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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Went to the Thyroid Dt. today, didn't learn much, she took some blood (surprising right), I'll just wait for the results. She did tell me to exercise at least 30 minutes a day even if only 10 minutes at a time & do it a the same level I did on my stress test. The good news is she didn't suggest taking any other medicine, just eat right & exercise. So now I really got to take it up a notch if I want to get my health in order. I promise myself I will do better!!!!

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NHES220 9/30/2014 6:23PM

    That's good news. They do say the key to health is 10,000 steps a day to lower your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. That is about 5 miles - not something you would do right away, but something you could build up to. That is my daily goal.

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MAGGIEVAN 9/30/2014 3:36PM

    So right! Thanks for sharing. All the best for your healthy living ideas. Just keep on keeping on is another quote I love, because it is also true.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

I have been out of town for the last week after getting out of the hospital the week before, so things have not been quite normal lately.

So for today, I'm going to concentrate on getting back in the groove. First I have to clean up the mess my husband left for me to finish. I operate a small in home childcare & he decided to clean the kitchen area & clean out all the cabinets while I was gone. Not good! He took everything out of cabinets & pantry & left it in sacks for me to put up when I got home. the only thing I can say, is my cabinets & floor is clean!

So took a break, now got to get back at it, I never realized I had so much stuff!
Have a great day!

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PATSYB7 9/30/2014 6:40AM

    Take things slowly.

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NHES220 9/30/2014 12:34AM

    OK, but just take care of yourself! Just make sure you are OK.

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Love the help from Spark People

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ok, so I still can't seem to get it all together, do good one moment then quit & get lazy. If you have been told you must make changes to your lifestyle or else, you would think you would get it together. It's a lot harder than you think, easy for Doctors to tell you what needs to be done but not easy to do it.

Walked one mile yesterday, one today so far, however, I need to do more every day. They want at least 15-30(prefer this) minutes every day & then watch my cholesterol, sodium & saturated fats, which is a lot of work. I have now made sure my nutrition counter tracks all of these & more. That's the great park of Spark People, I can add several different things to track. I'm not going to put myself down, I will get better, they say it takes 21 days to make & keep changes. That's just one of the great things about this web site,n ot even accounting of rit being "FREE"! Thank you for all your help in getting it together!

So now my goal is to do everything I can & make it my 21 day challenge.

21 Day Challenge Goals - emoticon

Exercise for 30 minutes everyday - emoticon emoticon

Track everything I eat - I mean everything - emoticon emoticon

Drink 8 glasses of water every day - emoticon

These three areas are the ones they stress the most, so I will concentrate on them.

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BELTONWALKER67 9/24/2014 9:25AM

    One day at a time and one goal at a time. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COOP9002 9/23/2014 3:20PM

    Blessings upon you on your journey.

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BRAINBENTT 9/23/2014 10:41AM


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RITAROSE 9/23/2014 10:41AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You CAN do this! One step at a time and if you mess up, (and you will mess up) stop as soon as possible and get right back on track!! You have lots of support here!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

I have found out how hard it is when you have NO TV, NO Phone, NO Internet, NO Computer! So many things revolve around my life have to do with the internet & the computer, so what did I do instead -CLEAN! Good news, it counts as exercise!

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BELTONWALKER67 9/23/2014 9:31AM

    emoticon Guess that's what I need to do..unplug the electronics to get this place clean!

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Wake up Call

Saturday, September 20, 2014

As you can tell it's been a while since I last posted a blog, well that's because I ended up in the hospital last Wednesday. I woke up out in the middle of the night with what I would say was that picture of an Elephant setting on your chest & couldn't breath. I tried something for indigestion ( which is typical for women) & tried the baby aspirin but it just wouldn't go away. I just had a feeling something was wrong, so I decided to have it checked out.

We went in & believe me I have now had every test you could have for a heart attack & the good news they say I didn't have one & no damage to my heart, that my heart looked good. But get this the female cardiac doctor that came in to talk to me said" Your heart looks good for someone of your age (61)." I wasn't too happy about that remark at all! The first thing they wanted to do was put me on medicine for my cholesterol (which was not high), I ask , "Why?", they said because sine you have a small amount of calcium deposits in your heart, with no blockage that I am at high risk. MY remark was, what else can I do to help this out without medicine, then she just said watch your cholesterol, which i DO! So I told her I was going to a doctor on 9/30/14 & I would ask their opinion on the matter. I got so mad because all she seemed to care about was getting me on pills not how to help me with a lifestyle change. The only really bad part if they could never tell me what it was that I was feeling, so just maybe it was......"God".

I got out yesterday afternoon, then this morning I walked a 5K at my Church that I had already planned to do. I finished it in 58 minutes, I may not have been fast however I finished it & considering I have been laying in a bed for the last 3 days, I felt really good when I crossed that finish line & saw I made it in less than an hour. As I was walking the shirts in front of me had this written on their backs, "But the Lord is Faithful, He will Strengthen You and Guard you." that saying kept me going even when I thought I might not make it another step.

So I look at this little visit to the hospital as God telling me to wake up & get it together, not just set there & say you are going to do it but DO IT! If we listen, he will tell us however, when we don't listen he shows us.

My plans are to exercise more, at least 3 times a week & record everything I eat to watch the cholesterol, fats, & sodium.

As I went through every test, every time they drew blood (which I hate) & every morning & night the following is what I would say over & over!

Don't ever let someone say you can't do it!

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NHES220 9/22/2014 2:06PM

    So glad you are out of the hospital and great job on the 5k! Eating better and getting more exercise is a great plan. I'm glad you have an appointment with your doctor so you discuss the best approach for your health!

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SUEARNOLD1 9/21/2014 1:57PM

    I'm glad you're out of the hospital. You'll be better before you know it.

I hope your regular doctor gives you good news on your visit.


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BELTONWALKER67 9/21/2014 8:39AM

    So glad you are ok and I agree that too many pills are not good for you. Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and exercise will be the best medicine. Hang in there...you are so worth it! emoticon emoticon

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PBAILEY06 9/20/2014 11:04PM

    I'm glad your home and feeling better. emoticon emoticon

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MRSFANCYLADY 9/20/2014 6:49PM

    I'm extremely happy that your heart is going to be ok. I see that you have a plan to stay off those medications. I just hate it when all they want to do is give you a pill. To that I say..... I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! emoticon


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