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Need to get it in gear

Friday, October 19, 2012

So this has been a rough month. I have had 2 surgeries on my jaw and have only been able to eat stuff that is soft and squishy. I have been fairly good for the most part, avoiding lots of carbs and junk food. Still, I have been on a diet of mashed potatoes, refried beans, sugar free pudding and ground beef. Needless to say my weight has stayed the same. I am going to call this a win since I haven't been able to work out for 3 weeks.

On Monday though, I am supposed to get my release so I can start going back to the gym! I can honestly say I am very excited about that! And hopefully, as long as everything has healed correctly, I can start eating on plan again.

I have my first race tomorrow, mind you it is only a one mile race, it's still my first. I signed up with my mom, but her hip has really been bugging her, so one of my cousins will be walking with me. It will be a lot of fun

So, here's to a great weekend and hopefully a very productive week!

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BLUEWATER71 10/20/2012 7:54PM

    Good luck and you can do it. Baby steps and one day at a time.

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CHERIONE 10/19/2012 3:12PM

    I hope you have a beautiful day for your walk! Enjoy emoticon

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Great week and weekend, so to speak

Monday, September 24, 2012

So I had surgery on my jaw last Monday, which will be good in the long run. Since my jaw has been so sore for a week, I have had to resort to eating soft food. For example, mashed potatoes, sugar free pudding, refried beans, to name a few.

But I also haven't been able to work out :( So I made sure I ate small portions of everything I ate and didn't just sit and suck back the bad stuff, although I was tempted to eat all of the ice cream I could find. :) Which paid off in the end, as I didn't gain any weight.

I got my stitches out this morning, so I am back to the grind. I am doing a 3 day detox to get rid of the ick I have been feeling since last week, then on Thursday I will be right back on my program.

Tomorrow is my first day back in the gym and I am looking forward to it! I can't wait to hit the weights and the treadmill.

Remember to make your day AWESOME!

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KING_SLAYER 9/24/2012 3:07PM

    Jaw surgery sounds like it would be no good! Good for you for not succumbing to the temptation of eating all of the ice cream and for getting back into the grind as soon as possible. Best of luck to you.

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Not the best start

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I think I picked the wrong week to start a blog. We had a huge planning meeting for work that was at an off site location and then I had a few big projects due. Well, when you are busy, you donít always eat what you are supposed to. I did fairly well last week as far as my meals went, I got in one day at the gym and we walked a lot during the week.

I put reminders in my phone so I will remember to write a little each day and then I dismiss them. Well, that doesnít really help me.

So my eating hasnít been where I have wanted it to be, but I guess it hasnít been as bad as I thought it was since i have lost 4 pounds.

I have been on point with all of my exercise though. I have been going 3 nights a week. Each night has worked a different area and has included C25K training! I think I should be ready to start running sometime this year.

Tomorrow I have a new workout buddy and we are doing a 30 minute full body followed by C25K. I canít wait to see how I feel!

Hereís to a successful weekend!!!

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KING_SLAYER 9/18/2012 4:49PM

    Congratulations on the 4 lb loss! Work and home stress has a way of getting in the way and making us not follow through on what we planned to do. But remember, doing a little bit of something is better than doing a whole lot of nothing!

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Note to self

Thursday, September 06, 2012

If you are going to write a weekly blog, it might be a good idea to set a reminder so you donít forget.

So yesterday was a good day. I think I had a few more carbs that I should have, so this will serve as my friendly reminder to pack healthy snacks. This morning I had a breakfast burrito from Carl's JR, minus the tortilla and hash browns, an 8 oz cup of coffee with 1 teaspoon of splenda, and 2 teaspoons of creamer. Then for lunch I had a steak tostada from Cafe Rio, minus the extra carbs. Then I got a little snacky due to poor planning on my part. So I had a piece of a pop tart , and 10 homemade baked tortilla chips. Then for dinner I had 3 scrambled eggs and 1/2 cup of hash browns. And then throughout the day, I had gotten in my 8 cups of water.

My trainer has been promoted to manager at another location, so I am on my own for workouts now. Good thing I have a buddy!! We did a bunch of upper body exercises with dumbbells and then we got our cardio in on the treadmill. Normally I like the treadmill, me and Pitbull just doiní our thing, not yesterday, no, not yesterday. Maybe it was really JLo that killed it for me and not Pitbull. She was singing how she wanted everyone on the floor and I couldnít think of a better place to be, than laying prone on the floor.

So as far as staying on plan, I think I did pretty dang good. Tomorrow will be a great test though as I have the day off and the fridge is full of food. :)

Whether you follow me once a week, once a month or less often than that, you will notice a pattern as far as my food goes. I am a creature of habit and if something is working, then I will continue to do it. Once I start to see a slow down, I will change my food up a bit to get me back on the right track.

Hope your day was as great as mine!

Blessed Be!


Now down to the meat of the matter

Sunday, August 26, 2012

And I have lots of meat.

Ok, so I am Type 2 Diabetic. Which doesnít really mean anything to most of you, just means that I donít get to eat the maple donut or the whole bag of M&Mís. Not that anyone should do that anyway. Just means I need to make the healthier choice. And in this day and age with the fast food places on every corner, it can be a bit more difficult. But I am determined to make it work.

I am between 75-95 pounds overweight. I gave myself such a broad range because I donít remember which weight I felt healthier at. So, I will shoot for the 75 as my long term goal and if I donít feel comfortable with that, then I will continue to the 95. Unless I find a place in the middle of those 2 that makes me feel good, then I will start maintenance, but that is still a long way away.

I am following a combination of plans as I have found that separate they work so so, but together I make better progress. So I am doing the 6 Week Body Makeover (6WBMO) and the 4 Hour Body (4HB). Once a week, usually Saturday, I have a cheat day. I have found in the past that if I know I have a cheat day during the week, then I donít eat stuff that isnít on plan during the week. I just make sure I donít go overboard on Saturday and make myself regret it.

I have a membership to the gym, which my goal is to be there 3 days a week. I would love to say I will go 5 days a week, but letís work up to that. At the gym, I also have a trainer. Luckily for me, my trainer is my nephew, but let me assure you that he doesnít go easy on me at all. My routine includes the machines or free weights 3 days a week, 3 days of abs/core and 30 minutes of cardio. I have a workout buddy and she and I do a full body workout 3 days a week and it is intense!

All of my friends, ok, maybe not all of them, but a lot of my friends have all gotten into running lately. Well, I am living proof that fat people donít run. Itís not that I canít, Iím sure if a slow moving zombie was chasing me I could get away, but I just donít like it. So, I thought I would challenge myself and sign up for a race. Oh my heck, what was I thinking! Mind you, this race is only 1 mile long. I am starting small and working my way up. If I decide I donít want to do any other races, then so be it, but at least I tried one. Even though it is only 1 mile long, I am doing the Couch to 5k (C25K) training. This accomplishes 2 things, one, it qualifies as my cardio for the day and 2 it gets my legs ready for the actual race.

My intentions are to use this as a journal for my thoughts and meals, a tracker for my exercise and a place where I can talk aloud to myself without people thinking I am weirder than they first thought.

Monday is Day 7 of this program, and I feel very good about this!

Have a great day!

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BLUEWATER71 8/27/2012 9:54AM

    baby steps, one day at a time, one meal at a time, you are getting off to a good start and good for you. You can do this.

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