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Saturday, September 01, 2007

TODAY IS THE FIRST OF THE MONTH!!! I'm setting new goals and challenges!!!

Just want to make sure that I got it all right this time so that I don't goof, here's the stats.

I jumped on the scale and it's up!! I'm not surprised since when it did drop down to 209 I was sick and wasn't eating. So, what's the score? 210.5lbs. I have 10.5lbs to lose this month and this month alone. That's about 2.6lbs a week which is higher than what I've been losing in the past 6 weeks.


I'm starting up a new reward system since I'm not really into the clothing deal. The nightie is cute and I may or may not get it. Also I realized that I should dress up anyways and celebrate our family tradition, not take it away from the family due to me not making a personal goal. So I've come up with a new plan that in short will give me an award for each week I come in early on my goal. Each week I will list the new prize I am aiming for and then later that week I'll state if I got it. As for my overall goal, well this is how this is going to work out. I'm going to take each pound lost and use it for the pumpkin patch. I'll buy the kids the normal stuff they get but on the terms of all of my squash and gift shop shopping, that depends on my weight loss! I'm much more happier with this set up then with the nightie set up. Since I will have to have lost 2.5lbs from my start date to the 1st of October in order to reach my goal, I'm going to make that my dollar amount, $2.50 for each lb lost. As of now I get$37 bucks. For me it's a lot of money but I use it on food, decorations until I eat the food (hehehe) and gifts to send to family during the holidays. So that is the reward system!


The plan is getting tricky. I was hoping to walk more by walking the kids to and from school but it seems that they might not end up going to that school and the other one is too far away to walk to. As of now this is what I have

1. Work out at the gym 3 times a week
2. Track food daily
3. More veggies and fruits (4 servings of each a day)
4. Drink more water
5.Take vitamins
6. Work out at home everyday
7. Walk everyday for 30 mins total


10 mins stretch

45 mins tread mill

30 mins strength training

10 mins stretch

Strength training machine

3 upper body with 3 reps each starting at 10 per set

3 lower body with 3 reps each starting at 10 per set


10 mins of stretching

15-30 mins or walking (if only 15 then stretch and walk later in the day also)

Core body, with 3 reps each starting with 10 per set

Yoga for 30 mins.


4 servings of fruit a day

4 servings of veggies a day

100-106 oz of water a day

Take vitamins each day

Well, that's the plan that should get me to 200lbs or less in one month! Hopefully when I hit that scale on monday it will be back at 209 and will give me 9lbs to lose instead of 10.5. Hey every loss is a loss no matter how small right?

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DRAWNTHISWAY 9/2/2007 12:48AM

    sounds like you have a plan in place. I hope it goes smoothly. Are you feelign better yet?

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It's the end of the month.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Well it's the end of the month and I'm going to go out with a bang. Today I promise to drink all my water, keep my cals low and workout. I'm really excited about setting up my goal list and such for tomorrow! I've done so much since the 15th of July. 15lbs down. My turtle is on the island!! hehehe. I've gotten into my swim suit and into my fav. shirt! I keep on looking at my arms cus I swear they have shrunk! While my writing hasn't picked up any, I've excelled in other areas. I've got so many ideas running through my head and tomorrow I'll be able to put them all down! I think writing your goals is so important and I love to do it! I've even made plans for the month of Oct!!! Man, I really can't wait!-Kat

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DRAWNTHISWAY 9/1/2007 11:38AM

    You are doing great! i'm glad that having written goals has made this more achievable for you. Have a great day!

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  I meant to tell you that I loved the swimsuit you had on in one of your photos!
You looked great! Keep up the good job!

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eating high, drinking low, strawberry shortcake

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Since I've been sick I've been eating at the high end of my cal intake, even going over by 30-50 cals. I have not been drinking my 106 oz of water sometimes I don't even get in the 8 glasses. I can say that I'm getting in more fruit and veggies than normal so I'm happy with that. I haven't gained any weight so I'm happy but I want to keep my eye out for it. I think that the major thing that is keeping me going is setting up my next goal. I'm so excited about setting up an Oct. goal!

I have to also add in the fact that a strawberry shortcake sat on my desk with a spoon in it from about 8 till 12 and not once did I take a bite....not once.

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DRAWNTHISWAY 8/31/2007 10:06AM

    You know the most important thing right now is not the calorie counting exercise tracking, etc.. but getting a point that you are healthy enough to pick back up and move on to your goals. Eating the fruits and veggies is definitely a plus, but you may want to try taking some sort of medicinal tea w/ honey or some cough medicine.. something that gives your immune system a boost to finally kick off whatever has been making you feel ill for the last few days. BTW don't worry about the shortcake, i'll send one of my not me's to go eat it for you.. but then you have to play with it for at least a week before you send it back ;-)

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TINKERTINX 8/30/2007 11:25PM

    30-50 cals over is still pretty great! congrats on the fruit/veggie intake and BIG KUDOS for resisting the shortcake. :) take care, and good luck with whatever your next goal may be.

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Setting Goals

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm not fully sure about what I will be doing in the month of Sept. I had planned on walking my kids to and from school which would be about 30 mins a day of walking but it seems that they might be switching schools and I might not be able to do that. If you have been reading, then you know that I did a major goof and thought I had 6 more weeks to my goal. I actually have only 4 weeks to lose 10lbs. I'm working on my diet and trying to get back into working out. I've also changed my reward item...I think. I want to dress up for halloween and get into the spirit with the kids since Dh may not be here. I will still dress up, just won't buy something so fancy. I still want the other one but I know that it spands many sizes and that I'll be able to get it during another time. I might just stick to it depending on how I feel. I've also added some other items that I can collect if I meet my goal early. So, each week I'll list what the new prize is I'm aiming for and then later that week I'll state if I got it. So you can expect at least 2 blogs a week from me! Just to let everyone know, I've been on the high end of my cal intake and have gone over 2 times already this week. I've been on my low, low end of water intake, sometimes not even getting in the 8 glasses. I've been sick though and I'm hoping that this will end cus I'm so close to that 200lb goal.


Opp's I goofed!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today is the 28th and by the 31st I want to have some goals set up for the month of September. I'm thinking that I might finish my goal of 200lbs before Oct. 1st. I actually had it planned for Oct 15th in my head but when I redo the chart, it says the 1st of Oct. Oh well, I'm sure that I can do it unless something goes really wrong. If anything, I'll still have the 15th which is the date I had it planned for. I can't believe I had it set so wrong! I actually had 9-15 up there twice LOL. Well, so now I have to work extra hard. I have to lose 4 more pounds before my next goal which I need to meet by the 15th. But to be honest, it's just hard as heck to get there. I mean it seems easy but it's been hard work and since knowing that I made it with another loss, I've been worried and waiting for that moment that it just all stops. Hope that doesn't happen anytime soon. I would love to be under prepreg. weight when dh is scheduled to come back in Oct. Well, I'm going to plan out the many ways to get there. I'm sticking to what is working as of right now. I have 2 more days of swim with the baby and one more day of working out while the girls are out and about. I'm going to add to that and work out while the girls are at school. I'll be saving some money with them not at the Y so this should allow for the baby to go to the nursery and maybe, just maybe I can get someone to watch the baby on the days I can't afford for the Y nursery care. Hopefully I can lose the 9lbs in the next 6 weeks...hey, I did just lose 15.5 lbs in 6 weeks so it can be done. 2lbs a week will give me 12lbs of loss. Even one pound a week brings me in closer to my goal... which is 200lbs.

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DRAWNTHISWAY 8/28/2007 10:08AM

    I still fully believe that you will exceed your goal. You have been doing wonderfully, and I can bet that once the girls are in school, and the baby is in the nursery you will do even better.

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