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2015 Goals

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Pondering on 2015 goals.

Here's some that have gotten real, meaning I WANT them, not just "wouldn't that be cool if". :)

1. Lose 40 pounds. While the idea of 40 sounds like FORTYYYYYYYY as in big and huge and scary, when I think of the monthly goal of 3.3 pounds average, that sounds pretty doable. Especially since I've lost 26 pounds since the very end of March this year. That's 2.9 per month average, and I wasn't actively focused on weight loss in May and June this year. Main path to achieving this goal is eating thoughtfully plus keeping my happy exercise going.

2. Run 2 half marathons in the spring and 2 more in the fall. Totally doable barring any injuries. This was my goal for 2014, but I did have some injuries. My adaptation was one summer half and 2 fall halfs.

3. Run a sub thirty minute 5k. So far this is the goal that involves the most brain-pulling for imagining, but I want this goal, and it will support my half marathon training, too. I've already registered for a running skills team from January to mid-February before my half marathon training team starts up. Some goals should scare me a little I think.

4. Keep my family together. My husband has to live away from us for key business training for most of the spring, so I will be the parent on site and in charge. I figure keeping us going deserves its own special place here, too. We'll still get to see him about 24 hours a week, but that's not much time for him to regroup plus to connect with us.

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JSTETSER 12/4/2014 5:37AM

    Great goals! emoticon

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That Inner Critic

Monday, October 13, 2014

A few weeks ago on either my ten or twelve mile training run, well, the run wasnít any fun. It was just hard and mentally I had a hard time. The big hill in the middle of the run was freaking me out in the miles before I got there, and needless to say running that hill was pretty darned hard, too. My inner critic the one who puts me down whom Iíve worked so hard to eradicate, well, she was pretty loud, too, in the midst of this hard hot run.

At the end of the run, I told myself it was perfect timing to have a long run that got in my head. There was still plenty of time before race day next Sunday to work through the head games. And I was right.

I use my iPhone to log my runs, so I can see how my pace was and to see what kind of elevation I was encountering. And looking at my data, I found out my time for that run was pretty solid. It fit in typically with how my runs this season have been building, and while I found it exceptionally hard, my times didnít reflect that.

I learned my inner critic lies to me and she sucks at math!

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LOPEYP 11/2/2014 5:42AM

    Way to go not listening to your inner critic. You've got this!

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SPEEDYDOG 10/21/2014 5:24AM

    I think we all have an "inner critic" that is generally a big liar. Unfortunately, our inner critic sometimes wins. The little voice in our head says, "You can't run hills". Doubt seeps in. We become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I run hills a lot because I live in the mountains. Every run is uphill both ways. Sometimes on a steep climb, when It is safe to do so, I close my eyes and tell myself I am running downhill.

It works!

Good luck with your race. You are doing so well.



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KBEAR9963 10/13/2014 7:12PM

    Yay on your determination to keep pushing! Keep up the good work! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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POCKETFULOFSUN 10/13/2014 7:12PM

    emoticon Escaping the mental quicksand is hard, you did great! Good luck with your upcoming race. emoticon

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AJB121299 10/13/2014 7:08PM


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Post Long Run Nutrition

Friday, September 12, 2014

Since the summer I've been working every couple weeks with a dietiican. My eating is now pretty tightly tweaked to healthy, but we're still finetuning some.

This week's skills are to have in place proper post-run food when I've run an hour or longer. Cows' milk doesn't work for my tummy, so we talked about alternate options. The big thing to be aware of for supporting the muscles and brain and all that post-run is the ratio of 3 grams carbohydrates to 1 gram protein. Soymilk does work for me, so having now read the back of every variation of Silk soymilk in my market, I can tell you that Silk Very Vanilla soymilk is the only one I found with the correct 3:1 mix.

The other part I had to figure out was how to bring the milk with me to have ready after my long runs. Very Vanilla doesn't come in individual units, so I couldn't bring it partly frozen or in a lunchbag.

What I finally did sounds silly but works for my brain. I put a small thermos bottle in the fridge the night before, and I put the lid of the thermos in my running hat. That way the thermos is nicely chilled, and the lid prompts me to pour the drink in the morning into that ready thermos. Then I can tuck it in my car to have ready.

When I finish a run, I often feel not really disoriented but slightly spacey. Since I've started doing the soymilk, that spaciness has stopped. Just stopped. Coolio!

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POCKETFULOFSUN 10/13/2014 7:22PM

    So much soy makes me twitchy. Sorry I don't mean to be negative but ...
Here is some food for thought:

Why not chicken breast and sweet potato, (body builders love sweet potato for good reason) or perhaps a vegan protein powder Vega One is an excellent source of protein from rice and pea. Non-GMO!

Comment edited on: 10/13/2014 7:22:50 PM

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ADRIENALINE 9/18/2014 6:12PM

    This is a good blog for me today. I did a 5K today and I feel super spacy right now. I have some skim milk in the fridge. Think I'll have some.

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    Sounds like an excellent plan! Way to go!

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SUE5007 9/12/2014 6:31PM

    emoticon I bet it's nice to feel better after your runs. I've tasted that flavor and it was pretty good!

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Running Goals

Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's interesting how running goals come and go. Certainly I plan on having an awesome half next month, and I'm doing lots of mental as well as physical prep for that.

But right now a new goal has emerged. There's a very hilly 5 mileish loop that I've been running weekly. It's mean. Steep long uphills with some happy flying downhills. It's teaching me lots. I'm finally learning how to open up on my downhills and pick up speed. And I'm catching on to slowing my pace down significantly, so I can keep running up hill.

I've crossed some milestone in the last week. One of those moments when skills start coming together in a new way.

So now my two newest goals are to run that loop without switching to walking at all as well as to eventually run it in under an hour.

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    Woot! Woot! Don't you just love seeing the progress and meeting your goals!
emoticon emoticon

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YMWONG22 9/12/2014 1:47AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Needing Comfort Foods!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm at the start of a hard time that I've already lived through once. Last time it blew my weight up, and I'd really prefer not to have to go through that again. I'm recognizing that when I'm crazy stressed, feeling like I can't breathe, that I want and seek comfort foods. So I'm being pro-active by creating a list of foods that count for me as comfort food (I get your body is different, and some/many of these might not be comfort foods to you). If I've got a plan at hand, I'm more likely to work the plan rather than just go after the ice cream we keep around because I live with thin people.

hard boiled eggs
make more from the Power Hungry cookbook like those Power Pucks www.amazon.com/Power-Hungry-Ultimate

Cut up the jicama for just plain chewing on something crunchy -- sprinkle with something spicey
Invent a trail mix
find that yummy lamb meatball recipe with the tomato sauce
Peanut butter in a banana
make one of my Indian recipes from one of Anupy's cookbooks

eat some of the figs in the garden
make another omelette with potatoes and onions
research pumpkin recipes
Frank's tofu miso or veggie lo mein recipes are comfort food
arroz con pollo
fresh raspberries and a half cup of amaranth
Cook up some quinoa or amaranth
Consider how to make smoothies comforting
Make refried beans with ground turkey, too, to level up the protein.

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JSTETSER 8/20/2014 6:37AM

    I've never heard of the Power Pucks recipe book.
I will check it out!

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