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Day 9

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wow...so here is the thing. I had Pizza one night, fried food the next day and yesterday I ate out and had a bunch of sweets ( Jack in the box Small fries, Super big chicken sandwich (no mayo) Kraft mac and cheese and half a cherry pie along with some diet coke...about 32 oz or so.). So I got on the scale this morning and what does it read? 5 lbs gained!!!

I will say that 1. I feel bloated and 2. I can't remember the last time I went number 2...3 days ago??? So I'm wondering if it's all a regain of water weight and lack of bowl movement or what. I"m going to try to eat better today!

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COODLEBUG 7/21/2011 1:27PM

    Just stopped by your page!! So Glad we are on the same team.... You can do this girl!! Keep on blogging, keep on Crushing, it will come together!! Keep taking those baby steps!!! WE will both get this weight off!!! emoticon
Have a great day!!

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Day 8

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So bad on food and I really did try. That's my new plan...eating right while doing this. I want to see how well it will work.

So here is day 8...Fried chicken thigh, half a cup of potato salad, fried frog legs (one frog), 1 large hard boiled egg, 3/4 of a brownie portion, half a cantaloup and half a capri sun.


Oh, totally forgot the yogurt...


Day 7

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So yesterday was day 7 and here is how it went...

1 egg for breakfast, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza for lunch, 2 slices of cheese pizza for dinner and 8oz of Sprite. I really should eat more fruit and veggies but like I said, I'm eating crap for a reason, to see if this really does work. So what is the final score for week one, doing my best to eat like crap and debunk this whole theory?

I failed...Really, for me, this really couldn't be debunked. I started on Saturday weighing in at 256.6 and did the "diet" for that night (note that Sunday I ate burger king and Monday was BBQ yummm). I got all my ingredients and came back to it Tuesday morning weighing in at 255.8. I've only missed one day of this. I did my best to eat as much as I could, when I wanted to and anything I wanted. My meals included: Pizza, taco bell, jack in the box, fried meats, snickers, pepsi, sprite, coke, brownies and a bunch of other goodies. I didn't exercise, didn't take in water, didn't portion control my food before putting it on my plate (just piled it on and estimated afterwards).

I just never felt hungry, when I did eat I felt over full to the point of vomiting (last night I did!) and I couldn't finish most of my food. Not only that but I felt more alert, had more energy, felt less depressed and it seems that I had less overall pain.

So what were the results?

SW July 12th-255.8lbs
CW July 19th-245.6lbs

That's right, 10lbs gone in one week... And I never felt hungry. In fact, I felt so full at times that it landed me over the toilet or in bed wishing I could bring the food back up.

I've jumped back on the wagon several times while here at sparks. I've tried the sparks plan, my plan and just keeping within my nutrition tracker range and I can say that I've never lost 10lbs in one week while starting back up. 5-6 pounds yes but on average my first month weight loss is 10-12 lbs (5-6 the first week (mostly water weight) and then 2lbs the next 3 weeks). Normally to get that weight loss I have to drop my calories down to the lowest recommended and have to put in an hour a day in exercise. With this I ate at my worse and sat on my rear and lost more then I've ever done in a week.

But I'm still skeptical...So I'll be continuing on.

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DRAWNTHISWAY 7/19/2011 5:35PM

    Please continue on... Inquiring minds want to see how it works for you

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Day 6

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yesterday was Day 6 which means today is the last day to make this all count. How will my eating measure out? Not sure. I might grab a pizza just to see if I can go over board but then again, that wouldn't be my normal eating fully now would it (already eaten out at my max this week).

As for yesterday: 10 tyson nuggets between breakfast and lunch, fried tripe(1.5 cups) with rice (1.5 cups)(tripe dipped in flour and fried in EVOO with red onions, tomatoes, garlic and cilantro. White rice). Now these are my high estimates. I know I had 8 nuggets for sure but can't remember if I ate a 9th one so I'm just counting as 10 and I know I had two scoops of both tripe(more like 1 and a half for the tripe) and rice with each scoop being about 1 cup each. But, I still have my plate in the fridge with almost all rice covering it about half an inch thick so I know I didn't eat all the rice and there are still pieces of the tripe mixture in it.

Also add on my 1/4 cup of dried kiwi and I am done for the day.

Tomorrow is weigh in!


Day 5

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 5 I got back on track, not missing a beat. We were out most of the day it seems. I went off early in the day and though I made breakfast for the kids, I didn't make it for me. Instead I had the other half of that brownie from day 3 or so. I got back and did a few things around the house and then got them lunch. After getting them all ready we headed out again and at about 5 they started complaining about food. Well I had completely forgotten dinner which needed to be put in the crockpot for 5 hours so it was off to taco bell and two cheesy melt burritos later and a 20 oz drink.

I really just don't feel the need to eat. In fact, I ate the one burrito and couldn't even start on the other until a couple of hours later.

I know it's not the healthiest of meals but I'm eating at my worse to see if this "diet" really lives up to what it claims.

Edit to add that I did have a 4 oz apple sauce this day also.


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