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Thursday, May 20, 2010

OMG, another killer yoga class. I think next time I'll go for the root canal instead. At least they give you freezing!

It's good for me... It's good for me... It's good for me...

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LIZBUCK1 5/20/2010 3:45AM

    Don't know about yoga but I did a keep fit for seniors the other day thinking it would be quite gentle.....Wrong! Yes, thinking about it root canal would definitely be on a par with that!
Yes, Its good for you! It must be.....ins't it?.......are you sure?

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MARYGEM46 5/20/2010 1:25AM

    I loved your comparison of yoga to a root canel too funny You keep at it hun you have a great sense of humour it will help you go far

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CHIBIKARATE 5/20/2010 1:23AM

    good for you i feel the same way when i do my yoga class emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another week, and I am still stuck on a plateau. Oh well; not the first time and I know I will get over it eventually. My clothes are still getting looser and I have been able to increase my workout weights so I am happy with the progress.

I am annoyed though because I bought myself an MP3 player to listen to talking books during my workouts, and the first one did not work properly so I had to return it. The computer did not recognize it at all. The new one seems a little better but I still cannot transfer files to it. Must be the evil Vista - I think I will upgrade to Windows 7 tomorrow. Furthermore my keyboard has been acting up and I lost the apostrophe; that is the reason I am sounding like Data.

Finally our Ubersensei came to visit today and since he only gets to visit every few months he always has a lot of criticisms. I know he means well but I am getting frustrated because he seems to tell me the opposite from my sensei. My horse stance is now too wide, when it used to be not wide enough. My blocks are going too far, when my sensei has been telling me they need to go farther. Anyway, guess I will just soldier on and keep my eye on the prize - next summer...

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    Vista...bites. Good news on the looser clothing.

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ANGELBELIEVER 5/15/2010 12:14AM

    I'm lost! LOL What is a sensei or Ubersensei?
It's great that your clothes are getting looser. You're losing inches.That is great. I'm a t the point now where I'd rather be losing inches than weight and I have gained a few inches and have maintained my weight. We are never happy!

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Great News

Monday, May 10, 2010

Well blow me down and shiver me timbers. My son and his gf came by today - they were supposed to come for kaffeeklatsch except her family monopolized them for Mother's Day but they still wanted to pop in. It's her birthday tomorrow and she was showing off the birthday present she got from my son - an engagement ring! Holy smokes! I'm very happy because she's the nicest person, but it did take me by surprise. They're planning to get married next summer.

This is too funny because my sensei was just announcing the birth of his second grandson today and I was wondering if I'd ever be in that position. Not that I'm hung up on having grandchildren but wow! It could actually happen! Guess I better study up on "being a mother-in-law" and "being a grandmother".

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ANGELBELIEVER 5/10/2010 3:15PM

    emoticon on soon becoming a Mother-in-law. I'm sure you will be a great one too. I pray there will be grandchildren in the future as well. I'm happy for you and your family.

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Pleasantly surprised

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Last week one of the managers at work noticed how big my clothes were getting. That was dumb of me; I hadn't been feeling well and after throwing my clothes into the washing machine the night before I had tootled off to bed. Next morning I forgot all about it until it was too late, so I had to dig out a HUGE pair of pants or go naked. Neither choice was great as I prefer to stay under the radar. Anyway, she noticed and made a big fuss so I decided to go shopping this weekend.

I usually head for the "plus" section but today I thought I'll just give it a try with the 10-14s. I was thrilled to fit easily into size 14 pants, and into a size 12 with a bit of effort. I only bought one size 14 pair because I'm just THAT close to size 12, maybe even 10 the next time. I haven't worn this size in many years so I'm quite happy with my progress. In the afternoon I hauled out some shorts I hadn't been able to close the zipper on and they're quite comfy now.

Clothes shopping is one of me least favourite chores, mostly because I'm cheap and I feel clothes are vastly overpriced. But at least for now I'll put up with it as it marks welcome progress.

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    emoticon Good for you for getting in to 14's and close to 12"s. That's great. I can wear 14 jean shorts and skorts. I still like jeans wit the elastic waist, but I can wear size med so I'm happy. My blouses are mediums now too. I no longer work, so my clothes are more casual now.

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Hard work but satisfying

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Last year my mother-in-law gave me some raspberry canes for my birthday. I planted them beside our fence and they've been struggling bravely ever since. This year the poor things were totally overrun with weeds but still poking up above them. I'm on a week's vacation right now so today I decided this would be my day to give those valiant shrubs a fighting chance. I've spent at least 4 hours ripping, digging, spreading mulch but at last the area looks like a raspberry bed, as opposed to a jungle. I noticed one of them is already setting fruit so there will be at least a few fresh raspberries this year. And the yard looks much improved. I've also planted my other raised bed with sugar snap peas, lettuce, radishes and green onions. I love spring!

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    Whereabouts in B.C. are you?

We spent 4 years in the Comox Valley (Vancouver Island) in the early 80's - both my younger offspring were born while we were there. The constant rain was a bit much, but I loved the early springs for getting the garden up and running!

I really enjoyed our time on the West Coast, but must admit I do prefer the four very distinct seasons that you get in Ontario.

Hope you get tons of fruit for all your effort! How can anyone NOT love raspberries!!!

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DEBNICU 5/5/2010 9:43PM

    It always nice when you can see your progress in the garden, still a little early to plant tomatoes and such (suppose to be down to 30 on Sat night)but soon enough.
Enjoy the raspberries when they ripen. One of my favorite fruits.

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