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First Day of Yoga

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I woke up with a sore back this morning (must have slept wrong or punched too hard... we just got Punch-Out on Wii), but I was planning on doing a half hour of introductory yoga this morning. Well I did the simple poses, and not only was my sore back fixed, but I felt so rejuvenated and relaxed.

So the rumors are true! emoticon

I bought the DVD "Yoga for Inflexible People" on Amazon, and it lets you use a chair to steady yourself. I did a 6 minute warmup with the chair, and then 26 minutes of "Standing Poses w/ Chair," but the instructor didn't use a chair for the whole workout, heh. It was good though; I felt stretched out, very limber and loose.

I'm looking forward to the other routines on the DVD! Hopefully I'll get confident enough to attend the yoga classes at my gym!

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SCORPIO683 6/25/2009 3:14PM

  I know what you mean...I started doing Yoga On The Edge on Exercise TV and it was great. Some poses are difficult, but once you're done you feel fantastic. I need to get back into it b/c I think I felt better doing other exercises. Anyway, stay with it - it's great!

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A lot on my (figurative) plate...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So for the last couple of months I've been working two jobs: my contract position in big business and starting up a business of my own. I've been juggling 10-hour days downtown with my little suburban office and hustling for my own client base. To top it off, I'm taking another professional licensing exam at the end of July!

Yeah, I know, I'm a bit crazy, but I believe you have to take advantage of these downswings in the economy. Since grad school, I've worked a number of horrible jobs, and I truly believe that being my own boss is the best option for me.

Today I found out that my contract job is ending this week, much to my relief. It'll force me to devote time to my new venture and to studying for the exam.

So why this 5K now? Why all the food tracking?

In the past I've put off changing my food and exercise habits because of my busy life. ("Oh, after college... After I find a job... After grad school... After exams!") This time, I could easily do the same, but I'm not going to. NOT THIS TIME. The best time is NOW, despite everything on my plate.

This summer brings a new active lifestyle, a new business, a new way of approaching food. When I turn 30 in November 2010, I'm going bring in my 30s with enthusiasm, energy to spare and good health. I'm NOT going to be obese when we have our children.

I'm nervous, yes. But I have a sense of confidence that I haven't had in the past. I'm excited to go to the gym, to run, to start yoga classes.

I'm not quitting this time. WE CAN ALL DO THIS.

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DIVADELICIOUS 6/24/2009 7:33AM

    Yes we Can! And i am with you...fat girls CAN run! Just watch us go! emoticon

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SLIMMINGSARA 6/23/2009 2:38PM

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

You have the right attitude to succeed. No more putting off being all you can be. And from the looks of your weight loss ticker you are doing REALLY well! 8 pounds just since the beginning of June is amazing.

Way to go!


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GIGINAE 6/23/2009 9:05AM

    Congrats on the change! Opportunity is a wonderful motivator! It's awesome that you are sticking with your goals despite the changes and hectic schedule. Shows what determination you have!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I can still enjoy all my favorite foods and stay within my limits. Usually when I go to my dad's house I end up drinking and eating way too much. He's a chef, and everything he makes is 10x more delicious and tempting than anything else! I tried bits of everything, even sweets, and I was at the upper limit of my calorie range, but I still made it. This was my first weekend without a 2,000+ calorie binge, and that is a big accomplishment for me.

Couch to 5K (C25K) is going well. I ran faster today, though yes, it was still tough. I told my family about my plans to run the 5K and they all looked at me like I was trying to pull something over them. No I'm not crazy, folks... Geez.

Here's the thing, I'm a big girl, yes. But to look at me you wouldn't guess I was 271 pounds. I walk plenty, and even before joining Sparkpeople, I played the occasional sport; even if i wasn't a gymgoer, I wasn't sedentary. I see plenty of skinny people huffing and puffing on the machines when I'm going faster and not panting yet. I think that's a common misperception about fat people. Could we be healthier and thinner? Of course. That doesn't mean we stuff ourselves and sit on the couch all day.

I can do this. I know I can run this thing.

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HARTJL98 6/25/2009 11:32AM

    I am happy for you on your accomplishments. That must be very tempting to have a dad as a chef. It would be death by chocolate for me... my ultimate weakness.

Have a great day.

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KNITTINGFROG 6/23/2009 8:03AM

    Keep up the good work and the healthy mind!

Thanks for the comment on my blog too...


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    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. You are a true inspiration- and I truly believe you can do it and yes you will leave alot of skinny people in the dust. I totally agree that people think just b/c you carry extra weight you aren't fit-- way to go!

I can't wait to see how you are doing. Take care

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    Don't be discouraged by naysayers. You can do this. I understand everything you are saying and look forward to reading your blog titled; "5k down-10k next"

Comment edited on: 6/22/2009 4:45:31 PM

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AMLYWE 6/22/2009 4:18PM

    I am personally not a runner but your determination is such and inspriation!!!

You GO GIRL!!! You can do IT!!!

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MAMAKNITSSOCKS 6/22/2009 12:58AM

    Also, there are PLENTY of unhealthy thin people. Just because you weigh within your range, doesn't mean you're healthy!

AND, family is usually the last to believe a fluffy girl when she has athletic aspirations, trust you me.

You can do this thing and you will!!!


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KAYXANDRA 6/21/2009 10:36PM

    emoticon your doing great girl keep up the good work and i totally agree with you just cuz were big dont me we dont excersize some skinny Biatches do nothing just got blessed with a faster metabolism but u keep up the work girlie!!!!

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I Did It! I Ran!

Friday, June 19, 2009

OK, well actually, I jogged/walked. But it's a start!

Today was Week 1/Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program, coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.sht
, so I did a 5 min warm up walk at 3.2 mph, followed by alternating 60 sec of jogging at 4.2 mph with 90 sec of walking at 3.4 mph for 20 min and a 5 min cooldown. I did it on the treadmill because it was 1) raining like (crazy) again and 2) there's nothing more motivating than the fear that you're going to fly off the back of a moving platform...

I'm not going to lie. It was tough. My heart rate skyrocketed! By by the last jogging interval, I didn't feel like "OMG, I can't do this!" I was getting in the groove and it felt really good. I finished with 15 min on the bike and some stetching afterwards.

I was under my calories again last night, so I ate some peanuts because I didn't want my body to freak out on me. But I stepped on the scale this morning to find out I lost 2 more pounds!


I'm amazed at how my appetite has decreased -- it definitely didn't do that on my last diet attempts. I basically had to force down a tuna salad for lunch so I'm not too hungry later because my husband and I are going to the pub tonight to shoot some pool and play darts, but I'm confident I'm still going to stay on the program.

Hopefully I can do my first weekend under my calorie limits too!

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IMSMILEY88 9/25/2010 4:58PM

    Thought I'd go back to your 'old posts' and see where you came from. It's nice to see you are almost 1 year ahead of me! I started C25K on June 8th of this year. emoticon

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    Congrats on completing Day 1!!!

emoticon emoticon

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GOROSIEO 6/19/2009 2:29PM

    Good for you. So many people on Spark just starting to run. I wish we could all support each other. I started a few months ago and I am taking baby steps for progression, although today I "ran" 8 minutes without stopping. I'm pretty slow, but it's running for me. I'm amazed how quickly the body responded and got better. On off running days I do leg exercises because I realized you actually need leg muscles to run and apparently I had none.

I also found my appetite decreased.

Good luck. Keep at it. It definitely gets easier.

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Under calorie goal? How is that possible?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

For the first time in a long time, I tracked my food yesterday and went UNDER my calorie goals. I was shocked! How is that possible?

I had what is my idea of an indulgent healthy lunch -- yummy maki sushi! I ate good breakfast and snacks, and came home after my tennis session and cooked breakfast for dinner: bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, beans! I was completely stuffed and didn't feel like eating anything else for the rest of the night (granted it was 8:30pm by then). I thought about eating some peanuts or something to get over 1300 calories, but really didn't want to. I just had some tea and went to bed at 10:30.

I'm a bit into my third week, and perhaps my appetite is decreasing? Has this happened to many other Sparksters? It'd be awesome if it was this much of a struggle to get to 1300 calories every day, though I doubt that's going to be the case!

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AMLYWE 6/18/2009 11:44AM

    MEEE TOOO... I have a range from 1200-1500 each day and I for the past couple nights but with the long hours I work I only get time for a normal breakfast and lunch so I end up eating something small at night... a few pieces of sandwich meat, some almonds, a small potato... etc....

I eat about every 2 hours anyways and most of my day is nothing but mini meals/snacks anyhow...The only time I get near/over the high end of my range is when cocktails/ restaurant dinners are involved

You are doing GREAT!

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CAHUBBARD 6/18/2009 10:14AM

    I'm not even sure if I'm eating the right portions when it comes to the meat. I try to measure everything and get it spot on but I'm pretty sure it's not 100%. I wish they would explain the portions a little better in the meal planner.

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SLARTYB 6/18/2009 8:56AM

    I have been regularly going under my calorie goals during the working week (maybe mine are too easy?) and was pleased to be doing that as I assume it means I am shifting weight off faster. I have not been getting hungry so have not felt the need to 'make-up' the extra calories (which happens anyway when I go over target at the weekend!)

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KNITTINGFROG 6/18/2009 8:35AM

    Glad to hear you don't seem to be struggling one bit!

I reckon that with become 'portion size conscious' thus reducing the amount we eat yep the stomach seems to shrink a little.

I have found myself indulging in lots of fruit and the odd sweet to get to target (I don't want to risk starvation mode) and today I genuinely had to make myself eat (hormones + heat = all I want is a hot water bottle and water to drink from the sofa...shame, it is soooo sunny today!)

So I say embrace your newly found 'easy-to-please' stomach/brain and enjoy the ride...

PS: mmmhhhh, sushi emoticon

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SUNLOVINJ 6/18/2009 8:35AM

    I have really been struggling with eating enough calories. What a weird problem for me! I am so focused and have found that if I don't take the time to log after lunch I don't have a good feel for how I am doing. I have been choosing not to eat when I need a snack and know that is wrong. I didn't want to go over the calorie allowance. Then, two days ago I realized (after reading a healthy email from SP) that my portion size was off. A friend had told me that meat the size of a deck of cards was equal to about 6 oz. I found out that it is actually 3 oz. I have really been off. So, I printed the portion help and am carrying it with me. My goal this week is to hit my recommended calories. I have never had this problem and know that if I don't eat enough I will be sabotaging myself.

Let's log after each meal. It will help us with our goals.

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