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Converting eBay sales to new clothes!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Since I've been shrinking out of my clothes, I've been listing them on eBay and I've made quite a bit of money so far to put toward buying new clothes in smaller sizes. Today, however, was rather monumental, because I bought a pair of chinos that are an 8! I could hardly believe it. So I tried on the jeans again that I hadn't been able to get past my hips a few weeks ago, and I was able to get them up over my butt, zip them, and button them. They were still entirely too tight and not at all flattering since I had mega muffin top, but I view that as progress anyhow because they wouldn't even fit over my butt, unzipped, just a few weeks ago. So I guess even if the scale isn't showing much progress, I am still making major progress with my weight loss! I think clothes shopping motivates me more than the scale, because as I keep trying on smaller and smaller sizes and realizing that they either fit or are getting close to fitting, I realize that I am making progress, even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it.


Success on the elliptical!

Monday, March 26, 2007

I hadn't set foot on the "cross trainer" at the rec in well over a month because it always kept my heart rate between 170 and 180...but lately I have been noticing I have to work harder on the ArcTrainer or the treadmill to achieve my target heart rate, so I decided to give the cross trainer another go, and I was actually able to work out on it for 30 minutes with a max heart rate of 172, and an average of 159. I guess I must really be improving my cardiovascular health, which feels awesome.

I cleaned out my pants drawer again yesterday and everything that had been questionable was too big, so I started another eBay sale. Now I'm down to 2 pairs of capris and 3 pairs of shorts...so I really desperately need both! I've gone from one extreme to the other...too much clothes to not enough clothes. Now my size M shirts are getting too big and I've been buying smalls lately, so I will probably need to replenish my shirts too this summer. I'm hoping Lands' End will start the "stock up and save" thing sometime soon with the plain knit shirts...that will at least help some. I hesitate to buy cheap shirts at Wal-Mart or something because I know they won't last as long, so it's worth it to me to pay a little extra for something I know will last forever. Now I just need to find my rich uncle or something. ;)


Plateau broken? Maybe!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've been stuck at 147 (new scale) or 141 (old scale) for almost a month now and it's getting really frustrating, but this morning I finally saw 140 on the old scale and 146.5 on the new scale, so I'm really hoping that my body is going to let go of whatever it's been hanging onto sometime within the next few days! I've been losing inches, but not pounds...my clothes fit better, but since my goal is in pounds it does get frustrating to feel that you aren't moving toward it at all. I'm down to 149 fully clothed and after a meal now so that feels really good...I used to be close to 170.

Lately I've been discovering the fun of shopping for new healthy snacks when I go to the grocery store...I found some All Bran wheat crackers yesterday, and bought them instead of wheat thins. More crackers for less calories in a serving as opposed to wheat thins. Plus fiber. I also bought some Baked Cheetos, and I am extremely impressed with the serving size...1 oz or 34 pieces, and man, is that a lot of Cheetos! I weighed them on my postal scale and my "estimate" turned out to only be 3/4 oz...1 oz is about half of a platefull! That's the same amount I used to always eat, so it feels good to have something that I did *not* eat an out of control portion of before.

Even if the scale isn't moving too much lately, it feels good to be solidly in a size 10 pant and small/medium shirt (instead of 14 pant and medium/large shirt). My clothes fit well and look good, and people are starting to notice my weight loss, so that makes me happy. :)

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ANDIELYN 3/23/2007 9:40PM

    Hang in there and keep focusing on the positives! You are doing great!

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Getting back on track

Monday, March 19, 2007

Well, I'm really not *that* much off track, but I did consume more calories last week than usual. Mostly due to a lot of eating out and visiting people whlie I was home for spring break. I stayed within my range all but two days, and those two days probably did my metabolism some good by speeding it back up a little and keeping it from getting used to 1300-1400 calories per day. But, this week I am focusing on getting completely back on track as far as my diet and exercise are concerned, and being able to return to my daily weigh-ins, as I haven't had access to a scale for the past week either.

I did get some good experience with making good food choices prior to tracking, and looking out for menu "watch words." Mom and I ate at The Chop House in Pigeon Forge while we were shopping, and it was nice to see that they offer half-sized portions on a TON of menu items. We both had the half-sized lunch chops, which was one 4oz pork chop that came with one side dish and a small dish of cinnamon apples. The default side item for the dish was creamed spinach...the word "spinach" sounds healthy, but the word "creamed" does not. Mom said she had tried it before and it was just like spinach dip, so I passed it up. And when I got home and was logging with the nutrition facts on the restaurant's web site, I was glad I did -- 430 calories and 30g of fat in one tiny 4oz serving!! That's definitely an unhealthy item masquerading as a healthy item.

I bought a lot of new shirts in Pigeon Forge at the Burlington Brands outlet that sells Lands' End stuff with the tags cut out...they're rejects, but Lands' End is so picky that a lot of the time you can't find the defect. The shirts were $3-6 apiece, and some of the "damaged goods" items with holes in them were $1...I pick things with small holes up around the back of the neck that I can paint with a little clear nail polish and no one will ever see it because it's under my hair. For 4 bags worth of stuff, I spent about $45, and half of that was spent on a pair of shorts and 2 shirts at Old Navy. So I was very proud of myself. :) The outlets make it easy to convert the cash I've made selling my "too big" clothes on eBay into new clothes that fit. Most of these shirts are smalls, and I was so proud to be wearing a 10 and a medium at Old Navy! In January I would have had to get a 14 and a L.

I can't believe the progress I've made since joining this site on January 30. I had a wedding dress fitting, my second one, on Saturday, and it was unbelievable how much better my dress looks on me now. Mom took some pictures, and comparing them to the ones that were taken in December, it's amazing the transformation I've already made, and I'm not even done losing. And it's not even just a physical transformation, it's a lifestyle transformation, where I find myself actually not wanting the greasy, bad-for-you foods and choosing the healthier options because they just taste better to me now...and they're taking the inches right off of my waist and my hips.

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ANDIELYN 3/19/2007 11:59AM

    You have all the right ingredients for success! You are a role model for "being off track."...thinking of the right food choices, "watch words", ordering 1/2 portions. So glad you look great in your dress!

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Had my Pal's fix today

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I've been home (in TN) for less than 24 hours, and today for lunch I decided to treat myself to my Pal's fix...Pal's is the fast food restaurant I refer to on my Spark Page that I'm sure contributed to me gaining all of this weight. :P But instead of having a toasted cheese, large fry, and a sweet tea, I had a chicken sandwich with no cheese and no mayo, a small fry, and an unsweetened tea that I put Splenda in...still about 700 calories, but much better than the 1000+ my other option would have been. That was the first time I'd had fries since I started at SP, and I viewed them as a treat, eating them one at a time and really enjoying them. If I eat there again before I go home it will only be one more time...then I will go back to Ohio where there are no Pal's to offer awesome frenchie fries.

I tried to go work out at the Eastman health and wellness center today but found out it's only for employees and spouses, not for dependents. :( I wasn't even allowed to take the place of my parents, neither of whom has ever been there. They wouldn't even let me pay to use it. So I had to go to the park and walk instead. I have no idea how far I walked, but I walked for 35 minutes and burned over 300 calories in 3 laps around Duck Island, so I think that's pretty good. :) Maybe the next time I go I'll do a bit of jogging in between...this time I was power walking and managed to get my heart rate up to 176 on the slight incline at the back of the loop! So I still had a good workout even if I wasn't able to use the fitness center. I wish I could find someplace around here with a free or cheap fitness center though...I don't stay long enough to warrant paying $8 per day to go to Gold Star Fitness.


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