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You've gone over your weekly calories burned goal...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

*You've gone over your weekly calories burned goal by a significant amount. Your calories eaten goal will not adjust automatically. If you have increased the amount of exercise you are doing, you should update your fitness settings here to make sure you are consuming enough calories to support the additional activity."

Eeergh. I'm feeling good about my spike in energy and fitness routine, and then that nasty little red message on my fitness page resurfaces. Is it really that bad to go over the calories burned goal? Does it really mean that my calorie range needs to be an extra 100 calories? I was actually feeling great eating around 1400-1600 calories! I don't feel starving; I feel fit and healthy!

Just wondering if anyone else had this issue with the calories burned goal and whether or not it's helped or thwarted your progress?

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THREADBENDER 7/18/2009 10:19PM

    I got that message for a couple weeks, so I did update my fitness information. However, my calorie range for nutrition stayed the same. (shrug) I do know that if I don't get adequate rest during the week, it slows down my weight loss. Tomorrow is Sunday....my exercise "rest" day and I'm looking forward to it.

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KARVY09 7/18/2009 5:20PM

    Yeah, I find that the calories on the SP are usually off by a couple of hundred. I try to use the HRM at the gym, but I'm nto sure if it's precise. Anyways, we'll see how it goes. I want to stay active and eat enough, but I am happy with the rate of weight loss at the moment...

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WISLNDR 7/18/2009 1:11PM

    I got that message three weeks in a row so I went ahead and had the calories range recalculated. It was interesting to me that last week (with the lower calorie range) I only lost 1/2 pound. This week with more food, I lost 3 1/2 pounds. I'll take it!!

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JEM0622 7/18/2009 11:11AM

    All of the time. When I was really losing weight, (1-2 lbs a week) I did not mind seeing this. Now that I am training for a marathon...I do mind. Especially if I am not getting enough of everything (food).

Are you using an HRM? Do you know what you are truly burning? If so, then tell SP what you burn on average and see if it changes your caloric range. Your weight loss can slow or plateau if your caloric range and activity are not in sync.


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Friday, July 17, 2009

I was so thrilled by my recent weight loss, that I suddenly realized I hadn't done my measurements in about a month, so I got down with the tape measure this morning and decided to see what progress I'd made. I already knew it'd be good news since the ditching of the "fat pants" that I bought after my other black pants became too tight. Now the old black pants fit perfectly, even a little loose!

Waist: 46
Hips: 53
Neck: 16
(I hadn't measured thigh and upper arm. I dunno why!)

Waist: 43.5
Hips: 50.5
Neck: 15.5
Thigh: 31
Upper Arm: 16 (God, my arm is thicker than my neck! ICK! And no, it's not muscle!)

So overall, I'm happy. I lost 2.5 inches from both my waist and hips and 0.5 inch from my neck. Hopefully, by next month, my arms will be smaller than my neck! I think I'll make it a monthly thing, because I don't want to obsess over it too much. God knows I have a hard enough time stopping myself from stepping on the scale every morning!

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KARVY09 7/17/2009 2:46PM

    Sushi is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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THREADBENDER 7/17/2009 1:02PM

    emoticon Sometimes we lose inches without much weight loss too! It's all good.

BTW...you can have my sushi tonight....not one of my favs.

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NO1JESS 7/17/2009 9:19AM

    That's really awesome, way to go!

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OMG Scale Surprise!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Less than a day after writing about hoping to lose 2 pounds by next week and make it to 20% of my goal, I stepped on the scale this morning to find that I lost them already!

That was a huge surprise, in that while I was conscious about my eating over the weekend, I didn't track my foods because I was away from home. I guess all that outdoor activity counts for a lot!

So in my 6 weeks on SP, I've lost 16 pounds!

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CANDYXPERT 7/15/2009 8:43PM

    Wow, that's fantastic!!!

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DWAN1969 7/15/2009 7:00PM

    emoticon Keep it up! It's encouraging to see other's success stories!

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KNITTINGFROG 7/15/2009 5:26PM

    WOW !! Well done!!!!!! Go YOU !

20% of the journey done and still loving it...You can be proud!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AMANDAKOTH 7/15/2009 2:49PM

    Great job on your weight loss so far!!! I can't wait to say I've lost 16 lbs!! emoticon

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KIMDONN 7/15/2009 12:21PM

    CONGRATS!!!!! I love that feeling, relish in it you deserve it!!! emoticon

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THREADBENDER 7/15/2009 12:00PM

    Congratulations on your sweet success!!

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Benchmarks and today's thoughts

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just realized that after two more pounds lost, I'll be 20% of the way to my goal of being under 200 pounds! That's a great feeling!

If I can lose that by next week, one-fifth of the way to my goal after7 weeks. Not too shabby.

I'm also worried about Week 4 of C25K, as I'm not sure I can run a half-mile (or 5 minutes) without stopping yet. But I'll try my best. I was concerned about Week 3 too, and although it is definitely the toughest week, it's going!

One of the biggest mindset changes since my Spark journey began is not trying to get the biggest portion all the time. It amazes me how much I used to eat! Today I made a baked potato, and in the past, I would have grabbed the biggest one from the bag, and now I think to myself, "I'll just get a medium sized one. That should be sufficient."

Last week we went out to eat a lot because my sister-in-law was visiting the US for the first time, and I actually took home food in a doggie bag, which I had rarely done in the past. So while everyone else had boring ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch the next day, I got to enjoy the rest of my delicious jerk chicken meal! Also in the past, I would have tucked into a nachos appetizer and ordered a burger and fries for my meal, but instead I got the nachos for my meal, shared it with the rest of the table, and had a bite of my husband's burger. I was just as full. I ate all of the "bad" things that I love, and probably ate less than a quarter of the calories that I used to.

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NB3717 7/14/2009 10:03PM

    Isn't it amazing how we notice our progress is so many other ways than just the scale?! My uniform at work as gotten much looser, and I am so excited about it! Congratulations on your progress, and good luck with your next 2 pounds!

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JOANNAG321 7/14/2009 9:31PM

  I'm new to Spark, and I keep seeing people post about C25K. Is that "Couch to 5 K"? Is there a place on the Spark site that gives the training routine? Where is it? There is SO MUCH stuff here that I have trouble finding my way. Thanks.

Good luck on the next two pounds! 20% of the way there! Woo hoo!

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CDANCY 7/14/2009 9:25PM

    I used to eat a whole baked potato, now I cut it in half and use for two meals! You are right--portion size is important! And it takes a long time to achieve, to get over the habits of portions, of eating that large portion too fast, faster than it takes to eat a smaller portion if eaten at a slower pace.

I now try to eat until I am 90% full. I find after twenty minutes or so that I am all the way full.


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Running Thwarted, Healthier Eating, and Stressful Times

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tried to complete W3D2 of C25K today but was thwarted by a laceration on the ball of my foot from a rock climb at the beach this weekend. It was converted into a leisurely walk instead, which I didn't feel great about. I'm going to try again tomorrow when hopefully the cut has healed up.

My sister-in-law left tonight, and I'm sad to see her go, but I'm happy to be able to cook again since we had to go out to eat to try all kinds of cuisine (BBQ, Chinese, Mexican, etc.) which meant a lot of hard work to budget for those meals out. I did fairly well considering... I kept in my calorie range most days but I don't feel very healthy overall given the crap I was eating.

Next up is the licensing exam at the end of the month, which I am nervous about, but I'm not going to do what I did in the crunch time for the last exam -- after I had lost 10 pounds the month before, I blew it all on stress eating -- after which I beat myself up about it.

I'm going to pass this time AND I'm going to hit 15 pounds lost very soon. I can feel it!

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KNITTINGFROG 7/14/2009 7:48AM

    Ouch...foot injury sounds very painful..hope it gets better soon!

Well done for keeping within range and eating out all week...I don;t think I'd have your restraint! Did you look up calories before hand or did you just make super good choices?

And thanks for my big juicy strawberry...they have to be my favourite late spring/early summer fruit...

Here's to the upcoming 15lbs badge !! emoticon

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