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My first 5K

Monday, June 24, 2013

I am doing my first 5K this coming Saturday, as my city has a Run or DYE race going on. It's just a fun race, but will be something that is new to me - so that makes it exciting. I also signed up for The Color Run in the Cities, which is just a couple weeks after this one. Same concept, just different venue.
Last week I ran 2.1 miles in one workout, so I am hoping to do that twice this week and then wait until Saturday morning to go the full 3.2. My sister is doing it with me, and actually ran a few races but is fine to walk some of it if needed. Either way, it'll be fun to do and I am excited to be apart of the Inagural race!

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KACIE209 7/3/2013 9:33AM

    Thank you everyone! I did have fun at the race, but had a setback right after crossing the start line... of all places! I seemed to have strained/pulled an ab muscle when I started running, so we walked a majority of the race. I was so bummed! emoticon

I am guessing it was caused by not warming up prior to running like I usually do, since we stood in the start line for about 40 minutes. There were times where I think we were walking faster than people were running, so I thought that was good. Plus, I don't think I would have been able to have kept a good pace when people were walking in the middle of the course, so you were weaving in and out of them... and the terrain wasn't the great. It was the fiurst year my city has had something like this - so trial and error. Like I said, it was still fun though.

I am resting my body for awhile now, to heal up whatever is going on. I have The Color Run 5K on the 14th... so I am hoping to be able to at least run more than I walk. We'll see though.

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CARRENK 6/28/2013 10:32AM

    Best of luck as you get ready for your first 5 K! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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RINGSTWO 6/25/2013 8:31PM

    Congrats on your first 5k!!!! Such an accomplishment...even getting ready can be a challenge! Hope you have a great time...wishing you and your sister the best!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon Dee

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MJ7DM33 6/24/2013 11:07AM

  Great!!! Have fun!!!

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Zumba - a good addiction!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I started going to Zumba back in June. This was after a friend had won a couple passes to a local women's health club, and it included a free Zumba class. I had done some Just Dance games on the PS3, and figured that since I can usually follow along with things pretty well - it wouldn't be that hard. That class got me hooked, and the same week I started going to class at my local YMCA and haven't looked back.

I had found myself getting bored with the treadmill/elliptical - and actually dreading going to the gym after work just to do those things. But back in March, I started going to CXWORX to add something new to my workout regimen, which was a great class and I miss it a lot (not offered at night anymore). It was a quick core class and I noticed changes from that within the first few of months. Then came the addition of Zumba... and boy did the changes start happening!

I had CXWORX Monday nights, and went to the Zumba class before (cardio and strength!). Then I'd continue to do 2 more Zumba classes a week, and sometimes a 3rd if I felt up to it - or didn't have any plans Friday night. It was an addiction, and didn't feel like a workout to me. I enjoyed going to different instructors to experience a change, instead of the same 'ol songs day by day. And after awhile, you knew the songs and routines (or most anyway), so you could put even more effort into the workout and burn more calories. This was a good change, and what I needed.

CXWORX ended in August (which I am still bummed about), but I kept going with Zumba. I go a minimum 3 times a week, and sometimes 4 (or 5!) if my weekly plans allow. I never miss a class (unless I have something going on that I cannot miss), and that is something I cannot say ever happened when I was just going to hit up the elliptical or get a run/walk in on the treadmill. Working out became enjoyable and I can see the difference.

I am down on weight, but not much. I know a year ago I weighed 10lbs. more than I do now... so I think that's progress. However, my clothes fit better. I am not always concerned about my gut/muffin top showing over my pants - and can actually wear semi-tighter shirts since my stomach is getting flatter. I bought a new pair of black pants in October 2011 for a wedding that I was going to. I put those pants on a few weeks back, and they were WAY too big. Although this was exciting, knowing I'd have to buy new pants was not (thank goodness for alterations). That was what I had been looking for to happen for SO long in my workouts, and wasn't seeing the results.

I recommend that everyone try this class out, even if they don't think they can do it. I had it easy where I can learn and pick up moves fast... but don't let that discourage you. I see people of all shapes, sizes and ages shake their butts! And as every instructor says - There is no right or wrong, just keep moving!

I do still go and workout with the treadmill, ellipitcal, bike, etc on occassion. But, my main workouts are this class. I am also going to start incoporating pilates and yoga to get that core strength going again... and cross my fingers that CXWORX comes back in the spring for a class that I can actually go to.

Zumba!! emoticon

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CARRENK 11/24/2012 10:33PM

    I recently discovered Zumba, too. Unfortunately, I can only go once a week, but it's keeping me moving!

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KACIE209 11/21/2012 9:12AM

    Good to hear! Some days my coordination is RIGHT on, and others... NOT so much! *lol* But, I just keep moving and shaking it the best that I can. Have fun!! :)

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MJREIMERS 11/20/2012 10:19PM

    I just tried Zumba last week and I love it. I'm not very coordinated, but it was fun and I got better as I learned the steps. I can't wait to improve so I can really get into the workout!! It's fun and I think everyone should try it, too!

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December, already?!?

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The year has definitely flown by, which can be good or bad depending on how you want to look at it. I think I had a good year weight/exercise-wise - but don't feel that I necessarily pushed myself like I should have.

I've been sick off and on since the beginning of October, so working out has been the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to get better! November was going to be "get back in shape" month, but was really hit with the sickness (which seemed to be going around) so I maybe made it to the gym a few times. Shame on me, but again... I would have rather gotten better than exhausted myself too much.

So today, being it December 1 - I am vowing to get back to it and focus on eating well (which I did when I was sick since I wasn't working out) and getting focused on going to the gym more than never, ha. I have lost 5lbs. in the last month... which is a nice start. I guess I can go from there!

It's just funny cos when I did WW back in 2006 at this time, my lowest was 138.7 and I had the flat stomach and lean look like I had always wanted to. I weighed myself last week before Thanksgiving and was 139.1 - and looked nothing like my 2006-2007 body. Oh, how change can happen in 5 years! I got somewhat discouraged but know that change is possible. There is no need to get upset. At least I have maintained, in a way. Ya know?

As I always say: One day at a time!


Well, hello!

Monday, August 22, 2011

This summer was definitely a busy one and am sad to see that it ends in just a few short weeks. I never got a sunburn or really any color, but I had fun and kept busy. The last couple summers have been like this, and although it's fun to always have something going on... I am looking forward to the Fall and just relaxing. I went a lot of places (Minneapolis, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Milwaukee, drove through most of Wisconsin, and most recently Sioux Falls and Yankton in South Dakota). Those were most of my weekends.

And although the weeks didn't seem to get busy, they certainly filled up fast. I look ahead at this week and should be OK, unless something comes up tomorrow or Wednesday. Time to relax! I am getting back to the gym, after a month hiatus, tonight after work. The only real physical activity I have had in the last month was softball once a week and *maybe* a 30 Day Shred/Pilates video when I felt like it. Horrible. But it's OK, since I can't go back in the past and re-do it. AT least my eating wasn't so bad, only gained a couple pounds but a lot of stomach flab *lol*

There is no day like today... :)



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I wouldn't say that I have been overly consistent since I started my "I need to get back in shape and lose some weight" mood from a month or two ago. But I have been decent. I have softball weekly, which really helps on the hot days when you're working twice as hard to play. If I don't make it to the gym, I usually do a home workout like pilates or the 30 Day Shred video. I feel like I am getting just as good of a workout with that, plus the combination of cardio/strength/abs.

I have a wedding in a little over a month to attend, as my boyfriend is an usher. Then we have an old co-workers wedding in October to hit up... which I really want to look good for. So I have set a mini goal to be more fit and trim by September 1. If I start now and just focus... I should be able to do. However, I have said that for the last year and I am definitely in a different body shape than I was even a year ago (and weight about the same). As I always say, one day at a time.


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