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goodies for me!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

350 lbs
325 50 shades of grey trilogy on my kindle!!!
300 re pierce my lip!
275 makeup shopping spree!!!
250 buy a pair of knee high boots that Im in love with!!!!
225 guitar hero on wii!!!!!!!!!! 2 guitars!
200 buy a corset top and strut my stuff all sexy like
175 zoo trip!!! Or aquarium either Jacksonville or Atlanta!!!
150 tattoo

this is all stuff i want and have been wanting for a while but why not force myself to better myself before i buy all this fun stuff i want!!! =) and i just have got to say that i better be 250 by the time christmas rolls around because me and those boots have been waiting for each other and i can't wait!!!!


"unhealthy to exercise"

Monday, June 04, 2012

Last night while watching the news they ran a program about how for some people it is unhealthy to work out because it raises there blood pressure and insulin numbers and all that jazz! THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!! I don't doubt for 1 second that my blood pressure goes up while I exercise because my heart is freaking out like "woahhhhh fat lady what are you doing?! you haven't used me for good in so long i don't know what i'm going to do so i'm gonna freak out and over pump" ... and a few more sessions later there still might be a freak out but not as big of one and then slowly as i get my life back on track and exercise like i am suppose to then things WILL straighten themselves out and i will be on the right healthy way and my body will be functioning normally!!! but to just stop after round 1?! I am so sick of obese people making excuses as to why they are the way they are!!! Don't get me wrong! I weigh 346.7lbs but its because i ate way to much and didn't exercise enough!!! and i firmly believe that me losing weight is happening but i don't expect anyone to take me serious until i've lost a good chunk of weight!!! Because i've done this over and over again! I just get so annoyed lately at the people who are like "I'm so overweight and i just don't know why" and then 5 minutes later "well off to go pick up some mcdonalds i'll talk to you later" ... really?! you have NO IDEA why you are STILL overweight!? it just frustrates me to no end because i really want someone who is just as committed as i am to lose this weight and not someone who only half cares!!! I am just sick of everyone being in denial! Own up to what you did to yourself and work on changing it!!! It won't happen overnight but if you live in ignorance how can you ever change?

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PIICHII 6/4/2012 8:02PM

    No. I (Emphasis on I) did this to me. No one else. I am sick of the excuses. I am sick of other people averting their eyes and not telling me to lose weight. You know what I am sick. My weight is out of control. I need to lose it. For someone to tell you other wise whether or not in the media or close to you is bull hockey.

I am almost 50% body fat.

Yeah.. I looked up my BMI.

Guess where it all is. It is in my mid section which raises my risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes etc etc etc.

I already have hbp and I am only 26.

So yes. IT is time for a change so I agree wholeheartedly with you if these bastids want to say nooo exercise is bad for you, eating veggies is bad for you, we all know the risk it takes to slam down a quater pounder with cheese yet we did it out of convenience.

I am tired of the junk in my life.

It's time for a new me.

And if you want to go with me. I will be there with you.

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CERULEANSIN516 6/4/2012 6:46PM

    I agree! I saw an article about what veggies not to eat because they were the starchy veggies. I was so pissed off at the author because you know what, THOSE veggies are 1000x better for you than any fast food, processed crap they are selling these days.

As for people, they will blame everyone but themselves. I have a close friend who works out 5x a week with 2 personal trainer sessions and couldn't figure out why she wasn't losing weight. Well surprise, she had horrible eating habits. :( But like you, I find it hard to say anything (help her) because I still weight a lot. No one will take a fat person seriously when they are talking about weight loss and eating right.

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DIXIEDOLL87 6/4/2012 6:26PM

    When you don't watch the news you are uninformed, when you do watch it you are misinformed. The news only says what they are told and so do the "experts" who pays the experts? the companies who will benefit from the information given to the public. lol

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CHEETARA79 6/4/2012 5:16PM

    I'm totally with you about the accountability. The worst is when people say "I can't stop eating." You CAN stop eating, you just choose not to. If someone walked up to you and held a gun to your head, you would drop the cheeseburger. If someone said, put down your fork and I'll give you $1,000,000, you would stop eating! People abuse the word CAN'T.

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loooking back

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Literally a few months ago when we ordered pizza we would order a large and a medium and get soda and probably some other type of dessert! Tonight when we ordered pizza we got 1 large pizza and got one that was covered in veggies and we got some bread and i ate 2 pieces of pizza and 1 piece of bread!!! It just amazes me how in such a short amount of time how far I've come in my portions and how my eating less has really influnced the amount Jeff eats!!!!

Also since we got our swimming pool we literally spend a minimum of 2 hours out there every single day!!! and i know we have only had it for 5 days but I absolutely LOVE it!!! I get out and every muscle feels like mush which is such a great feeling!!! I'm actually up and moving around so muc more and it is easy to do!!! It no longer hurts nearly as bad!!! It doesn't feel good but it's doable!!!

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STEPH-KNEE 6/3/2012 10:47PM

    emoticon emoticon

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ILOVEJIM851991 6/3/2012 7:30PM

    great job I love swimming too and how it makes me feel emoticon

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Friday, April 20, 2012

I am posting a quick blog and then heading off into the blue room to get my workout on!!! I NEVER thought I would be up at 11pm and then workout without someone like full on screaming at me to do it lol!!! But I made the choice earlier that I was going to wait until Jeff got home to workout so he would take over baby duty but then he was moaning about wanting dinner and how he has cooked for the past 2 nights and blah blah blah! So i cooked dinner and then i just got busy (i was on the computer nursing my pretty nasty burn from dinner.. it was not a good day) but then we went to bed and i was laying there thinking about the 2 workouts i was going to do on saturday to make up for today and I just got up out of bed and decided that no! I said i would work out EVERY DAY! that means I need to get up and get moving! It is MY fault that I didn't do it before Gabe came over and it is MY fault i didn't do it when he was napping and it was my fault i didn't immediately run back to my bike when Jeff got home! So here I go at 11:13pm to go bust my butt for 30 minutes!


Ifit on my exercise bike!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today I plan to do an ifit workout on my exercise bike and it IS going to kill me and I AM going to be moody afterwards and I am most likely going to snap at my husband! And in 3 hours from now after i've cooled down and showered and laid out either on the couch or my bed exhausted from the pain I'll think back and realize it wasn't so bad! And tomorrow.. well tomorrow I'm gonna do the same thing!!!

I told Jeff that while I was doing it he needed to be off the computer playing with Adalynn because if she was interrupting me or bothering me then i couldn't be held responsible for my actions towards him! I also told him that if he wasnt paying attention and she made a bigger mess that i would have to clean up afterwards i wouldn't be happy and it would be easier for me to just quit so i NEED him to step up and do this.. but I have to wait for him to finish this round on his game so blog time it is!!!

If you don't hear from me its because it literally killed me ;)


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