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Mary and my Done Girls

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I've joined a new team and they totally rock! I've had up to 30 teams on my page at once and would switch on and off non stop. I've had at least 60 something friends all at once but never in my entire time on sparks have I've ever received so many emails or comments as I have over the past 24 hours. I believe I've gotten about 5 spark mails and 23 comments on my sparks page from the time I joined the team to about 3 hours ago. That is honestly about 24 hours!

I've once put a comment on all of my friends sparks page and their blogs (if they had one) with a total of nearly 60 comments made and never received more than maybe 5 replies in the course of a week. To get 4 times that in the course of a day is amazing.

It's things like this that keep me going. I always check my comments, spark mail and blogs to see how many people are out there listening to me. To know that there were so many out there not only listening but with open arms willing to support me brings me to tears.

Honest, I'm DONE! After feeling like this, I never want to go back to how I felt before.

Thanks Ladies!

Let me also add that Mary, I love you! I remember during my time off with the baby I only came to sparks to see you. I love our friendship, it's kept me going here on sparks and when I tell others that it's amazing how you can never meet the people on here but yet love them as if they were right next to you, I always give your name.

Love you Mary!

Love you all!


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MERAINA 6/11/2008 1:27PM

    I just Love the Done Girls!

Glad you joined us!

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KWOLF150 6/5/2008 11:48AM

    Awwww! I totally relate to your blog! It really gets my day going! I get to work and the first thing I do is check my spark page. It is so amazing how much it is helpiing me! I LOVE IT!


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READY4MO 6/4/2008 1:09PM

    We are all here for you because we understand what it means to be DONE! Enjoy your day!

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WOLFKITTY 6/4/2008 1:33AM

    Yay!!! I'm glad you joined the Done Being the Fat Girl team! :D

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MUPP1970 6/3/2008 10:46PM

    Ahhhhh...... to be DONE!

Its over now KATRINIA! You've already be taken in by DONENESS! It truly makes my heart sing to read how you feel about this team. It is quite remarkable isn't it!

I'm so glad your joined us!

It is wonderful to be DONE!

Your's in ALL that is DONE, mupp!

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ITS_ABOUT_TIME 6/3/2008 3:05PM

    Good for you! The Done Girls are a great team - super active and supportive. For myself, I try to keep my teams to a minimum so I can support my own program as well as my teammates. It's hard when you feel like you're talking to yourself, but I just keep plugging away.

I'm glad you're a Done Girl - and a Tacoma Sparker...

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KATRINIA17 6/3/2008 11:20AM


I've noticed that you have been sparking a lot more lately! Actually, the friends that I've kept out of that whole group are the ones that have stayed with sparks and with me. I made sure that I kept those who posted to the boards and checked in on me too.

There was no way I could get rid of you. I know we can't post daily but 9 out of 10 if I left you something you reply back which is why you stay on the top of my sparks page!

Hugs hon!

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DRAWNTHISWAY 6/3/2008 11:17AM

    KAt I love you too baby! We are both so DONE! I'm happy we have finally found the team to help support us and that we can support without it being a one way relationship! emoticon

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  I was always trying to catch up with my Spark friends at least once a week and that wasn't enough LOL a daily check keeps ME motivated and that's the best part!

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Monday, June 02, 2008

well, I woke up to find that the monitor and keyboard were covered in juice and neither one worked so I had to replace them both. Funny after that big ordeal with dh about computers and the such. I got both monitor and keyboard for less than 10 bucks and I like the monitor better the the last one!

On top of that I had gone shopping at walmart with the kids and one of their friends. Lord, 3 girls at once...total fun. I forgot to get a new scale but the old one read 208 which is where I was last time so I guess it's working even though it won't shut off and is eating my batteries. I'll give it a few more days to dry out and then will see. I did get some plants some dishes...a measuring cup and the sort. I was going to get this bike deal...it's just pedals and you put them under your desk or at the sofa and bike away while on the comp. or watching t.v. I didn't get it though but wish I had.

I went food shopping and walked away with nothing but fruits, veggies, chicken and turkey and fat free milk and cream cheese...wait, and fresh peanut butter so I'm good to go for the month...or week or so. LOL

Dh contacted me to talk about the computer again. Now he's not going to get it at all and will just fix the two that we already have...yes two and the laptop cus he needs to have a dozen or so to prove something to someone we don't care about. So he got pissy about my 10 buck spend and how I buy cheap crap. It works, I don't know what to buy, it's 10 bucks and will get me along until he can come buy and drain our savings on a 4k monitor and keyboard for him and hand me the one he took to the desert and is flickering out. I didn't think my 10 buck spend was all to much and so I told him to grow the F*** up cus he's nearly 30 and needs to act it.

Well needless to say he got off the computer cus "he didn't want to argue with me while being out there" and I felt pretty good for standing up for myself and for not over eating...

Yep, once again I was in my range for everything! Yay me!

Well, I've joined a few challenges on some teams and I'm ready for June, bring it on!

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SUPERDELUXE 6/2/2008 11:49PM

    10$ for a monitor, good job! :)

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ITS_ABOUT_TIME 6/2/2008 3:50PM

    Hey, I'm just impressed that you even found a monitor for that little money! Good for you!

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  Men suck.
Yeah LOL I said it.

Go you for being a good girl LOL

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WATOGA17 6/2/2008 10:20AM


I'm glad you survived the stress without eating! Yea for you!


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DRAWNTHISWAY 6/2/2008 8:41AM

    I'm with you, bring on the challenges, give me camaraderie... Help me lose this weight and reach onderland in the next 3 months! I'm sick of fighting with hubbies and being obese!

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REV_6000 6/2/2008 3:56AM

    Sounds liek you had an interesting day lol.

Good job on not overeating while fighting with your hubby.

:D Kayla

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DH had to piss me off!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Omg...he's been gone for so long that I've forgotten how much he stresses me out!

My dh is the type of person who will do just about anything to get a rise out of you and tonight I let it happen.

As many of you know, I have many medical conditions that the military has not handled and claims that they can't handle cus they don't have the specialist. Due to the war, they don't have the funding to send me to one and keep bouncing me around. I've done all the research that I could and have known for the past 3 years that going to a chiro can help. but, I haven't cus we can't afford it. So he saved his taxes "so we could go to disney land when I get back and go visit family and friends back home" and I haven't touched it even though I'm in pain. Well he didn't know about the other check for the government...so now what does he want to do???

He wants to put that check towards disneyland and take out so much for the rest of the months until he gets back to pay for the trip and he wants to take the income tax check and spend it all on a computer...a computer that starts at 3k without the monitor, speakers, key board and such...so we are looking at a computer for about 4K.

So of curse I'm pissed and after being in tears and all he's like "Oh well I guess your right, don't understand why your so upset..."

I know that every relationship has their issues and I've heard of worst issues than this but really, who likes making the "person they love" upset like that?

I know he's at war and his life is at stake but still why would he make matters worst...as if things aren't already bad for the both of us. I'm just really hurt that he thinks my pain is a huge joke...or even worst, he thinks it's nothing big and he just doesn't give a rip.

What a really crappy ending to a near perfect day....

I was in range for everything even though my veggie and fruit intake was low. It was honestly one of my best food days ever, no hunger, no binge eating just kept it simple...

I didn't go shopping today so i have no fruits and veggies at all so I got to do that tomorrow

I changed my sparks page up, talked to so many friends about challenges, me and Mary went from site to site looking for challenges, new ways to lose weight and just ways to stay motivated.

I even went off and did new virtual models in swimsuits and with summer backgrounds just to start off my 3 month plan....

and i show him all i've done and he does his best to piss me off???

He want's to talk next friday...I'm not sure if I'll be around...

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JRISING 6/3/2008 3:15PM

    Go to the Chiro!!!!!!!!!

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SUPERDELUXE 6/1/2008 6:54PM

    Like others are saying, take some of the $$$ and go visit the Chiro.

Good luck!


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MRSWHITEWOLF 6/1/2008 6:06PM

    You deserve to take some of the money and go to the chiro. You need to look at this as a hurdle to get over or an obstacle to get around. You did something positive by having a good food day. The stress it brings on is really hard on the body....Even it you take just enough for just one appointment. Maybe he'd be willing to compromise.

Him getting you pissed off only gives him the power. Take the power and be in control. Eat healthy, fight for your goal and be successful. Don't give up! YOU CAN DO IT!

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WATOGA17 6/1/2008 11:37AM


I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this on top of everything else. I agree with Mary. You deserve to take the money you need in order to see a chiropractor. You deserve to be pain-free. Whatever you do, try not to punish yourself over this. Don't try to eat it away. You will feel better, stronger and more empowered in the long run if you talk about it, journal it, exercise it away. The food will only perpetuate the old cycle.


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DRAWNTHISWAY 6/1/2008 6:43AM

    take some of the money and go to a chiro. You deserve to feel better physically, especially after a yr of hubby being deployed and being a single mom to 3. Call some of the local offices see if any of them are willing to discount their visits with you if you pay for some number in advance. As for hubby and his computer tell him i'll build him one and it won't cost you 4k for the system, and it will be just as freaking nice (if not better cause it will have the mary touch!)

i'm sorry that hubby had to be so insensitive to you. emoticon

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I did it again!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I stayed in range again!....and I've written this blog...again!

Yes, something happened and the server wouldn't connect when I went to post this blog so I'm writing it again.

here i go...

I stayed in my calorie range but the intake was crappy. A corn dog for breakfast, chips for lunch and a decent dinner...well kinda.

Only good thing is that I sat limits for it all so I didn't eat a box of cookies, just 2. I'm starting to feel normal again, I just need to get this food in order and hopefully I'll start to see a change.

I actually thought I be over eating. The baby should have stressed me out and caused me to eat but it didn't happen. He's tossed my scale into the tub, dumped over the garbage twice, took out all the dishes, and has just been tons of fun. You think I be eating from stress but no.

Hopefully things will continue to improve.

PS: it didn't connect again! but, this time I copied it before sending it and only had to paste it up! I wonder what's going on....

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SEESKO 5/31/2008 6:13PM

    You are doing great. I wish I was. I haven't been in my range for sometime. I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

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MAMAJO1958 5/31/2008 3:29PM

    Look at the progress you have made!!! I probably would have pulled my hair out!

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DRAWNTHISWAY 5/31/2008 7:49AM

    I think the baby was trying to save you stress. I mean no more standing on the scale yelling at it for is inaccuracies *chuckles*

You are doing a wonderful job. We both have our weaknesses and i'm not sure how we will over come them. FWIW Lee had a clif bar yesterday and said they were yummy. So maybe we should try the counterpart Luna bars and see if we can use them as snacks to help get us through the day. while cutting back on some of our less healthy snacks.

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AROCHFORD 5/31/2008 7:02AM

    hey congrats at staying range. Sorry the baby has been stressing you out but look at it this way....................... emoticonthe baby is learning new things!:)LOLOLOL

Keep SParking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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finally in range!

Friday, May 30, 2008

wow, many who have been sitting in the passenger seat during this ride to a better lifestyle know that I struggle to stay in my food range. Not the normal struggle mind you, Normally I can't get to 1200 cals. Yes, my range sits between 900 and 1100 and always has except for those days that I ate that cake or what not.

Well, since getting on my meds I've been craving food like crazy! I'm working out all the time, nonstop, at least 30 mins a day and most of the time 5-7 days a week! I can't lose 3lbs!

I'm totally upset about it cus I've been working out like crazy trying to lose these three pounds.

At the same time though, I know that my food is not that great. Not way over but not like the norm. I'm staying around 2000 cals but at the same time I'm burning at least 400 a day according to the gym and sparks. Some days I've burned up to 1k cals a day and still the scale doesn't budge. I guess that I thought it would equal itself out but more on the terms of a loss, not a maitane.

Well, for the first time today I was in range! 1246 cals total and in range for everything else!. I'm totally loving it. I was hungry for a bit due to having to go to a school event and waiting to eat. I had pizza, 2 slices and still stayed in range!

I'm happy with that and I hope that I can get back into it. I think some of the problem is that I'm exercising way more than I did before. Before I was doing 30 mins a day and up to 45. Now I do 51-55 mins on the elliptical alone and then jump onto the bike, treadmill and add in some hiking, ball or swimming. On top of that I now get up everyday at 530 and began working around the house by 6. House work includes lifting boxes and bins, going up and down stairs, washing the floor by hand (I hate mops) doing laundry by hand, mowing the yards and ect. I do this until about 9 and then have breakfast and then go back to more work until 10 and then either go shopping or go to the gym, come home an eat lunch, then do writing or go to the gym and then do something with the girls when they come home or do a school activity. Dinner is at 5:30, we leave for the gym at 6:30 and I work out until 8 and then we go swimming till 9 and get home around 9:30-10 then I spark and by 10:30-11 I'm back in bed. Sometimes I'm not in bed until later but I try all the time for 1030.

Add in talent show, track meets, doctor appt and all that and I got one busy life, one that should keep me thin!

But I know I don't make the best food choices but still, I'm so busy and hunger just hits and you would think that with burning 1k cals a day, it would equal when I eat that 500 cals. I mean most people only burn 500 a day and I'm doing double!

I'm just flustered cus I really want to be 205 by the 1st and I'm really reaching for that goal.

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DRAWNTHISWAY 5/30/2008 8:09AM

    I wish I had some words of advice for getting those 3 lbs to budge, but I'm clueless. I'm doing my best to improve my food choices and have been neglecting my exercise. So it seems that we are on opposite sides of that spectrum. Add my little leech into the equation and I'm feeling completely drained. I hope we both find a way to get the inches and scales moving again.

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