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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I am on Week 3 of C25K. It is getting harder which is good. I get such a rush out of pushing it.

The videos I have been doing are awesome. I have to admit that I have been slacking a little but not much. Today I did a billy banks video. I always love those. Maybe someday I will get back into martial arts. Nothing feels as empowering as kicking butt lol. I would love to get Big D into it.

Oh I did the Home Body Fat Test at Healthcentral.com. According to that I have 25.5% bodyfat. That is gross. I will bust my butt this month and measure again next month. I shall keep you posted.


Its OK

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You know, all those excuses I used to keep myself from breaking a sweat? Turns out, they didn't make a diffference! My swollen purple toe isn't any different when I am running. My back, actually feels BETTER. I hate it when "they" are right. Oh get this one, the other day at work I was sluggish so I decided that 2 candybars would perk me up. Great logic ehhh? Yeah, that didn't work either. an hour later I was ready to take a nap in the shade trees.

A couple days ago I did my measurements. For the first time it really PISSED ME OFF! Normally I am kool, its ok, I will get there.... but the numbers havent changed! Not a bit! Nothing like seeing the goal line and thinking that is where you SHOULD be! The language that came out of my mouth was more colorful than this page! So I am kicking it high gear! All of a sudden it is so much easier to refuse that cookie or push my way through those damn bicycle crunches.

My mom's scale is lieing to me. That really doesn't make me feel good for long. It says I have lost 10 pounds in a week. I don't buy it. Especially since my measurements haven't changeed that much. The inniatial elation felt great, I can't wait to feel it for real! I really need to get my own scale. I want one of those that measures fat and water. On the flip side, I know that if I own a scale I will weigh myself constantly and I don't want to go back to that.

Oh check it out, I am on W2 of C25k! Yesterday was D1 and it rocked. It was a little to easy but my last run landed right on the steepest hill. That kicked my butt, I could feel the burn but I did it!!!!

uHoH the kids taking the computer back.


Yesterday was awesome

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ok I think I am on my way back!

Yesterday was an amazing fitness day. By 10 am I had my 4week routine done. By 2 pm I had 2 hours in the yard hauling rock and by 8 pm I had walked/jogged 2 miles. Great food decisions were made and I even managed to get out of the iced animal cookie that Little D was shoving in my face. OoH I did C25K Week 1 last night. Wow! It was so much easier than the first time. Infact when Robert came on my ipod saying I had 20 seconds left instead of cursing him, praying for strenght and panting.... I sprinted!

Today is a slow day, I will pick a quick cardio video and add some strength exercises.

Good times ahead!

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LINDA! 8/22/2008 11:16PM

    Hey, it is cool that you are on your way back....sounds like you have done a lot of awesome fitness this week. Hope your weekend is great too.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You know what I love about this fitness stuff. When you discover that it just isn't cutting it, you can reboot.

Find yourself thinking about exercising but not actually getting off your arse? Find a new, different routine.

Sluff off all the negative feelings of failure and do yourself a dance! Remember the song 'doin da butt?' Woohoo! If you are anywhere close to my age you remember sweat dripping at the teeniebopper club dancing your butt off to that song. hehe, such good times!

That is what I am doing. I can't even tell you how many times I have rebooted. I was even procrastinating this one. Why? Hell if I know.

It really makes no sense. I know that working out makes me feel amazing. When I work hard I feel so good that I really don't care if I am not losing weight. That just doesn't matter. But when I slow down, that is when I obsess about weight. The more I obsess, the less I do, the more flabby I feel the more I obsess. Do you see a trend? Been there?

ENOUGH! I am so done!

I hit the internet. As usual. I also hit my old trusty notebook. I don't care if I log my workouts in here. I will log paper and pen. That ellimates the whole "I don't want to workout, besides I wont get near a computer for days and it won't get logged. What is the point in doing it if I am not getting sparkpoints for it" grrr. Yes, I actually said that to myself. I am very blonde sometimes.

I found a new strength training routine I will do 3 days a week for 4 weeks. It is on another site. Yeah I almost felt like I was cheating on Coach_Nichole but I HAD to have a change of sceenery. I can't describe it but I just couldn't do another Spark routine right now. The new routine kicked my ass. Within hours I felt the comfortable soreness creeping in. Yeah, in the interest of time I forgot to stretch afterwards. OOps. Today I am sore everywhere. IT FEELS SO GOOD! This one is going to hit some key muscle groups that I needed to slap around.

I started C25K over last night. I wanted to start with Week 1 but it didn't load on the ipod grrrr. So I did my warm up then alternated 2 minute runs with 1 minute walks for about 30 minutes or so until I couldn't go anymore then I walked home. I will do W1D2 on Wednesday. I must admit it is a lot easier than the last time I did W1 lol.

Yes I did both these in the same day. Maybe not the smartest but what the hell.

My schedule will now be

Monday: C25K, 4 Week Routine

Tuesday: 10 min Jumprope yes with our Darlin Nichole

Wednesday: C25K, 4 Week Routine

Thursday: Pick an express workout

Friday: C25K, 4 Week Routine

Saturday: Work

Sunday: Work

I am not even going to worry about my teams. I will be thinking about you all but I refuse to feel guilty if I don't post as often as I feel I need to. You are all big boys and girls with wonderful personalities. You are more than capable of holding conversations. Besides, with the season, most of you are all busier than I. As always, if you need me just hit me with a message.

Love ya!


It is all about the hours

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi everyone! It has been awhile and lots has been going on.

Lets start with. I am over that nausea period. I still don't know what was going on but I know what wasn't. emoticon About a week or so after my last post Aunt Flo came around and hit me with a brick. It was the worse 2 weeks but I survived. Afterwards I was still tired and nauseous for about a week but then it went away. Well the nausea has. So it must have just been a bug. I am so kool with that.

What a topic to start with.

In other biological news. My back is out. T1 is displaced anterior. It does this every once in awhile. Not much I can do but wait it out with ice and heat. I can't move it and most chiropractors have a hard time with it. I won't be seeing one for this because I don't have a Dr I trust here. Besides I can't envision myself shelling out hundreds of dollars for something they probably can't fix anyway. In time the muscles will relax, I will move just right and it will slip back into space causing me to spasm and cry. Then it will be over. My toe isn't so lucky. I stubbed my baby toe a couple months ago (right after getting back from Texas) I thought it was bruised but it is still swollen and tender. Part of it is numb. It is another thing that Dr's can't do anything about so I will just keep an eye on it for circulation problems and hope it heals eventually.

That perfect job at the Garden Center is stressing me out. I love the job and now that I have taken over the budget I need the job. Last week they slashed everyone's hours. Some people got slashed completely. It appears that the person doing the schedule is not entirely professional and allows her personal feelings towards people to reflect in their hours. One person that they don't like ended up with 3 hours a week scheduled on a day that she can not work. I went from 23 hours to 10. The manager keeps telling me that it is only temporary. During this time of shortened hours we lost 2 employees and another one has announced that she will be leaving in the near future. We are all thinking great, we get hours back! Hold the celebration. Instead of giving us more hours, they are hiring more people to fill those slots. We are on the brink of revolt here. Seeing the frustration I sat down and devised a logical doable schedule that provides ample coverage and requires no more people, even comes in UNDER the weekly hours allotted by the owner. I gave the manager my version of the schedule yesterday and he is supposed to give it to the person in charge of scheduling today. Oh remember how I said she uses personal feelings when deciding schedules? Apparently she "hates" me. That is why I gave the schedule to the manager, if she knew it came from me then it would go straight to the trash. I just want them to take into consideration that we can run that place on the manpower we have now. At that everyone of us NEEDS the hours. I see me being unemployed there soon. That's ok though, I can live with that if I can help my co workers support themselves. I am frustrated so I think I will be looking for a new job soon. I did announce that since I provided a solution I reserve the right to complain.

The teen is home! I was dreading this but so far she has been really good. Today was her first day of school so that's kool. I hope that she keeps up the good attitude and doesn't get sucked back into the crap she was into before she left.

Big D starts school next week. Neither one of us can wait! He hasn't been playing with friends a whole lot this summer so he is more than ready to hang with kids his own age. We go meet his teacher tomorrow for his evaluation.

I have been a glass grinding fool. With my hours cut I have been using Amalie to compensate for lost income. She needs the help anyway since Balloon Fiesta is coming up. She needs the inventory. I hope she can keep me busy for a few more weeks. I don't want to go find a new job. I didn't want to work full time until Little d is in school. But plans change.


Hmmmmm Since my hours have been cut and since I am still not running my appetite has dramatically dropped. Before I was hungry all the time, almost obsessing about food and weight loss. I gained. I am still very active but I am not "needing as much food" Maybe I will start losing. Wouldn't that just be crazy? I feel much more relaxed about it right now, maybe it is because I have so many other things to obsess about.

On the very dark side

I am going to step down as team leader. I have never really stepped into the Flylady one. Kitty, Terri and Linda have all done such a wonderful job that I haven't really been needed. But I still carry the guilt of saying I would help but haven't. I am just floundering on my ALBQ team. I want to be there everyday with fun exciting things. But reality is, i can't be there everyday. Especially right this very instant. I feel guilty about it. I don't like feeling guilty. Plus when I am able to dedicate some time to Spark I spend it socializing instead of working out. I am not a selfish person but for now I need to be. What sort of leader am I anyway if I can't be there for the team and am gaining instead of losing.

I better get moving. Big D is up and wants some breakfast.
Love ya'll!!!! and I have been missing you!

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TEENIEWEENIE 8/17/2008 11:14AM

    Wow - you have had a lot going on. I'm sad you are injured, but proud you are so positive about it. I just wanted to stop by and say hi this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful week!

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