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Saturday, March 29, 2014

We actually had a day here in southern Minnesota, where like many parts of the U.S. A. winter has had a long hold, in which we can go outdoors without bundling up. I sat on the deck wearing a long sleeved shirt, no coat, and ate lunch, overlooking the lawn below filled with winter debris.
Where does this stuff come from?
Scraps of papers, a couple boards. Boards? Surely wind did not blow those over here.
Pots of dead flowers that I left sitting amidst the perennials last fall.
The chicken wire fences rolled up covered with decaying leaves; I need to unroll those and set those up tomorrow so the cats can venture outdoors and roam around within the confines of the chicken wire fence. It has held them the past four years; it should continue to do so.
I have plans for a new patio as right now there is nothing but gravel as last fall the old crumbling one was removed. But many of the companies that do patios are still finishing up projects from last fall, so they may not get to me until mid-summer or early fall. I'll live with gravel! But I may set out pots of flowers so it looks less desolate.
I retired again, for the third time, at the end of December and have been recovering from full time work ever since, getting the house that had been neglected for months back in shape, getting myself back in decent health; had found myself on the edge of total exhaustion, not a fun place to be. I hope to stay retired this time, but one never knows. Was offered a new position just the other day, but held firm and said no, even though this time it was for part time.
I also need to get myself in much better shape, too, so am back to Spark as I have time to indulge in being on Spark for more than a couple minutes. I have time to plan meals, shop, make healthy dishes in my kitchen and say goodbye to fast foods and deli's again. They take a toll. I have time for family and friends again. all of that is good.

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AMYTRIPP 4/16/2014 7:30PM

    I'm so glad you're retired (again) - it seems like that is what's best for your health right now. Enjoy life and don't let anyone pressure you into another job unless it's exactly what YOU want!

I've missed you and I'm so glad we're both back! emoticon

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MILLISMA 3/29/2014 9:42PM

    Nice to see you back!!!! I am so waiting for spring so that I can really get out in the yard and work. Since winter came early, a lot of things didn't get done. I've been heading out what ever chance I get.

emoticon Mary Anne

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KATOFORNOW 3/29/2014 5:58PM

    Just back from a walk..did have to put on a jacket as it's breezy, feels like March! but so much melting going on. Hope you aren't from northern Mn as they had lots of snow the other day; we in the metro and south had some but it's MELTING!!!
LOVE Arizona, spent parts of several winters there visiting my parents for when they were alive and retired they headed to Mesa, but much as I'd love to do that, my friends prefer Florida..at least for now.
I was retired, sort of, did some part time work now and then, since my husband died, but had an offer I couldn't refuse,just too good to be true..and well, it was a great job but way way too many hours, weekends, holidays.. and hey.. I'm not into that anymore.
have a safe trip back! should be okay from Az to here.

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FRAN0426 3/29/2014 5:37PM

    Being retired does have its benefits. Hubby and I have been retired for three years now and manage to stay busy without working at a job.
It is amazing how much debris travels in with the winter winds, always something to do cleaning up the yards.
I bet it was a real pleasure eating out doors the other day. We have been in Az. for the past two months and have enjoyed being outdoors reading, outdoor coffee shops and lunch places. Our time is wrapping up and will be heading back for Mn. this coming Monday, hope we have good weather driving back.

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Early September, reflecting on weeds

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Still find it hard to believe the buses are rolling again, the cross guards are out early in the morn, football games began a week ago already.... why do the seasons go quicker each year?
It just seems it was yesterday I was planting seeds promising myself that this summer 'if' it got hot and humid I would still go out and weed. Well, it did get extremely hot and humid and I let the weeds take over. For awhile. One fairly cool day I went after them and was amazed to see how lovely the garden looked afterward so really tried to keep after the weeds the rest of the summer and continue to do so.

In a way I'm thinking that the junky foods I sometimes mindlessly grab either at night or when I'm shopping while hungry are as weeds to my body. I tell myself that if I eat only one, it will be okay; but I don't eat only one. LIke weeds that proliferate in the garden, like coat hangers that multiply in closets, those cinnamon pita chips and marshmallow pinwheel cookies jump into my mouth one right after another... and like the garden messy with weeds, my body feels messy inside and well, kind of looks that way outside. I want to look and feel healthy, toned, not bulging out all over.
I want to feel lovely all over ..so need to remove the weeds..of all kinds..
strange analogy I know..but that's my image for today... when I'm tempted to buy/eat that sort of food I'll say weed! remembering how weeds mess up my garden and also mess up my healthy way of living.

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AMYTRIPP 9/4/2012 3:44PM

    I really like that analogy! Thanks for sharing!

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SWAN47 9/4/2012 2:06PM

    emoticon... I love your analogy! Amazing how those foods jump in your mouth. Hope saying the word "weed" will help. So hard to get weight off but you're right with how much better you feel when the garden is weeded. Have a great week! Keep SPARKING!

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God's sense of humor

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Okay, I hate having my photo taken for lots of reasons but esp as i blink all the time and it takes forever for someone to get a photo of me with eyes open; I've suggested the passport office and motor vehicle dept people just color the eyes in as brown..but they persist over and over and over ..
so eventually my eyes are open but my mouth is askew and well, I look like a convict..have run my fingers through my hair in frustration during the ordeal, and well, anyhow..

so today quick went in for a shoot for a directory ..an organization is insisting we all have our photos. I avoided their calls/e-mails/letters but .they hunted me down...made special extensions and arrangements for photo shoots,et.c..so I dragged myself in. And of course the room set up is where the light glared off my glasses.. no matter how I tipped my head; and if I put my head down..well, double/triple chin? no way am I tipping my head down! Twice they asked if I'd like to see a mirror and I said what..is it my hair? I don't care .. that is my attitude.. when being photographed I'm just a crank. But I did look at my hair and well, it was drooping...we have high humidity today..no curl whatever left..no body and let me tell you I had done a full body blow out before leaving.. but there it was hanging straight and drooping.. ah well. there it was
that just out of bed...or what I call convict look again!

so we went to another room and they had me sit down in a chair and I had my body facing one way, my head the other...not sure why, but it worked...my eyes were open for two of trhe shots, ..and they showed it to me and I figured I looked presentable enough for a directory that really few may even see.

and then...and this is God's sense of humor coming in.. as I was walking out, feeling the stress and strain leave my body, I met three Sisters..(.btw, photos were taken at the Provincial House of an Order I'm associated with as a laypersonb), and they all greeted me and said, 'say, weren't you at the dental mission last week?';
I said yes, and thought it cute they were all wearing the green volunteer tees we had worn there as volunteers, so we talked a bit about how great it was, and then the Sister (with the camera which I had not noticed before), said, go to my office and put on the extra tee (another green volunteer tee) I'm taking photos of those who worked there' I tried to say no..but she said, Go, we need photos for our lobby display.
I had no good excuse to say no, nowhere I had to be..and well, it was a Sister request! so shaking my head in disbelief, how unlucky can one old woman get; I changed tops and trudged outside to have yet more humiliating photos taken, head tilted to the side, trying to look joyful about being 'shot' again. and I think my eyes were open; Sister took four shots, and checked them out.. so guess at least one may have worked.
I changed back into my own top and walked away to the car shaking my head thinking I can't believe this just happened.. a photo for their lobby where everyone walks in! Good Lord! and yes, God is once again having the last laugh.

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AMYTRIPP 9/4/2012 6:34AM

    Well, at least you made it through it. emoticon I know, getting photos taken is NOT a happy making time. I have one sister who takes photos all the time. I just grit my teeth and get through it. *sigh*

Of course, then she gets prints made and hands them out.

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DR1939 8/29/2012 9:04AM


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BEAUTIFUL_REINA 8/28/2012 6:00PM

    lol you gave me a chuckle today!

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PICKIE98 8/28/2012 3:38PM

    Why didn't you take your glasses off? that is what I do,, as far as the nun pic: You really can't lie and say you have to be somewhere,, that is just inviting disaster, But how about making it a funny pic or the body shot with head facing them??? or just smiling at God who is really at the other end of that lens... you are brave....

Maybe they wanted you to blend in with them for some reason...hmmm,, none of my nuns ever did that,, they must really love you..

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Sunday Blogging as a way of Procrastinating

Sunday, August 26, 2012

okay, it is mid morning Sunday,,... I have a totally messy Kitchen..counter spaces filled with produce, groceries to put away, dirty dishes in the sink, clean dishes in the dishwasher to put away, towels to put away, a floor to be swept, and .. I'm feeling lazy...
This is the last Sunday of August and where did August go? Gee, the State Fair is on, football practice at local high schools commenced over a week ago, and the college students moved back this past week ..classes due to begin Monday. My list of things to do this summer is only half checked off; and that doesn't include things to do in the house!
We didn't get to St Paul to tour the capital, something we all want to do again..last time we were all in sixth grade. And well, that was like how many decades back? And we want to tour the caves, the old gangster hide outs in St Paul; we want to golf at a mini golf course cause I have Groupons for that, along with a lunch. We still could get that in..I mean there is lots of great weather ahead. We hope..hope...hope. And a friend tried the segway thing in the Lakeville area last week, and loved it so we are hoping to try it over in Stillwater before the snow falls..oops sorry, said that four letter word... segway sounds like lots of fun!
We did get to the arboretum and had a lovely half day before the rain moved in, and we had several lunches with former colleagues, had two mini-getaways with my sisters and then with long time friends, and I finally got to the 'new' Guthrie where we saw Roman Holiday, the musical with Cole Porter songs.. LOVE cole porter music. So, yeah, guess we did get a lot in..but there's always a list of more to do.. I call it my bucket list of sorts...not anything big.. I mean tour the state capital isn't huge, nor was listing lunch at the arboretum, but such things have been on my list for the past few years.
and today I have that messy kitchen to contend with; had people here Friday night and then after they left, I went straight to bed as it was late and I was tired and yesterday had my first early morning kettleball class, and then right after that..well I zipped home, cleaned up and was gone the rest of the day, came home and again fell into bed, so you can imagine the house, the kitchen! Dirty dishes in the sink, garden produce sitting on one counter as I had picked squash and ground cherries Friday a.m., made up some jam Fri afternoon, jars now need to be put away, need to figure out what to do with patty pan squash which I've never grown before, the dishwasher has to be emptied, then refilled, other dishes handwashed.. then the lower level needs to be put back together as extra chairs and tables were put out for the Friday gathering... we grilled on the lower level patio, ate, then watched the old movie..All the President's Men which some had never seen.
I found that old video while rearranging my vidoes/dvd/s a few weeks back and my neighbors are younger than me and have missed a wide variety of old movies... they saw Charade for the first time this summer..here with another supper and movie night. They saw Love, Actually, Miracle on 34th Street..with Natalie Wood, Holiday Inn, It's a Wonderful Life..all for the first time here last December...it's fun to share these old movies with younger friends and see their delight in watching them, so now and then I have a dinner/supper with a movie night. They are women of all ages, some widowed, divorced and seem to enjoy these get togethers to eat, catch up and then watch a movie. They already wonder if I'll do the Christmas movies again this December...
which reminds me of one more thing on the 'bucket list'; that was to see the nutcracker ballet with my nieces as a Christmas gift for them; but that was back when they were much younger, that never happened as we just never got our schedules to mesh and for many years i lived out of state, but last year I said Next year we are doing this...and last week we arranged it: so now I'm taking their daughters..my great nieces...and actually have the tickets in hand for that..for all the sisters, nieces, great nieces this December up at St Kate's. As one niece calls it the 'girls day out for lunch, ballet, then dinner! Knowing her she'll create something for all of us to wear that day! Years ago I used to go to Loyce Houlton's version at Northrup which I absolutely loved, but that now is performed at the Cowles Center downtown MPLS and I am more comfortable driving and parking at St kate's..so we're heading to the O'Shaughnessy to see Andrew Rist's version..I'm told my great nieces, 3 and 4 years of age, are so excited already as they like to dance... twirl around and one is into tap already..so. looking forward to this, and hoping the weather behaves though all are in the metro area so we should be able to get there..no matter what!.
Lord, thinking of Christmas already..see, how time flies.. thinking of cleaning the hall closet to see if all pairs of mittens/gloves are there and mufflers, hats.. and where are the shovels and do we have ice bite for another winter..and get that winter survival kit for the car organized..and NO..am not ready for that sort of thing. But I start thinking that when the State Fair starts, football games begin, and the college students move back to town...
and the leaves begin to change..and I continue to procrastinate by writing, rambling..
time to stop and get to work! what if someone drops in for a visit? Does anyone do that anymore? We used to spend Sunday afternoons visiting relatives, old friends..but I don't think anyone does that anymore... We always had a cake or pie on hand for those occasions, and everyone always had something like that to eat when we visited. Maybe that was a small town, rural Minnesota thing. I'd never think of just dropping in anymore, I've called at times to see if someone will be around and often the older ones are home, the younger ones hardly ever..always heading out to someplace.. and yes, guess we all appreciate knowing when someone is coming for a visit.. So they don't catch us with a messy kitchen!

gotta go..clean up that kitchen..and well.. yeah, I do....no more stalling....

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DR1939 8/27/2012 11:09AM

    We went to the cities a couple of weeks ago. We saw The Sunshine Boys at the Guthrie and had dinner in the Level Five Café. Both were great. I highly recommend the play. We also went to the Arboretum and to the History Museum to see the War of 1862 exhibit. Very interesting. We had a Groupon for the Russian Art Museum so we went there too. Enjoyed as a one-off but don't think I'd put it on my list of regulars. You have a couple of things on your bucket list that are on mine, the State Capitol tour and the caves. Have you read the book about gangsters in MN? The caves play a huge role there. The author did a program at Marshall Library a year or so ago. There are a number of interesting gangster-related places in St.Paul. I'll hunt up the title if you're interested.

Comment edited on: 8/27/2012 11:10:51 AM

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A rainy Saturday and time for a new blog!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

I'm tired of seeing my old blog that's two weeks old rolling by and as it's a rainy day and I'm having a rather lazy day so figured it was time to write something new! Am recalling Amy's blog of days ago with 50 things to share about oneself..I planned to do that and then got waylaid..
so will share a few things here:.
sharing some of my favorite things..rainy days now and then cause I love that clean earthy fragrance it brings, and I love to iron when it's raining..have no reason as to why, but I do, so I have a small stack of clothes waiting, and love old movies and today TCM has 24 hours of Marilyn Monroe films going...can it be 50 years ago she died? I remember that day well, the news came as a news bulletin on the radio as we sat on the dock at the lake listening to early rock and roll..most likely Pat Boone, Bobby Darren, Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vee, Bobby Vinton! weren't there lots of Bobby's back then! my sister made MM paper dolls for each of us that week; I don't think we had even seen any of her films at that point in our lives, but we knew of her and thought her gorgeous. Also love kate Hepburn and Bette Davis, and Jean Arthur. So, I will be ironing and watching MM, then will get on the treadmill and watch MM, now and then switching to check on the olympics.
I also love flowers... to grow them and to buy fresh cut flowers just because they are so lovely and fill me with a sense of peace and well being as they sit in the vases on my dining room table or bedroom dresser. I really love them in winter when all else is so drab.
Right now have a vase of gladiolas..maroon and pink. I love libraries and books, all sorts of books, and all sorts of music to listen to..this a.m. had Sinatra on, then Black Eyes Peas, followed by Chris Isaak..
so I indulge in music, books, films on rainy days...and ironing.
I know should be cleaning drawers,closets, . filing the papers that are stacked everywhere, but not today, not this weekend.
so now time to get to that ironing, and the prince and the showgirl just came on..

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AMYTRIPP 8/5/2012 3:15PM

    It's good for the soul to sometiime forget about what needs to be done (and, hey, those chores will be there when you're ready for them) and just do the things you love. And your day sounds like a lovely one.

Don't you love the smell of a library? All those books and all that history.

Thanks for sharing some tidbits about you. I love that you have eclectic taste in music!

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MSCHELLEZ 8/4/2012 3:23PM

  My son and I love it when it rains all day. It is so much more relaxing in the summertime than heat and humidity. It's on days like this that I seriously get some good housekeeping done.

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