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Am I finally motivated again?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

This week, I finally managed to keep up with my regular exercise schedule! I burned over 600 calories, almost twice my weekly goal. I was going to just be lazy today except for my mall shopping, but I decided to take the dogs for a walk since it's nice outside and not too cold, and I'm very glad I did. I feel invigorated, and I didn't just sit and eat. (Plus, the dogs are tired out now so they're napping instead of jumping on me! Haha.)

I do need to do better with staying in my calorie range, though. I usually do really well until the evening, then I snack myself right out of range. It's not that I'm eating bad things -- I'm just going over. I haven't gained any weight though. (Well, except my pound of water weight from eating too much sodium a few days ago.) I ate 900 calories for lunch today, but on the plus side I haven't been hungry all day, and after dinner I'll still be well within my range. Darn Chick-Fil-A and their free brownies with a combo meal today...and she would have to tell me that after I'd already ordered the combo with fries because I wanted a treat and hadn't had any in a while. Oh well. That's okay...I'm still within range. :)

Tonight is cajun night since the special at Aldi this week was cajun food. We got a jambalaya kit that I'll be making tonight. I'm sure I'll get lots of water in with this one! :)

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DEBIINHAWAII 2/3/2008 12:40AM

    Yay...motivation!! Me too, with all this organic veggie shopping *for the DOG* LOL I bought a 3lb. bag of organic apples, been taking one or two a day to work with me. Shu will eat them, but Mama has been snubbing apples since the new dog diet with the warm cooked meals!

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Woo...a thirty minute workout!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I just finished a 30 minute workout on my exercise bike -- I'm so proud of myself! It's been a while since I managed to work out a full 30 minutes (well, except for the roller skating last weekend), because I just can't motivate myself. (That, and my bike kind of hurts my butt...I'm hoping I'll get used to it, but so far, no dice.) I dragged the bike into the living room (which was a workout in itself) so I could watch TV while I pedaled. I burned 250 calories, which is almost at my goal of 310 per week. I worked out harder than I have in a while too. I'm hoping it will jazz me up and help me get motivated to work out on a regular basis again.

I lost another half pound as of yesterday morning, too. Then I had DQ ice cream cake at work for a manager's birthday. :P But that's okay -- treats are part of life and it sure was yummy! I'm cooking more at home from scratch now, so that helps make up for the occasional treat as well. We're trying to keep our eating out to one night a week, for both budget and fitness purposes. Our week is almost up! We haven't eaten out since last Friday for lunch, and what we had then was healthy, if a bit expensive.

Well, off to the shower, then I might fix my own version of a grilled cheese basket for lunch. :)

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JENBUG28 1/24/2008 10:39AM

    Great job!!! 30 minutes on the bike is brutal!!! Keep it up!! Jen

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Who says it's expensive to eat healthy?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Since I was off today, my hubby and I decided to do our grocery shopping, after a lovely lunch at a Japanese restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised with the healthy composition of the meal as well as the reasonable portion sizes. It was a little on the expensive side for a lunch, but it was well worth it for a nice treat.

After that, we headed to Aldi to do a little grocery shopping. It was my first time in that store, and I can't believe we didn't start going there sooner! We could have spent so much less. Their prices are phenomenal. I was able to get all but about 6 items from my grocery list at Aldi, and all for $40. I got a 5 pound bag of red potatoes for $1.99, and a 3 pound bag of Gala apples for $2.69. Compared to the price per pound at Meijer, that was a phenomenal price. Ground turkey was 99 cents a roll in the freezer. That even beats Wal-mart! Their prices on canned goods beat Wal-mart's as well. We also found two products that we are fairly sure are manufactured by the "big name" manufacturers...the rice cakes (they sure are a dead ringer for the Quaker Quakes) and the frozen skillet meals (same bag and same variety names as the Birds Eye Voila). I already tried the rice cakes, and I am 99.9% sure they're the exact same product as the Quaker. (You know, if there's one good thing that's come out of all of these food recalls, it's exposure of the fact that one company makes most of certain foods. Apparently ConAgra is the only company that makes frozen pot pies. But, I digress.)

So, after that we went to Meijer to pick up the few items we couldn't find at Aldi...an eggplant, zip and steam bags, Crock Pot liners, and some soup. While we were in the produce section, I compared the prices on what I had bought at Aldi, and was even more impressed. We mostly buy store brands anyway, so I think we're going to be doing a lot more of our shopping there. Even after going to Meijer, we did our week's grocery and household shopping for $50. Can't beat that.

As evidenced by the fact that I just blogged about this...I think I'm addicted to frugal shopping. I love finding a great bargain. Now I can't wait for next week so I can try to beat my low price grocery shopping. How nerdy is that? LOL

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KIRALISE 2/3/2008 12:16PM

  I love love love shopping at Aldi's. They have cans of Vegetarian Vegetable Soup which was always incredibly hard for me to find at a good price.

All of their canned food is definitely worth it because of the price. Their beans for making meatless chili, their soups, their veggies. It's all good. Just rinse for excess sodium.

They also have bags of frozen fruit (with nothing added. No sugar, nothing) for a really good price as well. I was so happy to find this because real fruit is expensive. So buying frozen is a great (great) alternative.

I love their spaghetti sauce (I'm not sure how much sugar is in it), but it's my favorite jar sauce.

Here they have three packages of multi-colored peppers. If I go to walmart they're (they look like the same exact packaging even) $4.99 I believe. At aldi's they're $1.99.

Oh and if you go to the freezer section - they have vegetarian southwestern style wraps. Black bean chipolte on a whole wheat pita. Two of them for around $1.80. You can't beat them for lunches and they weigh in at like 260 calories or so. They also have other kinds but I tend to stay away from meat.

I love their rice cakes too.

You'll have to let me know about those steam bags. Do they really work? I'm thinking about getting a couple.

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DEBIINHAWAII 2/3/2008 12:52AM

    $50 don't go far here, LOL. and $20 don't even give us half a tank of gas!

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BELLASMOMMA 1/18/2008 11:30AM

    I LOVE a bargain! Congrats on getting all your healthy deals! :]

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Finding Motivation

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh, how I wish I could go back to how I felt a year ago, when I was so motivated to exercise 5 days a week. Now I'm having trouble convincing myself to exercise even 3 days a week. I physically feel very tired, so that doesn't inspire me to want to work out, and I'm already bored with my exercise bike, DVD, and mini stepper. I want to find a way to motivate myself again, but I'm not sure what to do.

I am, however, doing better with staying in range with my eating. Yesterday, I was full and I stayed within range. Today, as long as I follow the day I've planned, I should be in range as well. I weighed myself this morning and I've lost a half pound since starting to track again, which is ahead of my weight loss schedule. I also measured myself for the first time since June and found that, even though I am 2-3 pounds heavier than I was then, I have lost inches. So I guess that's a good thing. :)

I need some kind of a concrete motivation like I had last year--my wedding. I'm not sure what to use this year though. I'm pretty happy with my body the way it is -- I just want to be more "securely" into the healthy BMI range and I know I need to exercise more. Unfortunately, that's just not enough to motivate me, apparently.

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JENBUG28 1/15/2008 3:36PM

    Finding motivation is sometimes tough. Is there a vacation coming up this summer? Or a big event anytime soon? That could be a great motivator. :)
Keep trying, you will find your motivation soon!

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An Early Resolution

Sunday, December 09, 2007

For the past two months, my job has taken up so much of my time that it's been so hard to eat healthy and exercise. When I come home, I'm so tired and my feet hurt, so I don't feel like getting on the exercise bike. It's cold outside so I can't just go for a walk anymore. At least my job is currently spent standing up most of the time, so that's a little better than sitting down, but I feel bad that I have gotten so far out of my exercise routine. And my eating hasn't been all that great either. (Although I haven't gained anything back, luckily.) Earlier this year, I felt incomplete if I hadn't exercised that day, but somehow that all went away this summer, between all of the wedding planning and thesis writing. I'm trying hard to get back into it, but life is getting in the way. :-\ I wish I could find a few more hours in the day.

If I can't find time to exercise, I'm going to at least do a little more healthy eating. McDonald's is right next to where I work, so it's the easiest place to get lunch. Sometimes even when I take lunch, I still end up going there because I can smell everyone else's and it smells so good. That makes it so hard to resist. I wish I could go back to how I felt about fast food in June...it made me sick to my stomach when I ate it, so I never wanted it. In order to feel that way again, I have to get back to healthy eating.

So, today turns over a new leaf for me. I'm not going to go to McDonald's this week. At all. For anything. I'm going to Subway only, if I even go out for lunch. Otherwise, I will take my lunch. I found some Wasa crackers at Big Lots today for $1.50 so I decided to try them with a little chives & onion cream cheese. Yummy! I'll be making myself some Wasa sandwiches to take to work I'm thinking. I have to get rid of the unhealthy lunching and snacking on cookies and candy at work (damn you, coworkers who keep bringing it in). I think if I can resolve to do that for this week, that will help me jump start getting back into my healthy lifestyle full-time.

Although I've been maintaining my weight loss, I don't want to do that by eating junk. That completely defeats the purpose. I want to feel good about eating healthy again. So I'm making my resolution today...for the next 7 days, I will eat healthy, and I will make time to write at least 1 paragraph in this blog on Tuesday and Thursday. And I will ride my exercise bike for at least 15 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Maybe if I start small, I can finally get back to where I was.

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DEBIINHAWAII 1/5/2008 3:37PM

    Good for you...just say no to MickeyDee's! LOL...I gotta email you the pic I gave to the manager at the Subway by where I work. He put it up right on the inside of the glass (OK, it was intended as my pimp-the-website ploy) but he happily went along with it. He sometimes brings extra veggies for the pups. Though he said that all the sandwiches went up .60 cents, even for the one with no meat in it! So I've only been buying the 6 inch on Veggie Delight special $2.99 day. *sniff*

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