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Sigh...this new scale is nice, but somewhat depressing

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Even though I know that my new scale doesn't discount my weight loss at all because it just means I started at 164 instead of 158, it's still somewhat depressing to see those higher numbers on it this morning. :( I think what makes it that way is that I'm 5 or 6 pounds further from my goal than I thought I was. That's gonna take some getting used to. I feel like I've been reset in a way, even though I really haven't. I'm thinking of setting my goal to 135 instead, which is barely into the healthy BMI range for my height, but might help keep me from feeling like I've taken too many steps back because of my new scale. It's a really nice scale though...I'm not sorry I bought it, because my dial one was really hard to read (and apparently very inaccurate), and it was a good deal (a $50 scale for $20 at Big Lots). But it's still a little disappointing to see the number hovering more around 150 than 140 or 145.

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DEBIINHAWAII 3/12/2007 2:47AM

    I wouldn't worry too much about silly numbers...YOU LOOK AND FEEL GREAT...that's all that matters!
You ARE the beautiful, radiant bride no matter what those silly numbers on some silly scale say...I just wish I could be there to share in your special day!

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New scale :(

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well, I finally bought a digital scale so I don't have to squint at my tiny el cheapo dial scale anymore...and it turns out my dial scale was 5 pounds off, in a bad way. :( Oh well, that means I started out heavier, so I've still lost the same amount of weight, I'm just not as close to my goal as I thought I was (nor as far ahead of my goal line as I thought I was). I also had a higher calorie count today, but I'm not too terribly worried about that because I think I've been needing a "spike" day for a while just to keep myself from plateauing and to keep my metabolism in gear. I just couldn't make myself do it. So there, I did it, but only because the Harvest Grain & Nut Pancakes at IHOP (which are awesome, BTW) have 70 more calories apiece than I thought they did. But they were good and very healthy. So I still feel good about that choice, complete with half of the butter they gave me and sugar free syrup instead of regular. Even with the new scale, still a good day I'm thinking. :) Maybe I will make it to an 8 after all.


Yes, I know I'm a shopaholic

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I love to shop. Especially now that I fit into smaller sizes. :) But today I went to re-spend someone else's money, since I was exchanging a pair of pants I had gotten as a gift that are now too big. I took a 10P and an 8P in the dressing room with me to decide whether I should stay with the 10 or go ahead and get the 8, and, well...I don't think 8-dom is going to be visiting me anytime soon, if ever. ;) I'm a pear shape for sure, and I've always had a big butt and thighs, and I still do, just smaller overall. The 8 wouldn't even go over my butt...so I don't think even if my last 10 pounds came entirely off of my butt and thighs, that the 8s would fit comfortably.

Mom has cautioned me to not buy too many pants until I'm sure what size I'm going to be when I'm done losing weight, but given today's experience, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be staying a 10. And that's fine with me. I'm perfectly okay with that. :) I still feel good that I've lost 2 pants sizes in since I started at Spark. And it's nice to be able to find my size on clearance racks too, since it seems like everyone wears a 12 or 14. I'm about 4.5 pounds away from my next goal -- 137 pounds, or 3/4 of the way to 130. At that point, I'm going to order myself a really nice pair of new capris I have my eye on...not just because I want them, but because I'm really gonna need them since all of my capris were 14s! *happy dance*

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DEBIINHAWAII 3/9/2007 3:24AM

    Do you have Ross stores near you? I love Ross stores, and when I find something good that fits (!!) on the Clearance Racks there, boy am I happy. So even if I gain more weight and they don't fit anymore I didn't spend that much on them.

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Pumping it up

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I changed up my strength training routine a little bit today to include some more upper-body exercises so I can get a little more toned up for my wedding, since my dress is a halter and I want to have awesome arms and not flabby ones. ;) I can only do 8 or 9 of the bent-knee tricep exercises with the chair though... :( I'm such a weakling. Once I do that many, I'm exhausted. So I guess I'll stop at there for now and work my way up. The others, with the dumbbells, I can do, but I guess my own body weight is too heavy for me right now. I can't do pushups either. And I've *never* been able to do a pullup...even in middle school when I weighed 100 lbs. I'm sure I'm going to feel this in my arms tomorrow...so now I'm torn about whether I want to do the total body arc again or not...or just go with the treadmill. I've been avoiding the treadmill lately because I hate it when someone is waiting on me to get finished, so I've been trying to stick to machines that are more unpopular. I don't want to get into a workout rut though.

I knew my healthy "obsession" with exercise had been taken to a whole new level when I was actually calling gyms near my parents' house in Tennessee to see if they let you pay by the day or week, just so I'm not limited to walking/jogging at the park or around the neighborhood while I'm there next week. Man, I think I've got it bad. :P


Size 10 pants!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Today I wore my new size 10 jeans in public for the first time, and I really felt thin and like I looked good. It was awesome. :) I still have 12 more pounds to go to reach my short term goal, and I have no doubts that I will definitely be there by May 10. What I'm wondering now is if I'm going to be a size 10, or a size 8 by then? I never dreamed I'd go lower than a 10, but now it's looking like I might. Even if I don't, though, I'm still happy.

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ANDIELYN 3/6/2007 9:54AM

    Woohoo! Congratulations! You look great! If you lose more weight you will definitely fit in a size 8. Keep up the good work.

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MAMABEAN37 3/5/2007 6:35PM

    Congratulations! That is amazing. 12 pounds- yes, I think you will definitely make an 8, if not a 6. Good luck!

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DEBIINHAWAII 3/5/2007 6:04PM

    Way to go, my dear little sistah!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you!
Have fun shopping for new clothes, new sexy lingerie, new everything!
Love ya,

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