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Vacation Summary

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well, here I am back home and did I do what I had planned to do on my vacation? Let's see:

Eat well: I tried, I really tried. And I didn't do too badly but not as well as I had hoped, especially in the fruit and veggie department. At least this time I didn't go for a total pig-out on German bread, cheeses and lunch meats but my clothes do fit a little tighter than before. From past experience I know a fair bit of this is fluid.

Exercise whenever possible: We lived on the 6th floor and I did take the stairs a few times. I also walked every day. I only went swimming once, though, and couldn't find a gym that accepted drop-ins.

Relax and enjoy: Mostly, although being the only bilingual person in my family put a tad of a strain on me for being the interpreter and tour guide. But on the whole I did pretty well there.

So I've slipped a little but I've still got this week off work; a perfect time to get back into my routine. I've started tracking everything again and my first karate class is tonight.

Marley had the greatest time of all - our house sitter let him lie on the couch and she took him out to play dates with her mother's dog, in addition to daily walks and trips to the dog park. He seems to be happy we're back, but I bet he wishes Kristina were still here too.


Duh - Again!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I can't believe as a mental health professional I'm so dense when it comes to my own well-being. Over the past month I've become increasingly bothered by obsessive thoughts of death and was slipping back into unhealthy habits. Yesterday was my first vacation day and I was finally able to take a good look at myself. I was shocked to discover how depressed I was feeling. I was on the verge of phoning my doctor but something compelled me to do a stress level test first as I had a few things happening over the past two, three months:

- New boss
- Lots of changes at work
- New responsibilities at work
- Minor illness in self and family members
- My second old cat of twenty years passed away, six months after his sister
- Planning a family trip to Europe
- A young friend's puppy ran away while we were walking our dogs together and in an hour and a half of searching we couldn't find him - this happened on Wednesday and was the last straw - I felt terrible!

I plugged all this into the interactive tool and watched in disbelief as the indicator went from left (green) all the way to the right (red) and the words flashed "You Have High Stress".

Duh! No wonder I was feeling like things are getting out of control. Just the acknowledgment of my stress level made me feel a lot better. Now I know what I'll have to do for my vacation: LOOK AFTER MYSELF!

- Eat well
- Exercise whenever possible
- Relax and enjoy

And last night at karate class my friend was there with a big smile on his face because he had found his puppy. Life's good!

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TWO_SPARROWS 11/29/2010 1:02PM

    It sure makes things feel a whole lot better just to have it acknowledged that, yeah, you're having a rough spot. It's no fun.

Even better is that you are professional enough to be able to identify for yourself where the stressors are and what to do to minimize them or get them under control.

And I'm really glad your friend found his puppy!

Yay YOU!

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41SUSAN14 11/6/2010 11:41AM

    Successed make it all better! It bites when you're being nibbled to death by ducks - no one thing is SO bad, but the overall result is overwhelming.

I'm very impressed that you identified the issue(s) and were able to pull out!

Happy vacation!

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Getting Excited...

Monday, November 01, 2010

Less than a week now; on Nov. 07 our whole family will be off to Germany. Ir's my mother's 85th birthday. She's especially looking forward to meeting my son's fiancee. Carmel also has family in Germany so they'll be taking a side trip of a few days to show my son off to them.

I'm not looking forward to the 12h flight but we treated ourselves to one level up from economy, with slightly larger, more comfy seats. I'm also a little worried about my lack of willpower when it comes to German food - just before Christmas this might spell disaster! I'll just have to stick to my strategy of portion control. We'll also be doing a lot of walking and I'm hoping that will make up for it!

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TIGERSMUM 11/2/2010 9:29AM

    Have a wonderful time!!! Keep walking to burn off the extra calories. Do you have any resistance bands you can pack for some strength training? Remember to get up and stretch and walk a bit on the flight.

Happy Birthday to your Mother -- what a special treat she'll have with your visit!


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MJKSINGS 11/1/2010 10:03PM

    Have a great trip! Stay in the moment!

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Pay the Piper

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When I was a teenager, me and my friends used to get the giggles for no reason. Even though I haven't been a teenager in a long time this still happens to me now and then.

This morning I walked into the kitchen and my husband gasped, grabbed his chest and jumped about three feet into the air. Apparently I "scared" him. Since he is a very overweight, middle-aged guy, him grabbing his chest like that scared ME so I grumbled sarcastically that maybe I should hire a piper to walk ahead of me to announce me. Hubby said: "Maybe you should."

Ever since then I keep getting this image of a Scottish piper walking three steps ahead of me and playing the bagpipes, everywhere I go. Giggles? You bet. I've got some important meeting with my boss today - just hope I can keep it together!

emoticon emoticon

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SKINNYBY710 10/27/2010 4:53PM

    I have thoughts like that sometimes too. It just makes me smile for no reason. It makes people wonder what you're up to.

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LARRI2010 10/27/2010 10:34AM

    It sounds like you are having a nice day! It's great to have a "little secret" that makes you smile or giggle. emoticon

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It feels so weird...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tonight my old cat joined his sister at the Rainbow Bridge. He went very peacefully and I'm glad about that, but the house feels very empty now, even though there are three humans and a big dog still living in it. For the first time in twenty years there are no cats around.

I'm giving myself time to grieve but I know there are so many cats in need of a forever home that I think we'll have a cat or two again some day.

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DEE107 10/17/2010 11:56PM

    I am so sorry he passed oh HUGS

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BLUSTAR 10/17/2010 11:08PM

    so sorry to hear about your loss... i have 2 cats, one is 10 yrs old and the other 4.. and yes there are so many nowadays that do need a good home.


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