. Very inspiring. I can do this. I may hang out on SP 12 hours a day for awhile, but I will do this.

I got my exercise in today. Harder on the weekends, I don't go to the gym. We had to tear apart our basement because of flooding this summer, so it is a very ugly concrete hole in the ground. Perfect for jumping rope, running (very small) laps, and scaring the heck out of my cats. I actually walk/jogged a little over a mile down there. Worked out for 25 minutes down there, and did some leg lifts and strength exercises for my arms while I watched A Mighty Heart with my husband. EXCELLENT movie. Made me cry. I was going to do a couple of my pilates DVDs, but I realized my sister in law has them. So, I will get them tomorrow in addition to other stuff.

I am going over on my calories today. I am going to have dessert when I watch another movie tonight. It'll be okay. I will work it off, and I won't go overboard.

I made a really good indian potato dish today. I couldn't find my old recipe, so I winged it. Its called "aloo something" in my cookbook. hehe.



Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Its just not a good day today. I went over 1200 (I had 1388) yesterday for calories. It is a week, just one week, that I am trying to stick to 1200 or under, and I can't even do that. So frustrated with myself. We got a bunch of icy snow over the weekend, and another bunch of snow yesterday and last night. Yesterday morning, I was running late to get to the gym, so only had my walking and 20 minutes at the gym in (45 total). I NEED to get more cardio in. Today, I made it in time to only do my walking and strength exercises, and I had to skip the shoulder and my chest flies because I was short on time. I am trying to tell myself, at least I went and did what I had time for, but I am just disappointed in myself. My skirt is tight in my waist. It almost hurts. I seem to be gaining my weight in my stomach. Itís a gross flabby flap of lard. I have been in for a tummy tuck consult, and for $11,000 I could be fixed up. SO tempting. I am supposed to check in with my personal trainer tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that either. He is going to think I suck! Just over three years ago, I was wearing a bikini, and I looked good in it. Now, HA! I was going through some old pictures the other night, and I realized just how horrible I have started to look. I am older, paler, fatter. I don't seem to have the energy I used to. I don't like going places anymore. Granted, with two kids, it is much harder, but I wish I still wanted to get prettied up and do things with my husband. Seriously, Katy needs her eyebrows waxed, like there is no tomorrow. Maybe shaving my legs would be nice too. I am turning into a woolly mammoth.

On a good note, the snow is just gorgeous. Really puts me in the mood for Christmas. My two sons and I went to Target last night while my husband was at school. We got some Christmas shopping done. Driving was terrible, but at least the stores are quiet! So happy I have the Pacifica with all wheel drive now. Makes winter driving much easier.

Tonight, I am going to get some more strength exercises in when I get home. I want to try and do some jump rope too I think. Maybe I will feel better after that. We shall see, I guess.