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New Picture of me!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm adding a new picture to go with my blog!

I've lost 25lbs as you all know and I have finally gone through and sorted out the "big" clothes and pulled out the "small" clothes. Well AF has shown up and I had two pairs of pants that would button but that last little bit of zipper wasn't coming up. I'm hoping that when AF is gone they will zip all the way. I've added about 6+pairs of pants to my collection! This is actually more pairs of jeans and dress pants than I had before. I do believe I can add more and that I'm missing some. I tried on sizes 16 and have the 6+ pairs in 16's. I was a size 22 and have been wearing those and 20's but have only found one pair of 18's so I need to find the others so that I have something a little bit baggy. Most of the 16 fit fine and one pair I was able to even work out in!!

I'm so happy about it and so I'm putting up a picture of me after my work out, wearing the dress slacks.

I've also managed to get into a smaller top size but didn't add much to that collection but did add a skirt!

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LESSISMORE4ME 10/18/2007 2:15PM

    Way to go - gotta love ditching the big clothes. Keep up the good work!

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JUDYSR 10/18/2007 1:52PM

  way to go girl , you look like you shrank a lot all over. congratulations. I know it was lots of hard work. sincerly JUDYSR

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VIVACIOUSBEAUTY 10/18/2007 12:44PM


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10/16 Better day today!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today was a better day.

10/16-Wash laundry.-I did this yesterday but still didn't get into that closet today!

Organize dinning room. -I got some of this done and made up for the kitchen too but couldn't find my stool so that I could finish the top shelves.

Make breads. - I could not find the booklet to the bread machine! I really wanted to try out the machine but decided to do the bread later when I find the booklet.

45 mins cardio- I did this and put on the resistance too! I also talked through my workout and still managed to stay in my heart rate range and meet my stride count.

1.5 mile hike- Due to the pain I was in yesterday, plus my cold and the baby's cold, I decided to not do this and instead went off and did strength training. I got in 2 exercises for each my core, upper and lower body.

I think I did great today but I know that tomorrow will be harder. I plan on dropping the baby off at the PSO because one of the ladies has offered to watch him for me while I go to the gym. This means I might be there chatting with her until I go. Plus at 6pm I have to be there for a meeting which means that I will be missing another hour or so of my day.

I'm going to have to work hard to get things done because I've planned tons of sorting for the day. (boxes in the living room.)

My food intake was 10 times better and I was in range for everything. At the same time though, I only came in at 1280 cals and my goal is 1400. I did get my water in and actually beat my goal and took in 13 glasses!



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well, it's still 10/15 over here since I'm on the west coast. I want to blog everyday this week so here goes.

This is what I had planned on doing today-

10/15-Laundry- getting rid of what is too big and bringing out what now fits!!! Buy fruits and veggies. Reorganize the kitchen. 45 mins cardio and 6 strength.

Laundry- I did wash laundry, 6 loads of it. But I never got to go through my clothes due to the amount of pain I'm in. My hips and pelvic really died on me after my work out.

Buy fruits and veggies- I did get this done and it's funny, I totally forgot it was on my list to do!

Reorganize the kitchen- I didn't even touch this! I was at the school all day working with the PSO and then went straight to the gym and ended up in pain! I did however clean out the car(vac. and all!) though I need to bring in the items that didn't need to be tossed.

45 mins of cardio- Actually, I did 50 mins of cardio and added resistance to my normal cardio and also tried a new machine but only for 5 mins because it really started to hurt my hips (stepper which I now regret)

6 strength training- I actually got in 7 of them and also tried a new one. It was really hard to do the lower body since I hurt so much today.

As for the rest...

3 times of trying a new machine for 15 mins- I tried the Stepper but only did 5 mins due to the pain it caused. I tried it because I saw that you could buy a little one for under 50 bucks. I won't be doing this due to the fact that I can not put my pain rating at about a 8-9 out of 10.

1400 cals a day- Ummmmm....Ok, I ate nachos and still didn't reach this! I came in at 1125 cals. I'm over in fat, in range for protein and under for the rest. I had veggies and all but no fruit. Don't ask what the heck I was doing but I just couldn't eat today....not even snacking on sweets.

12 cups of water a day Honestly, I'm an idiot. I thought my goal was 10 cups a day! I thought I was working on working back up to the 12 a day. Well, I got in 10! :)

For sure tomorrow I will be going through my closet and maybe washing up those clothes that have been sitting around collecting dust. Hopefully I can get into some of them and toss out some baggy clothing! I will also be working on the kitchen and dinning room even if it doesn't get done due to my pain. I need to reorganize because the baby is getting into all my oats, flax seeds and such since this is all new stuff replacing the box items. Yes, no more box or canned food since dh left. Well I do have some in the basement in case of an emergency. I will be making breads with the kids since I didn't buy any! And of course I will be doing my 45 mins of cardio. I will not be doing the 1.5 mile hike due to my pain level at this point and the fact that I don't want to over do it.

I will shoot for my 1400 cals, 12 cups of water but will not aim for the new machine for 15 mins due also to my pain level.

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VIVACIOUSBEAUTY 10/16/2007 10:31AM

  Wow! What a full day and that's just reading about it haha!
I am slowly weaning off the canned and packaged foods. We still have a bit but not near as much as we used to. Of course it helps that we live in a farming area.

Good for you on the 25 pound loss!

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Time Capsule

Sunday, October 14, 2007


DRAW A PICUTRE OF YOURSELF. I know I'm over weight, you all know I'm over weight. Why do we need to draw it out?


My butt is huge, my thighs are huge. My arms and legs do that deal where they are huge at the top and then gets really skinny. And, I have that stomach shelf deal going on. You know, the caved in belly button and yada.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF. I take stands, voice my opinion and normally I'm nice.


WHAT DO YOU LIKE LEAST ABOUT YOUR BODY? Well if I thought there were other areas I liked about it, I would have listed them and wouldn't be trying to change everything.

HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF? "MOOOOOOOOO" BANG BANG! "I think I got it Bobby!" "Sure did Bubba and she's a big one! OOOOOO WEEEEE!" I'm obese and just full of sarcasm in case you can't tell.

HOW DO OTHERS SEE YOU? "Look Bubba, look! I think I see it!" "Well if you don't shoot it now Bobby, we ain't ever gonna get to tag it and take it home!" My friends think I'm nice too and fully of sarcasm. And if they ain't blind and stupid, they think I'm also fat.

WHAT IS YOUR WEIGHTLOSS GOAL? I'm trying to drop to 101 which is the weight I was when I met dh. I also want to get to this weight so that I can make sure that I'm in a nice fat range and that the extra baggy skin is baggy skin and not tons of fat. If it's skin and still hanging like crazy after a long long time of letting it tone up, then I'm going to get it cut off in Mexico! Never been to Mexico, heard the food there is good and that it's nice and really clean.

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO IN THE FUTURE THAT YOU CANNOT DO NOW? Run for sure. Oh wait! I want for dh to not be able to confuse my stomach fat with my boobs! Nothing like having your stomach fat groped, it's totally sexy!

HOW IS YOUR WEIGHT HOLDING YOU BACK? Ummmm well, how is it not holding me back?

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? Let's see. What do you got?

LIST THE FOOD YOU EAT IN A TYPICAL DAY. Well before sparks it was crap. Now that I'm on sparks it's smaller portions of crap that sits on larger portions of things that aren't crap. EX. Salad (not crap) covered in a Jack and the box chicken pita soaked in salsa which is really under 400 cals easy pita is about 230 cals, 3g fat,34g carb and 17.9 protien. Salsa is low in everything and stands at only 39 cals for half a cup and salad of course that's the healthy stuff. Fruit dipped in whip cream.

I have a way of making it work somehow.


I can take 5lbs away from this!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's hard to believe that I can now take 5lbs and several inches off of that last picture! I haven't really been doing good these past couple of days. My food is intake is perfect but my exercise isn't so. I have only gotten in 15 mins of working out in the past 2 days. Hopefully I can get some more in today since the baby seems to be feeling better. I'm also hoping to get to the pumpkin patch and do tons of walking tomorrow. I'm really going to beef up my cardio for next week. I'm aiming for 45 mins at the gym as my min. amount of cardio and I'm hoping to get in a full 60 mins if I can. I'm also hoping to get more walking in with the kids.

I have almost 15 more days left to make some heavy duty changes. So far everyone has noticed my weight loss and it's been talk around the PSO. Finally a few friends just came out and asked and I was happy to tell them that I had lost 20lbs. Now I'm down to 25 and If I can at least lose another 5lbs in the next 2 weeks, I won't make my goal but I will be down 30lbs since the last time dh saw me!!

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KATRINIA17 10/14/2007 7:56PM

    I totally agree about pictures at this angle. I was so afraid to get it done the first time I did it. I'm glad that I did though because I was totally shocked at the fact that it was not nearly as bad as I had thought. Now I'm happy to get the butt shots! hehehe

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DRAWNTHISWAY 10/14/2007 9:20AM

    This is going to sounds really weird.. But i love the pictures from the rear. I mean its the one thing we really can't see and judge for ourselves. Aside from that for years I have told my hubby i wanted a slimmer "bubble butt" and as i look at your picture progress you can see that you are working towards that. I'm truly jealous of these pictures. You are doing great I know that you can get those last 5 lbs off before hubby gets home if you exercise the way you plan to. Now if school and kids would just cooperate.

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  It always feels good when other people notice!
I too need to pump up my cardio this week. Thanks for the reminder!

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MOMMAPHILLIPS8 10/13/2007 7:46PM

    OMG...YOU'RE MELTING!!!! Look at you! You are doing so great!!!

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