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Day 4

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 4 was wild. I took my daughter and her friend to a concert and while they were there I had to waste 4 hours with the other kids which meant a trip to the mall and eating out there (no one had dinner and it was now after 7). I had teriyak chicken and friend rice ( I think they gave me the wrong plate cus it was supposed to be steamed rice.) and spicy tuna sushi and a sprite. All of this was shared by the way. Lunch was 1 mini tyson chicken sandwich and breakfast was half of a pb and j sandwich. Then around midnight (the time we got back home) I had two egg rolls from Jack in the box (went because the 2 who went to the concert didn't have any dinner at all).

By the time I got everyone ready and in bed it was almost 1 and I was dead tired. I crashed without doing the other half of the diet plan.

I'm not sure about what kind of effect this will have on the whole deal, I'm thinking not much of one at all but we shall see!


Day 3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Okay day 3 here and I can say that I didn't do my normal for this whole "diet" deal and kind of felt it. I was a bit tired all day long and spent a lot of time hanging around. At the same time though AF is here and I didn't get to sleep until 1 am and then was up way early. I guess that could be part of it. Here is the food intake though... jack in the box pita, roasted raw onions, corn taco (home made with beef tongue, tomatoes, corn, chilies, onions), then a serving of the inside of the corn taco with a handful of tortilla chips, 8oz of dr pepper, half a brownie (370 cals for full serving) and that was it.

I can say that I wasn't really hungry though. I dropped most of the meat from the pita onto the ground (what a waste!) and so ate out the veggies and left most of the pita bread alone. The hand full of chips were mostly broken up and I didn't get another taco because I was feeling pretty full. On top of that, I could only eat about half of the brownie before putting it away.

I'm trying my best to "eat anything I want" to really give this "fad" a good shake but it honestly seems like I can't for some reason.


Day 2

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So if you look on my nutrition log from yesterday you can see where my calorie intake is. So here is how yesterday went.

I felt a bit more hungry by the end of the day and could not stop snacking. In the morning I did 2 large eggs again and then at noon it was Mac and cheese with 1 hot dog cut into it but also cream cheese and sour cream added (we only had the powder stuff and we hate it and wanted it a bit more creamy. Due to lack of money we are on a coupon and "eat what you can afford" diet). I had about a cup and a half worth or just under that plus 1/4th of a cantaloup for snack. Then dinner was zatarans rice with the hillshire sausage deal (low sodium on the rice) and roasted onions in balsamic vinegar and broccoli and cauliflower with a bit of butter. About a serving for each one (measured out). What got bad was that at night I was hungry so I snacked while watching a movie with the kids....Pretzel M&Ms...about a reg bag full or less and then pringles which the container was already open and then the 5 of us shared it down to the last crumb. LOL I also had 8ox of Dr. Pepper.

Is this my normal snacking? No...I do have binges where I'll have a week (we all know which week) in which nearly every day I have to have something sweet at least once that week but honestly, I don't keep sweets in the house so it's a matter of driving up and buying something and sorry to say, I'm not getting dressed up for a candy bar. So it rarely happens. Same with chips and soda though I do at times take in more soda, normally during winter and spring when my headaches hit.

So that's the difference between Day 1 and Day 2 and also my normal eating.

Forgot to add that I did have 2 of those mini snickers and 2 capri suns (for lunch outside with kids) and that "that week" happened to start on day 1....go figure. Hopefully it all dies down.

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ALNEAGLE 7/14/2011 8:12PM

    I find myself snacking more and craving sweets during "that week" as well. I have such terrible chocolate cravings during that time!! It's good to know I am not the only one!



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Day 1

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Okay, Yesterday I posted that I was trying something new and had started that morning. So today I am continuing on with it.

Did I notice anything different yesterday? Yes at first. I felt no need to eat breakfast even though it was going on 11am. I had to force myself to eat 2 large hard boiled eggs and then had to force myself to eat lunch (tomato slices on french bread). About 4pm I had a unhealthy snack(4 snack size snickers) which caused me to nearly vomit. About 6pm I had dinner(pasta with onions, red sauce, sausage and Parmesan cheese(I cooked 4 serving sizes of pasta and split it between 3 of us over the age of 10 and 2 that are 5 and under and still have about 2 servings sizes left of the size that I got)). I then went to the circus and had about 3 hand fulls of popcorn and shared some cotton candy.

Now the idea is to try to eat like normal. Is this normal for me? Yes and no. Normally I eat just lunch around 12 or 1 but by then I'm not feeling too hot. This time around, I felt fine. Normally I'm eating a bigger dinner and normally I do have a snack here and there but not normally these types, in fact, I really don't like snickers at all...

I think I ate the snickers out of boredom but normally with having a full un open bag in front of me I would eat way more of any snack after eating just 2 eggs and a tomato sandwich (no sauce!).

I haven't eaten yet and it's already going on 12:30. I'm just now feeling slightly hungry and so I have some eggs going and will see what I want to eat next.

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    Don't be too hard on yourself. Try to think back to how you ate when you lost the weight before.
I think you made a good choice to just have a few handfuls of popcorn and cotton candy. If you limit yourself too much you will go crazy and overdo.
I too am working on getting rid of weight I lost and gained back and can't seem to get rid of.
We will both do it in our own time but it will happen. emoticon

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Trying something new...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Okay so I never try those "Diet" and "Exercise" Fads but I did some research on one "Diet" and thought that I give it a try for a short time and then give the results. I weighed myself on Saturday and tried it that day but realized I wasn't fully ready so I'm keeping the same weight and giving this a go as of this morning. I'll try to get on here every night to keep a record on how I'm feeling and how things are going. After trying this for about a month I'll post up how it went and if it is worth it and then what it was that I did...No use of us all wasting our time...LOL


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NOTIMENASH 7/12/2011 3:11PM

  Good luck! But if it is a "fad Diet" It will only be temproary. I am speaking from experiance.

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DRAWNTHISWAY 7/12/2011 3:09PM

    which diet?

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