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Restricted Diet 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I get asked very often - how are you? This has become a loaded question, because depending on the time of day, my answer will vary.

I have IBS.

I have not yet fully identified foods that cause me issues.

Currently I'm avoiding junk, gluten, dairy, corn, peanuts, fried foods and anything else that causes me issues (coffee, onions, etc.).

So after having a bad night last night (too many possible new foods), I decided to have a dish which includes foods I eat all the time, and believe work for me.

I had hummus chicken with squash and baked potatoes.

It was simply prepared and really included very little else than what's named. And yet my stomach gurgled and growled and the pressure built. It was NOTHING like last night, but it was still something, and it's very frustrating because I'm losing my momentum.

I'm scheduled to meet with the natural doctor tomorrow, and I'm planning on scheduling something with my primary for next week.

I just want to get this under control. I know I have the will power to do it. I even have a huge addiction to desserts (which I've seriously kicked). I'm willing to do the hard stuff.

Yet it hasn't been easy, and I'm getting frustrated with no results.

What I've been saying is that I seriously need a TYPE A personality dietitian who can really educate and guide me through this process. I KNOW I can do it alone, but I'd feel more comfortable under the care of a professional.

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CLPURNELL 3/20/2014 10:24PM

    emoticon emoticon

Hope you can identify your trigger foods soon.

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CHERIJ16 3/14/2014 12:13AM

    I have had IBS for many years. My gastroenterologist recommended that I try to get 28 to 30 grams of fiber per day. He told me about Fiber One Cereal (original) which has enough fiber in one cup to give you a whole day's quota of fiber. I eat it with one cup of vanilla almond milk. It really helps me control my IBS. Sometimes I eat Fiber One Almond Nut Clusters Cereal. It doesn't have as much fiber as the original but it tastes better. I usually throw in 1/2 cup frozen blueberries.
I also take Schiff Digestive Advantage Intense Bowel Support for IBS and it helps me a lot. (Bette than other probiotics)
If I eat onions or beans or broccoli type vegetables I take Beano with it and it works for me.

I am not a dietician but these things work for me. I hope that maybe some of these tips will work for you. Good luck. emoticon

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in response to some happy sparker

Monday, June 24, 2013

i don't know about you, but i get this best spark blogs of the week sent to my email. i won't lie, i don't always read it.

but i read one just recently about a guy asking about us sparkers who have disappeared. well as a sparker who frequently disappears, i can tell you this.

we are not on the site. therefore we are doing bad eating/exercising. and we feel guilty, fat, and unmotivated, also we feel that our bad eating/exercising is allowed or deserved (maybe we've been going through rough times). but we desperately need to be back on the site.

but we have not made our health a priority.

so here i am. i NEED to track. yet i haven't in a month or so. and my legs are the fattest they've ever been. and i need to wear a bathing suit in 3 days. and i can't just hide in the water. i've got to stand and supervise children in said bathingsuit.

yep. i'm feeling pretty down on myself.

but i'm telling myself tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow i'm going to make better choices than i made today.

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VIOLET_GREWE 7/2/2013 11:02AM

    I have been afraid of coming back too, NEED to!!! so much better with spark emoticon

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CLPURNELL 6/28/2013 12:02AM

    Hey being back here is a step. Never be afraid to come back. there is no ridicule or shame only support. you can do this and you are worth it!

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CLPURNELL 6/28/2013 12:01AM

    Hey being back here is a step. Never be afraid to come back. there is no ridicule or shame only support. you can do this and you are worth it!

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DR8561 6/25/2013 11:46AM

    I've been back for a whole week now. It makes such a difference when I'm tracking and checking in every day. When I start thinking I can handle things on my own, I'm headed for trouble (stinkin' thinkin'). Here's to new beginnings! emoticon

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STEVEN_D 6/24/2013 10:10PM

    I am the worst slacker when I don't stay here and do this. Still trying to lose what was gained when I left for awhile. We can do this!!

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so i have a problem

Thursday, May 02, 2013

so i seriously have an eating disorder. i don't know what i'm doing over here, but i know i'm not trying to get it in order. i feel like i am getting worse and worse and hoping for what? an intervention? something really bad to happen? a doctor to tell me what i should do?

about a week ago, i realized i was really eating out of control, and had been for some time. i told myself, in order to be more accountable, i need to start tracking. i wasn't responsible enough to eat without tracking. usually when i track, i start out tracking a high number, but gradually i get lower and lower, and eventually teeter towards my sparkpeople recommended calories. but this week, i'm just eating more and more. i'm feeling disgustingly full and i'm seriously ashamed of myself.

i just went for a walk (it's 9pm) because i'm so full i feel like i can't even sleep, but i just waddled around, saw a few skunks and had to come back inside. my gym membership is expiring in a few weeks, and i know i need to get more active, and practice a lot more self control with my eating, but as of right now i seriously don't know what's going to get me from here to there.

i kind of want to be back in the midst of a BLC challenge, but i find those challenges a bit too overwhelming. i seriously can't focus on 12 things at the same time AND post every day as well. My take away from those things were chatting with people who knew something about weight loss and all of their support, and focusing on ONE THING PER WEEK. Like, this week eat 4 veggies a day, next week workout as much as you can. I like that. But generally, it's much more time consuming than that. Ain't nobody got time for that!

So i need help, and i decided posting a blog was a good way to reach out and at least admit to myself that it's not going well, and acknowledging that something has to change.

i'm going to shop around the site and see if there is anything out there that looks good.

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CLPURNELL 5/3/2013 11:00PM


First thing you should do is figure out what is causing you to eat. what are you thinking about when you eat or what were you thinking about or what was bothering right before you eat. Getting to the root of your issues will help you figure out better ways to handle things when you get so overwhelmed. Most of the time the binge eating, the self sabotage has nothing to do with the food itself but something we are fighting or hiding from inside. Know you are worth treating your body right and you deserve a good happy and healthy life.


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DEBRA0818 5/3/2013 6:39AM

    The Big Book says we have an obsession of the mind that leads us back to the food through craving that we are powerless to stop, and powerless to stop from starting. Admitting that food is the master of us is Step 1. Are you currently working the 12 Steps with a sponsor? This is the suggestion in the Big Book for transforming your life.

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CHERIJ16 5/2/2013 10:42PM

    Never give up! emoticon

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KAT321123 5/2/2013 10:07PM

    I hope acknowledging your struggle "outloud" helped you in some way. Food issues are such a hard pattern to break and often so emotionally-based. Best of luck -- there's so much support on SP if you want it!

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progression, at least in my mindset

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

so this has been a better week. i have gone to bed hungry most nights and i always see that as a sign of success. that means i'm not gorging myself.

i can thank me for that.

i had a bit of a "Breakthrough" moment in my body works class on monday. it's like cardio with weights. i really like that class because i really feel the burn, during and after. also, this teacher doesn't mess around. so, this is only the second time i've taken this class, but i've been working out at the gym for like 3 months now, and i was still really struggling. and i was getting really upset with myself too. because i mean, how come i STILL can't do this stuff. how come my thigh muscles are STILL pathetic? i don't get it. i was on the verge of tears, thinking to myself, i'm going to be fat forever, i'm never going to be in shape, yet i still pushed through. maybe i didn't do all the repetitions (like she wanted us to) but i didn't walk out and i didn't cry. she kept yelling, "Why are you here?" and i know i'm there to work out and push myself, but god, it's SOOOOOO HARD to get in shape. i mean it's seriously one of the hardest things.

so it was a big moment for me. i mean, i didn't have a great big win or anything, but i was reflective, and i realized i DO have to work harder.

so as a result, i'm not eating to the point of disgust. i'm thinking a little bit more about my food (not 180 turnaround or anything) and i'm thinking i need to get in there to do more cardio on top of the 3-4 cardio classes and strength training i'm already doing. i need to see results. if i don't see results soon, its going to get harder and harder to motivate. i just want to lose some weight already!

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VIOLET_GREWE 2/1/2013 7:37PM


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ANDYINBC 1/30/2013 11:02PM

    when calories burned exceed calories in you will definitely lose weight. Unfortunately it doesn't always happen as fast as we would all like. Fortunately I know you are amazing and will have success sooner than later.

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CHOCOHIPPO 1/30/2013 10:52PM

    You can so do it!!!!! Your mind set is right. With the right eating and exercise, you will start to see the weight loss and things will happen for you. That is quite a success story today.

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questions and ramblings of someone getting back into it

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SO, let's start with a few questions...

1. what's a good whey protein? where do i buy it? what do i put it with?

2. do other people bruise when they work out? it happens when i work out pretty hard. like last week i worked out every day, and i went rock climbing and snowboarding for two of those days. next thing you know, i have a huge bruise on my calf.

3. how do people realistically deny themselves things they want? i seriously can't say no. and some people would say avoid the situations, but i can't. the stuff is everywhere.

4. my working out isnt working. it's because i'm still eating crap. and maybe i'm not working out hard enough. maybe because i'm past 30 now. whatever it is, it's been harder, and i know i've done it before without killing myself. yet that's not the case right now.

5. lean proteins to snack on? i need protein to fill up!

ok. well that's enough for now. more soon!

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COMPUCATHY 1/30/2013 7:50PM

    emoticon Wish I had all the answers. But I'll try to give you some feedback anyway... I used to get whey protein at GNC. I got vanilla and I would add it to my smoothies and my oatmeal...yum. Not sure about the bruising...I'm wondering if maybe it has something to do with hydration. Maybe up the water intake and see. I don't usually deny myself things...but I do moderate and track. Working out is great for your health...the muscles, heart, and lungs; but I find that the weight loss is more a result of eating in range. Lean proteins to snack on...egg whites and chicken are my go-to lean proteins. Hope that helps a little. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the encouragement! Spark on! emoticon emoticon

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LOVESTOWALK49 1/23/2013 7:51AM

    I can always work off a bad diet. Then, when I was working, I did physical labor. I'm now on disability. I love to exercise and I can workout as much as four hours even five some days. I only lose weight through exercise. Diet has never allowed me to lose weight for longer than a few months.

The last time, I was on SP. I kept the weight off for a year through exercise. Eventually, I couldn't exercise an hour or more a day and the weight returned. I suppose that might happen again. It won't for awhile since I have planned to walk at least three months on the AP trail this spring. I might go six if I find reasons to continue walking.

Our bodies are different. I might have hypothyroidism. My TSH was on the borderline where the recommendation is to retest. I'll talk to my doctor about it after I return from my three to six month walk.

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KIMBERTA99 1/23/2013 12:58AM

    I have to tell you that I pretty much eat what I want..pizza, hamburgers, chips, cookies.....but I don`t overeat those things. I use to deny myself those things and would feel so guilty if I even took a bite of a cookie....not anymore. I love the crap!!!
I dont think it is an age thing...I am forty and hit my goal weight. I think it is about findiing a workout that you REALLY enjoy and keep mixing it up.

Hope this helps!!

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MISSLORI5 1/23/2013 12:24AM

    You have some legititmate gripes and questions. Can't give the best answers on all of them, but I can say, peanuts work great for proteins, as does peanut butter! Just keep reading nutrition labels, they are our friends, not foes! Also, don't worry about the working out stuff, it'll come! I have tried to maintain an exercise routine and totally stressed myself out, so now I do what I can when I can and try to make sure it all adds up to the amount of time I want to exercise each day. Remember, it only takes ten mins. in one setting, and you can do that as many times a day as you want! All the best, stay positive, you can do this!!!!!!

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GETSTRONGRRR 1/22/2013 9:43PM

    Interesting questions...

1) I like Optimum Nutrition brand whey protein....you can get it on amazon at a good price...tons of flavors to choose from. I used it in smoothies....my wife puts some in yogurt. depending on the flavor you like, you can mix it in water too.

2) don't know.

3) Ahh, that's the holy grail! I have had to find other things I like and make them important. I ditched starchy carbs a while ago (sugar, bread, potatoes) and that has helpe me with appetite control. I substituted things I like (pecans) as snacks, and explored other things that I had no idea I like (fresh blueberries) that I now love.

4) You can't work off a bad diet. I have changed my thinking about exercise. I exercise to be healthy and fit....not to lose weight. 80% of weight loss is about diet. I exercise because I feel stronger and fitter by doing so. I'm 53 and feel fitter today than I did at 33....go figure!

5) See #3.....almonds and pecans are good snacks. I make sure to get some protein in every meal (eggs at bfast, chicken, shrimp, or salmon at lunch and mid-afternoon snack) these help to stabilise my appetite....I eat protein with a meal, not as a snack.

Good luck! It gets better with practice, just have to find what works for you! Keep checking in to SP and blogging.....I've found public accountability to really help!

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OBSIDIANFIRE 1/22/2013 9:01PM

    Try GNC, they have pretty good whey protein choices.
Can't comment about the bruising other than to say if you pulled a muscle you could have a small tear under the skin that bled??
I am not sure "real life" people completely deny themselves anything. I think it's a matter of setting priorities, managing portions, and being flexible.
The older you get, the harder it is to bounce right back. Just a sad fact. It will take more effort on your part this time around, I suspect.
I would ask, do I "really" need a snack (of any sort) or do I just think I do because it's what is pushed by all the current fitness info out there? I say, if you eat a complete breakfast, lunch, dinner, odds are you will NOT be hungry for between meal snacks. The trick is that each of these meals needs to be enough calories, and enough balance of carbs/fat/protein - I'd pretty much guarantee you won't be hungry to snack.
Otherwise, I'd suggest string cheese or greek yogurt. Or a glass of milk.

Hope that helps.

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RIVERNANNA 1/22/2013 8:52PM

    I know how you feel. Sorry to say, part of it is age. I didn't believe it but doctors have said it to me for too long for it not to be true.

Hopefully a combination of eating a bit smarter, not entirely cutting out my sweets, and exercise will make enough of a difference.

It does work, I have lost a little over 20 pounds, but it is work! Hard work!!



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