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My first Adventure Race was ace!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What an amazing weekend! Saturday evening saw me competing in the Mean Streets Section of the Sheffield Rat Race. In all honesty I think we had the most fun that three people can have legally and fully clothed. It was a complete blast!! Despite none of us knowing Sheffield at all really we managed to get 23 of the 25 checkpoints and ended up 12th in the weekender mixed team section.. The thing is that you have no idea what you are going to find when you get to a checkpoint that night. Some of them you can tell that it's just a quick dib with the tag but on others you have a task. Sometimes it's the whole team – sometimes just one of you.
I never thought I'd sing in public unless drunk but there we were belting out ”Road to Amarillo” on the stage at City Hall., another checkpopint had us dancing energetically at a really smelly nightclub, One of us did the traversing an the wall at the foundry – and the beer mat trick at the pub. We all had to skateboard at an indoor skatepark. I haven't improved since I was a nipper but the boards have.
We mucked up a bit – making an origami flowers in the Millennium Gallery after you have run through the fountain in the Peace Square is made a bit tougher by dampness. It was very incongruous to be walking through the place absolutely drenched. After that we headed towards Ponds Forge and got into a swimming pool fully clothed to walk against the current and ride the flumes. It did feel strange to catch the tram afterwards but we needed the ticket for a dib. The conductor obviously sees stranger things all the time – he didn't bat an eyelid. All in all we found we covered 10 miles in the 2 and a half plus a bit hours. I bonked badly after 2 hours - You could tell which member of the team had sports drink and which had water. Both us girls were suffering. We were in last but really that because I was totally flat… I did say that we shouldn't have bothered with the last checkpoints we tried to mop up aI was fading rapidly and I knew the Larabar I had wasn't going to be fast enough. And then it was a navigation of a really sh1tty stream ( literally). I necked my REGO with gusto as soon as I could and was the only one not in pain the next day.

It was a damn good thing I wasn't in pain because Sunday was really hard. We covered 57k on our mountain bikes and on foot (I reckon about 3 of them was kayaking on horrid flat water at the end). We also climbed 1000m of elevation during the race. It should have been shorter but we got lost at one point – its not marked – you have to navigate the route. Some of the hills we climbed were bad enough on foot but pushing/carrying a bike up too?! The descents were wicked though! The best checkpoint was the BMX track – I got air!! I'm glad I don't live near it 'cos I think my kids would get really embarrassed. The abseil at Magna was scary but safe – I would not have done it without a safety rope – my hand was burning through my gloves. It was 150 feet of vertical descent.- I didn't like climbing up to the top of the building much either – low blood sugar and heights are not a good combination.

All in all though it was the best city break I've ever had – Sheffield was great – the people were amazing – the race was fantastic and I can't wait to do the next one!!. I'd recommend the Mean Streets section to anyone who can read a map and run a half – it's such good fun. Sunday is far more serious.

I woke up yesterday expecting to ache like mad but no I just felt tired mid afternoon. I don't think I'll go to running club today though – just a nice personal recovery run. This eating slowly thing worked on the race too – I made damn sure I chewed each energy bar as I needed it to get into my body not sit in my stomach – it also made sure I didn't over eat and feel sick further on. I'm so pleased that I managed to find another pair of nutters to take this on with me and that we completed it. Oh and it's on telly in September.

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FISEFTON 8/4/2009 9:24AM

    Wow! You sound like you had a great weekend. Well done for completing it.

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JKPONYGIRL 8/4/2009 8:59AM

    It sounds like you had so much fun! Great job! When is the next one?

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2LABS2LOVE 8/4/2009 6:42AM


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Forgive me SP, it's been 3 months since my last blog....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gosh, I almost feel like it's confession - except as a non-Catholic that would be weird.

Since March - I've been continuing to follow Pete Cohen's Programme. I've been a bit up and down with things in general. Things have been a bit weird at work due to the takeover and it's been a lot more destablising than I anticipated. Each week seemed to bring news of job cuts in different parts of the business and although we are very in demand it is still unsettling.

I've joined a running club. Okay I'm in the beginners group at the back most of the time - but I'm a member of a proper running club - and have a licence to race - This is the girl who used to bunk off rather than run when I was at school to avoid the humiliation of being lost on the cross country run. Even better than that I managed to find another couple of people who are just as mad as me to do an urban adventure race in Sheffield. Here are some videos of the sort of thin we will be doing - it's a bit scary as a prospect but also very very exciting.


Some time ago I told myself that when I lost some weight I would try climbing - but I didn't want to do it until I was thinner because of the person on the other end of the rope. Well I've joined a bouldering wall so no ropes and I'm climbing already. I even have my own shoes and chalk bag. I'm not that good yet but it's fun!

Don't wait until you are thin to do stuff unless it is buying smaller clothes!! it's really not worth it - if you want to do things, make them happen.

I ran my first 10 mile race in some real heat ( yes it does happen in the UK it was about 30 centigrade) I managed 11 minute miles so I was very pleased.

Weight wise- I'm lower as I had a sneaky look on my MIL's scales today - but I'm not reporting in for real until I finish the 6 week challenge on Pete Cohen's site. That's in 17 days time, the race is in 27 days time ( Gulp!). Things are good. I'm happy and having a great time (all things considered).

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KAYOTIC 7/9/2009 2:46PM

    Many congratulations! Sounds like you are moving in a good direction in many aspects of life, way to go! I like the attitude of don't wait until...just do it! Glad you got your shoes and chalk bag, no time like now to start something new...

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A new personal best

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well it's a long time since i put anything on here - mainly because I have been spending time at another site.
I'm still motoring away here - in fact I'm going great guns in some things as I am moving down sizes in clothes - I don't think I've lost "weight" as such but I won't know for a week or so which is when I'll next weigh in.
The best news for me is that I got a new Personal Best for a 10k - closer to the hour and a whole 10 minutes less than my first 10 k time in June last year. I did 1.07.40 and it was partly off road so I'm pretty stoked. I'll see if I can improve on that in my next race at the beginning of May. Oh and so far I've covered 230km this year ( and I didn't really start until January) it looks like I'm going to blast my previous years acheivements out of the water if I carry on like this ( and I will because I'm enjoying it!) I think the training and the resistance training is what's worked.
All the best


WOW It worked!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorry If I've neglected my spark friends - but I've been spending some time learning how to use a different set of tools, I mentioned it in my previous blog.

Overall - I think WOW is the word! Before I joined Pete Cohens programme I was in an entirely different state of mind to where I am now. I couldn't believe the amount of weight I was piling on Before Christmas!! I'd been running throughout the year, and my last 10k was at the end ov November when I got a new PB so I wasn't exactly inactive. Then I got a cold - the weather got worse and I got a LOT fatter.

Last year I'd made a decision that I wasn't going to worry about what I ate or track calories - I was going to concentrate on exercising as I only had so much room in my brain/life and that was well basically a hell of a lot more satisfying than counting calories and all that. Besides as someone who cooks her own food I'd have to start weighing and measuring everything and I don't cook like that unless I'm making cakes or something. In essence I didn't want to do it because I knew it would make me miserable, food obsessed and start pushing me into that "I've been good/ I've been bad" mentality. So when I was blowing up like a balloon last month I felt so cornered. I didn't want to do that but it looked like that was what I was going to have to do. I can't tell you how miserable I felt about that. So even after I joined PCTV some of that dread was still there, for some reason I felt it was all a bit now or never. Possibly because I feared I might have to go outside with a towel or sheet pinned around me if it didn't work. Unusually for me I took my time before jumping in, I knew it all made sense and I started to feel a lot more positive as I headed towards activating the programme.

I've found the most relevatory thing to be how fast I was eating in the past , I haven't cracked it entirely but I'm determined to make the eating slowly a permanent part of my life as I've got so much out of it. Why make decent food and not take the time to taste it?! I've also let my underlying activity level slip and I'm tryng to do things to maximise my opportunities to get out of a chair and get out there. There's all kinds of stuff going on outside the office and I'm looking forward to scrumping fruit at lunchtime again ( there's a stack of cherry trees near the railway station - they are great!!).

I have no idea how many inches I've lost because to be quite frank I wasn't going to measure myself before I started. I can tell you that the wool trousers I wore to the theatre on the 21st December wre tight then and I'm having to pull them up so much now that I'm contemplating altering them. My blouses don't gap at the front and my bra wires are sitting on my chest where they should be instead of creating a new suspension bridge.

I do know how much weight I've lost because I just weighed myself. I'm not entirely sure I believe this number because it seems waaay too large. Too be quite frank I think it someone told me that they'd lost this much weight in 25 days I would assume that they had been on a crash diet and that it was all going to go back on and more. But that's not the case. I can't say I haven't been hungry but thats because I was either emotionally eating or sticking to meal times which I think is a hazard for us parents and I didn't always recognise what hunger was. I've got a bit better at it now. So whats the number - well it's 11lb. I'm back into the 13 something bracket and I'm on the borderline of not being obese anymore. I think that's pretty incredible. But it's not what it's about right now. I need to keep moving and learning so I make this tools habits and I'm not there yet.

I'm planning on sticking around here a bit more and continuing to track my exercise as I've found it a really useful thing to do. But my days of tracking are over for good - I think I've proved I don't need to if I use the other tools I've got in my box!


a different start to new year...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Well, I need to excuse myself - surprisingly I'm not starting this year with a hang over but that would be difficult given that I didn't go out last night and surprise suprise I didn't drink. I'm not quite sure what went on there really but i think that I'm fed up of food and booze and cant wait for the LIGHT to get back so I can be disorganised and still get a run in - or even simply be disorganised and still get to shop in decent daylight.
I've hardly exercised over the last month to be honest what with one cold and then another -and yes it shows. But surprisingly enoguh not in my olar results whihc have me even fitter than normal - maybe I'm in the female version of world strongest man or somehting ( essential christmas vieing my my book - don't really fancy them though so not as much fun as other sports :-) - sorry guys would love you to throw barrels around here though...

so honestly I'm torn - I did a lot last year and got through a lot... The stuff I did.I got better at running..Last year I covered 729 Kilometers of running (including 4 10 k's and one half maratho)n, burned 123107 calories and did 139 hours of cardio. I managed to smash the targets I set for myself the year before.

I also got onto my motorbike ( so glad I did) 3 years after passing my test and not it's my favored commuting vehicle.

I also passed that professional qualification without taking the courses- ok it was just a pass but it took me a year and cost my employer £500 instead of £6000. Maybe I'll do it again and go for distinction - no actually I have better things to do.

What I didn't do last year though is lose weight. I've completely failed in that goal - I have a cunning suspicion why..
I loathe tracking - I associate tracking with dieting and I can not do that for any length of time, let alone forever. - I know if work for some people - I just don't think it'll work for me EVER. Last year I told myself that I needed to concentrate on my running training - and that ( probably rightly) I wouldn't be able to do both at the same time.

I also have real problems with weighing stuff - I don't weigh stuff when I cook it needs to taste right. how can I fling things to gether if I have to stoop and measure. All you super trackers may just say that a habit you need to get into but given my obsessive behaviour about the thermostat on the solar heater I rather doubt it... Lets face it I don't want to do it, it's really hard for me and it doesn't work long term and that's the way it needs to work.

I started this month in a very low place. I "think " we 've got over some issues in our household and I think we are on an even-ish keel ( but working in financial services or anywhere else for that matter who knows). The stress got less but the day were still short and the weather still sucked... and my trousers were getting tighter and tighter..
so what does a girl that hates this tracking stuff do? I think I need to accept that if I won't guard my food intake by keeping to guidelines I need to do something else.
So I'm trying -
I'm jumping ship for a while. I really appreciate the the support that a lot of you have given me over the last couple of years, you've pulled me out of low spots and celebrated highs. I need to crack this nut in a different way if I can and re-evaluate my relationship with food.- I'll still be here to track my exercise as I think that helps. I'll let you know how i get on and if anyone want to know what I' m doing then sparkmail me..

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TINAKATRINA1 1/8/2009 12:58AM

    Sorry it's a low start of year for you. Glad to hear you're going to keep exercising tho. That helps the spirit and the body. :) I know you can change your mindset about the tracking if you want to. If you need a challenge to get moving, there's a few of them going! :) Best wishes for the new year.

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