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A great time was had by all....

Monday, May 19, 2014

I was on my way to Boise Idaho, but had to make a stop in Shelton Washington.. now I don't know if it was on the path or not, cuz I haven't googled it as of yet, but my daughter turned 30 so off the path or not, I had to be there.
And we all know that I was only pretending to go to Boise anyways, but I was really really on vacation in Washington, so, tomorrow we will get back to the virtual trip.

A day of Hanging out and getting our nails done.

We spent a lot of time shopping for things for the party.. or Ball.. and who doesn't love shopping. However, my daughter decided on the winter theme, after all the Christmas stuff was off the shelves.. my other daughter is super creative and made some snowflakes out of toilet paper rolls some glue and some paint.

Then came the day of the Ball.. what excitement.. we woke up and headed to the hall to decorate.. but first donuts and juice and starbucks.. oh yeah, that is the way to start the day!! Healthy.. heck no.. but fun!!!

waiting for the rest of the decorating crew

Then off to get dressed up
This is my 10 year old really tall Grandson Xander. We had too much fun together, every morning he woke me up before going to school to make me peanut butter toast for breakfast.

Mandy and me isn't she beautiful??

Nikki Mandy and Me.. I make awesome looking girls

Nikki and Marie. they will be married in August.

Xander requested Smile for he and his mommy to dance to.. he is so thoughtful

Mandy and Josh in a special moment

We were dancing to I Hope You Dance.. which my song for her

Josh and me

It was a fun night, and I think went off without a hitch.
I'm so blessed to be able to be there for her on her big day.

Hope you all have had a great couple of weeks.
I look forward to looking up new sights and adventures for us.

Have a great day and Be Blessed!!

sorry about the sideways pictures.. and also while I was in Washington, my son and his family were in Florida here is part of their fun.

Jamie, Christina, Zay and Shailey, and a baby alligator.

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KAYDE53 5/19/2014 7:11PM

    Looks like a great time!

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    What a treat! I loved the pictures of you, your kids, their mates, and your grand children. Not sure about the baby alligator. LOL. You are very blessed and certainly know how to have a party!!

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ZANYGIRL1 5/19/2014 2:35PM

    Great pictures!! Looks like everybody had a "ball"....hehehehehehehehe


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JSPIN74 5/19/2014 1:20PM

    emoticon emoticon

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NEPTUNE1939 5/19/2014 12:21PM


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Still walking

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

But.. I usually blog at work. However,
With the great IE virus we aren't allowed on
External websites....soooo.. I will play catch up
When we are given the all clear sign from our IS
this blog is on my phone, but it's really not that
Later taters. Be Blessed

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ZANYGIRL1 5/7/2014 10:47AM


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MORTICIAADDAMS 4/30/2014 12:35PM

    I have gone back to Firefox. I have scanned everything and seem okay so far.

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Olympia Washington

Monday, April 28, 2014

It's been a week, and I haven't blogged, but it isn't because I wasn't moving, it's just cuz I was too lazy to blog about it.. haha.

So while walking my dog, I exercised enough minutes to get me to Olympia.. my 3rd state capital on this virtual journey. My dog is happy, my body keeps moving and I get to see the States through the internet. And learn more about what this great country has to offer.

Of course I visited the Capital building. It is so beautiful..

I went to a place that resues wolves and look at some of the new friends I made there.

Wolves are so beautiful.

Then I went on a dinner cruise on a magnificent sail boat.

Fun Fun!!

This is a picture from a park Tumwater Falls park. I have actually been here and seen for myself the beauty. I go here everytime I visit my daughters, so of course on my virtual trip, I went there.

I have no fancy bed and breakfast pics, because.. well, when you're that close to family, you just crash on their couch.. soo that's what I did.

In a couple of weeks, I will be there for real!! I can hardly wait. My middle daughter is turning 30 so of course she can't turn 30 without me being there.
For her birthday party, she is having a formal ball, this has been her dream for a few years now, and she is working hard to make it happen. My dress for it, should arrive today.. I'm pretty excited to try it on.
Pictures will follow!!

have a great day and be blessed.

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ZANYGIRL1 4/29/2014 8:35AM

    Love the pictures! So happy you get to go to Mandy's birthday party, sounds like it's going to be so much fun!!!!!!

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KAYDE53 4/28/2014 11:29PM

    beautiful pictures!

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    Loved the pictures!! We have a friend who had wolves. He was an artist and they were some of his favorite subject matters. That sailboat is beautiful!!

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JLAMING263 4/28/2014 11:57AM

    Great Scenery emoticon

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It's an outside kinda day

Friday, April 18, 2014

Well today I am in Longview, Washington.. what a wonderful place.

I found a great park Lake Sacajawea Park (so much fun to say!!).
The scenery and all is so beautiful. Lots of hiking and sight seeing.
Japanese Garden
Cool looking fountain
Blue Herron

Then I decided to take a gander at Mt. St. Helens.. I can't even imagine what a sight it was when it erupted.
I love mountains they are so majestic!! Some of these pictures are from when it erupted.

I like to find Bed and Breakfasts in the area instead of staying in a cold lonely motel room. I found a great one called the Nob Hill Riverview Bed and Breakfast.
I stayed in the Paris Apartment.

Next time will find me in Centraila Washington. That will be on Monday as this weekend I will be spending time with the family and not turning on my computer.

Just another reminder for those new to my blogs.. I am not really in any of these places. It is a virtual game I am playing to keep myself motivated to keep moving.. for every minute of exercise I get, I count it as a mile towards my virtual trip to visit all the state capitals. None of these pictures are mine, they are ones I have found on the internet while researching all my stops. I hope you enjoy the story being told.

This weekend remember what it's about.. on this day so very long ago, Christ was hung on a cross, sentenced to die for all of our sins.
Sunday, while the Easter Bunny is cute and fun and Easter eggs are fun to hide and watch the kids find, remember we are celebrating His rise from the tomb. What an amazing gift we recieved.

Have a wonderful weekend and Be Blessed!!

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ZANYGIRL1 4/21/2014 9:56AM


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BUSYGRANNY5 4/18/2014 10:23PM

    Gorgeous pictures!!!

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KAYDE53 4/18/2014 9:11PM

    beautiful mountains & wildflowers; that bed & breakfast looks awesome!

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GRACEOMALLEY 4/18/2014 2:56PM

    Another delightful sojourn into new places all because of you! Thank you.

Have a lovely Easter weekend! emoticon

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    I love that bridge!! So beautiful! Japanese gardens are my favorites.

We have a nice fountain like that and love it too. Every year herons come and clean out our pond. They love tadpoles.

Mt. St. Helens is beautiful!

Love the Paris Apartment.

Have a great Easter!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Well today I find myself in Portland Oregon on my way to Olympia Washington.

I know I have said it before, but seriously, this is a BEAUTIFUL state.

I have never been in a mansion before, so I decided to check out the Pittock Mansion.. MAN!!!! that's all I have to say about that!!
Just look at this beautiful Staircase... I would be in Heaven!! I just love high ceilings.. I wouldn't wanna clean this place.. and I really wouldn't want to climb all those stairs, however, coming down the stairs, I think I would feel as elegant and Audry Hepburn. *Sigh*

Back to reality... well, virtual reality anyways.. off to the Oregon Zoo
Packy the elephant is 52 years old.. you can see him here with his birthday cake.
Baby Armadillo
Awww baby elephants are just too cute.

if they could stay this small.. awwwww!! momma and baby..too cute.

Then to rest my weary head.. look at the few of the Sands of Time Bed and Breakfast.

I haven't figured my route for tomorrow, but I should be somewhere in Washington.. soo off I go to get that walk in.

Be Blessed!!

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    I can't imagine living in a place like that. I would probably get lost. LOL. The Bed and Breakfasts are all fancier than I'm use to. LOL. I probably belong at the zoo more. A nice dirt enclosure. LOL.

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GINNABOOTS 4/17/2014 3:30PM

    What beautiful pictures! The staircase is just gorgeous, the whole mansion is.

I love the pictures of the animals too.

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SHEHULK86 4/17/2014 3:20PM

  Enjoy your time in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!! My Gram lived in Portland for over 50 years and it is my favorite city ever, not just for it's beauty, but the memories. If you're heading north on I-5 and have the time, the Mt. St. Helen's visitor center is pretty fun. Safe travels!

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