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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I just hit bottom. Iīve had a lot of stress lately, with the university, work, and loads of friends having birthdayparties that I had to go to. So I skipped SP. I thought I didnīt have the time, Iīd manage anyways, and it was just for a short while. I also skipped exercise, I went like 2 or 3 times in that time. I ate really bad, cause I thought I didnīt have the time to cook properly. I got a huuuge appetite for sweets and stuff, and since I didnīt write anything down, I hardly noticed eating more and more.

Today I bought chips and chocolate. And I ate all of it. Now Iīm feeling so sick Iīd really like to throw up, but I canīt... :( This is it! Binge-eating! Stress! I have to learn to deal with it without eating crap and stop exercising!!

Iīm really feeling crap right now, but at least Iīm motivated to go on with it now... I washed the dishes and threw away the trash, so now there are no traces of the last few days of mindless eating. But I know it happened, and Iīm not gonna let it get that far anymore!



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today I tried yoga for the first time. It was the hatha yoga class in my fitness center. Sort of strange, it was relaxing, and at the same time rather hard... Iīm about as flexible as a board: not very much at all... I also discovered that I lack strength in my core and arms. Iīve been working all day, and after that the yoga class, so now I am rather tired. I think Iīll go sleeping soon, perhaps Iīll be able to be more productive in the morning then...
I think Iīll go to the class next sunday too, itīs just after work, good for rewinding. I guess i also really need the stretching and stuff.

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JUSONEJOURNEY 1/16/2011 3:43PM

    I am loving Yoga. Glad you will be going again. It gets easier and you will feel a big difference in a few weeks.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I love cheese. I could eat it all the time... Itīs one of my favourite snacks, and because of them, Iīve been almost at my calorie-limit the last few days. I really have to quit eating cheese whenever Iīm feeling down or just plain bored.

I did a test today, it told me I am an emotional eater, that is soo true! Mindless eating, thinking, well, itīs too late now, I might as well eat all of the chips/ rest of the chocolate... No, I donīt! To be honest, itīs really only the first 5-10 chips that really taste as good as I thought, the rest just goes down... The same with chocolate, I donīt need the whole 100 g piece, but when Iīve got it, Iīll eat it!
I know I should learn to control myself, and leave the rest, but for now, I avoid these snacks completely, in order not to loose control. The next step will be smaller portions. I know there are pringles chips in those small boxes, Iīve seen them at gas-stations and such. Next time I really want to eat chips, and Iīll allow myself to do so, Iīll buy a small portion. And for chocolate, I live in Austria, theyīve got soooooo good chocolate here, Iīll buy a small portion really good chocolate, and really enjoy it!

Today Iīm snacking cherry-tomatoes, feels like a good alternative to cheese right now...

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TERESA159 1/15/2011 3:56PM

    I love cheese too! But I just don't buy it any more other than the 2% singles I use for sandwiches (and is kinda gross anyway) and a block of hard cheese, Parmesan, that is used to dress dishes. All other cheese, gone. My husband and I love fine cheeses, our idea of a great Sunday afternoon is to relax with a cheese board and wine. No more!!!

Good luck.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today Iīve spent the day at my desk, studying chemistry. The only highlight of the day was a long brisk walk with a very good friend. I really love those walks, 1,5 hours of chatting while walking at full speed or jogging. Even if itīs winter and a little icy here and there (at those spots u train your coordination...) we keep up the walking in a park and small wood nearby. Thatīs great, it really lifts my mood, each time.

Hmm... Today and yesterday I havenīt quite met my goals for the food, I havenīt eaten enough.
Iīm really full though, and ate what I usually do, perhaps minus a snack here or there (I love eating cheese for a snack...). I need a couple of more calories and some protein, hmm... have to look in the fridge if I can find something small with proteins that I could squeeze down. Sometimes itīs a bit hard to meet the protein goals, perhaps I should try eating more lentils and beans, since I donīt eat much meat.

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TERESA159 1/11/2011 1:48PM

    How nice that must be, to not be hungry and need to practically force down some food. ;-) I'm lately short on carbs every day. Go figure.

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I think I overdid it a bit...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Today I spent 2,5 hours at the gym, I think that was slightly too much... I thought Iīd do my strength-stuff, and then go to that fun new class, Zumba. I did. I just miscalculated a bit, I was done half an hour before the class started, didnīt want to get cold again, so I did cardio instead. Jeez, after half of the zumba class I felt like a boiled spaghetti... Energy levels = 0
It was fun, but now I am soooo tired! My muscles are tired, I am tired, just waiting for the laundry to be done, then Iīll sleeep.!

Sunday dinner with my boyfriends parents wasnīt that bad at all, I had lean meat, veggies and rice, + a shared dessert. I tracked the food, but probably not very accurate... Well, it was Sunday, so I donīt think itīs thaat bad... As long as I keep it up the other 6 days... :)


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